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Do anybody know if the center console design in the current beta version is going to be what is in the final production car? This is the biggest disappointment for me with regards to the interior of the car. That empty space in the center makes the car's interior look like a minivan and cheap in comparison to other luxury cars. I really hope this is not the final design for the center console.

"I do need a centre console..."

Well, you may *need* to buy a different car. Because, while the arm rest will certainly have a different design, I really doubt they're going to extend it to the dash.

We shall see.

Sounds like a marketing opportunity, make a 3rd party center consul that will fit the spot.

@BYT wrote: Sounds like a marketing opportunity, make a 3rd party center consul that will fit the spot.

If the final interior design is sans center console (CC), I'll get exact measurements of the area as soon as they're available and draw up a CC design (considerably more detailed and hopefully better thought-out than the pic I provided on the first page of this thread). I'll then take the design to a custom shop and get a quote for fabrication and installation. The only problem I see is matching whatever wood veneer TM uses on the dash [matching leather and carpeting (if req'd) will be easy].

There are many reasons for the CC—all of them legitimate—aesthetics (admitted personal), functionality, storage, interior flow, etc. If I'm paying around $90K for a Sig, I expect a car that meets my needs and my wants. The lack of a CC is a glaring omission that I will remedy if TM refuses to do so (but I won't be happy spending extra money on a feature that I believe is integral to the interior aesthetic of the car).

I was at the Santana Row store today (they have a Model S beta that seems to be their's- it's not going anywhere) and a store rep told me that the 'console issue' has not yet been decided within Tesla. Hey guys, we're running out of time. Aren't we supposed to hear about final configurations and options by the end of the year?

@Jackhub: Although I have no reason to question the Santana Row's store rep's statement about the no decision on center console, it's hard to imagine that a decision has not been made. I have to believe that the decision considered a number of business criteria: (1) the incremental manufacturing and material cost of adding the console; (2) the impact of a well-designed and well-integrated center console on public and media perception of the interior; (3) the estimated number of potential buyers who will be upset and not buy because there is/isn't a console, and (4) the impact on the overall design aesthetic of the interior. Considering each individually:

1) As a percent of overall manufacturing and material cost, the incremental cost of a center consult (given that it would probably not require wiring integration or embedded electronics) would be very small.

2) When real reviews of the production S begin in the automotive press, I can easily imagine many reviewers who will critique the absence of a center console (the term "mini-van" will be used as an adjective :). I cannot imagine a single reviewer commenting negatively, if a well-designed center console is present. Positive (rave) reviews—without qualification—create buzz, and buzz creates interest and sales. Why give reviewer a reason to qualify a rave review? It's foolish from a business standpoint.

3) Read this forum and others. A majority of folks who are interested enough in the Model S to comment (and many who have put down $5K or more) are not happy about the lack of a center console. I doubt too many of us will not buy because of it, but it adds a reason not to pull the trigger.

4) I've commented on the design aesthetic in other posts and won't be redundant.

I'm still hopeful that TM has made the right decision and included a center console on the Production S design. There's no upside to excluding it, unless TM wants to be different on a whim. That's not good business and it's not good design, and I believe it will hurt the public perception of the interior.

The lack of center console is not such a problem for me, however the screen positionning and current design is not attractive at all.
It was much better on the alpha design, and I hope the final design will not be as the current beta, otherwise I may reconsider my reservation.

S #5

It was much better on the alpha design, and I hope the final design will not be as the current beta, otherwise I may reconsider my reservation. (toto_48313)

Compared to the uncertainty that was inherent with your decision when you reserved S #5, the dash board design should be a relatively minor issue...? There seems to be a trend to post "if not this or that, I will reconsider/pull my reservation". Sounds kinda silly to me, I am having a hard time taking those comments at face value.

I'm standing firm. If they don't reconsider the cupholders, I just might think about reconsidering my reservation. You hear that Elon, you're on notice!

And you'll regret whenever you floor your SL55. There won't be no joy no more in accelerating your fossil-burning German car... :-P

Oh, I'm keeping my SLK55. She's my range anxiety solution. :-D

Although, every time I have to fill the tank with $60 worth of gas, I curse the wait for my Model S. You're right Volker, cupholders be damned, I want my Tesla!


Ok, what's her name?

"Ok, what's her name?"

Betty of course. :) Hopefully the tag will work and you'll see a picture of her next to my wife and I.


Tag did not work :-(

Oh well. If anyone knows of a free hosting site that allows direct linking to pictures ...

It was kind of curious, but the Beta on dispaly at the Santana Row store had cup holders sort of projecting out of the side of the seats. it was difficult to see how they were supported (the velvet ropes prevented a clear view of the space between the front seats), but they were about a third of the way up the back of the front seats and between them. A real rube goldberg contraption that certainly looked temporary.

In the beta I sat in, the tops of the arm rests, (between the two front seats), slid back to reveal the cup holders. It works, but not ideal.

I don't recall seeing anu arm rests in this beta. The cup holders were just sort of hanging out there.

Anyone else see the cup holders at the Santana Row beta?

Here's a picture of the arm rests and cup holders from the beta. You can see that the driver's arm rest is moved back to reveal the cup holder while the passenger's is not. We'll see if this img link works. :/

Model S Cup Holders

ok, I think the image thing worked. So here's the shot of my wife and I next to "Betty". :)


Cupholders do not belong in the armrest of any vehicle, nor do my shirt sleeves or coat cuffs belong in my coffee. They need to be visually accessible and reachable with my right hand and out of sight when I don't need them.

My SLK has probably the worst design for cupholders in any automobile. It's a drawer-like thing that pops out of the upper part of the center dash, above the GPS/Stereo console. If you put your cup up there and any of the drink spills out, you will most likely ruin the stereo. In fact, the previous owner of my car did exactly that. She had to buy a replacement console after her coffee spilled down the vents and into the electronics.

In a Merc! Evidently there is such a thing as efficient German stupidity. ;)

Don't know what percentage of the total it would be, but I gather 100% of female purchasers like the purse gap!

Maybe a console will be an option?

How about mounting a holster there, for quick access to your resolver (to thwart car-jackers, etc.)


"Evidently there is such a thing as efficient German stupidity"

Volker P or B can probably weigh-in, but I don't think Germans drink coffee in their cars. That might explain the location of the Merc cup holder.

What has become apparent in so many of these discussion forums is that Tesla needs to address issues regarding the interior execution of the Model S. Having a 17" monitor that sits slightly askewed front and centre of our visual field does not make for an esthetic "form follows function" design, it neglects all objective criteria of symmetry, porportion, balance and ultimately violates, subjective as it may be, our sense of beauty. Despite the fact that it may answer to many user interface, ergonomic realities, it still needs to to be integrated in such away that is appreciated for its functionality and does not ignore our sensibilities. After having spent much time in the Beta Model S, Retractable Cupholders should be placed below the the monitor where ashtrays (good riddance) once were, without the Gear shift being in the way, cups would be readily reachable and in the case of a spill, would not be cause for concern.

@Brian H You have a way with (morphing) words. Hillarious!

@Mycroft, regarding cupholders, I think those are US thing. It sounds very odd to me to have cupholder in a car. "Why would you want one" is first thing that comes to my mind. When people first started to discuss about cupholders here I thought they were joking.

I wouldn't mind if center console would have solid flat surface that works as table when you stop to have that cup of coffee, in here you stop to have coffee break. Drinking while driving is just odd.

@Mycroft Sorry but it looks like MB may have a modified coat hanger to arrive at that cup holder and it couldn't been located in a worse place, I'd be drinking my latte from camel back ...!?...

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