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Celebrities with a Model S

Anybody know of any movie stars or celebs with a Model S?

I know Ben Affleck and Jen Gardner have one- seen around Brentwood...

And just saw the Tony Hawk video with his

Who cares?

Who cares? We are all celebrities when we buy Model S - why do we care whether Ben Affleck drives one? He can ride a bicycle for all I care. Maybe if we spent more time focusing on our own lives rather than on what celebrities are doing... :)

Yeah, who cares is right.

But I did get a kick out of Justin Bieber driving around in his Fisker.

ziggy +1 chrome plated no less...& Bieber like Fisker is collapsing.

The S needs no "stars" to shine.

Tony Hawk just posted a video about his MS recently...

French TV show talk about Tesla as car marker for millionaire.
My daughter laughed when she heard that...

I'm very happy with that information that I will be myself a Celebrity when I got my car ;)

We are all celebreties when we drive Tesla Model S or Roadster ;)

Who cares?
Well, it helps with advertising and credibility. Look at the stupid comments at the end of news articles that talk about Tesla. Lots of "car guys" that still say EVs are stupid, not as good as brand X, etc. When enough celebrities come out and drive their Teslas instead of their Ferraris, because the Tesla is even more fun to drive, it can only help....

Nobody here may need the affirmation by of the glitterati as to the merits of this car, but there are other buyer segments where being "in" on Hollywood's A list definitely helps stoke interest.

I say god bless them. Every voice added to the chorus helps this revolution happen.

I saw Adriana Lima in one once. On a different matter, check out [url=]ictvacature[/url] . Here you can find all your IT-vacancies.

Personally, I think the coolest celebrity driving a Model S is, uh ... Elon Musk.

Celebrities are used for endorsements because they get attention and help sell a product...even moreso overseas than in the U.S. If I owned Tesla stock, I'd want every "celebrity" in the country to be seen driving one.

Of course Tesla doesn't do adverts, but imagine one with Dick van Dyke saying, "My Jaguar blew up, so I bought a Tesla".

Actually I find it refreshing that a number of celebrities are using their own money to buy a MS without being paid by Tesla. A further testament to how good the MS is!

A bit off topic, but featured in the final two TV shows of the season "Perception" was a blue Roadster (unfortunately driven by the bad guy). First time I've seen one in a show/movie.


Roadster in Iron Man Trailer

Elon Musk cameo in Iron Man 2

@ SamoSam
I saw Elon's cameo - never saw the trailer. Time to google I guess. Tks.

Er, or I could just click the link you provided. Fuzzy this morning. :-/

The Roadster was featured in Smallville (Green Arrow episode) and Suits (where Harvey gave his Roaster reservation to a hedge fund mgr).

OT - Wouldn't it be neat to have a remake of Robocop featuring MS as police cruisers?

and of course Sergey Brin had his Tesla turned into a pink bat mobile on April Fools Day

Own a Model S and you are a local celebrity, period! People you don"t know will be coming around to see you and your MS, if that's not what a celebrity is, then you don't know Tesla!

@nkyta: Roadster with protagonists on board cruising near Laguna in movie SAVAGES. Watch the car, then safely ignore the rest of the movie.

@ thranx
If it's that bad, I'll just pass altogether, I've seen Roadsters...but thanks.

Well, Morgan Freeman drives a Model S

All it takes is for sales is for a photo op with Chuck Norris inside the Model S with a thumbs up. XD

Jay Leno has dozens of cars in his private garage. He even has an ultra low maintenance 1909 Baker Electric from a hundred years ago.

He test drove a 2012 MS here:

It's likely that Jay will add MS to his vast collection...

Roadster was in a number of episodes of the remade Dallas last season (before JR Ewing died again)


I'm not sure if Leno already has a Model S but his collection is amazing. One of my good friends in the car business (he manages a large car dealership here in San Diego) got the pleasure of going to Jay's garage and seeing all of his cars.

He was blown away but the sheer size of it. He said that Jay has 7 full-time employees/mechanics just working on the car all the time.

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