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Celebrity car

Gotta laugh at this: I am at a safety inspection shop in Virginia and there are 20-30 cars busy morning and everyone that works there are taking pics looking at the car and in awe! The car is a celebrity! Of course I am not lol!

I have the same problem driving down the freeway people honk at our car and give the thumbs up!
They never used to honk an my Subaru except to give me the finger if I did not pull over quick enough.

Ha Ha Yeah I get a lot of looks, but most of them look like confused looks. People ask is that a jag, aston, or maserati. I had a guy ask me the other day if it was the new Ford Fusion Hybrid. I was like what?? I said no. He said looks just like it. I said really? I havent seen one yet. I dove over to the ford dealer and sure enough it is pretty close in looks. I think Ford is onto something there. I was amazed at the car for the money. I just wish it was a full electric plugin.

I forgot to mention. I don't mind getting compared to the high end luxury vehicles but when people start confusing my Tesla for a Ford I don't like it and start to get on the defensive side. Part of me wishes Tesla made a more distinct design but I get why they stayed conservatively with it. IMO its a great looking car. It just sucks that the Fusion looks a bit similar and for much much less.

It is certainly the "looks" of the car that first gets people's attention. Two women at the vets were waiting for us to come out, asked about the car and said is was the most drop dead gorgeous car they had ever seen. No idea it was electric.

Kids playing basketball near where we pick up our mail asked about the car and seemed disappointed when we mentions that it was the all electric Tesla. As I was getting in the car, one kid said to the others, “I thought it was a McClaren”. Somewhat more expensive company than a Ford Fusion!

Imitation is the highest praise.

I am constantly asked who makes our car. Of course I answer, "Tesla!" to which they reply "Who makes Teslas though?"


"Who makes Fords?"

"Who makes Teslas?"
- Over 2000 Californians

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