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Do anybody know if the center console design in the current beta version is going to be what is in the final production car? This is the biggest disappointment for me with regards to the interior of the car. That empty space in the center makes the car's interior look like a minivan and cheap in comparison to other luxury cars. I really hope this is not the final design for the center console.

Fine, you win the argument with me, THIS TIME... :D

I don't want to win arguments. :-)
I only want a model S (and X after that) and I want to find arguments against my reservation decision. So far there aren't any.

In a few months there will be production cars on the road. Then we will see if all promisses and theories are true... I hope they are ...

Softauthor's sentiments are telling. He's boosting TM's mission with his stock investment, and purchasing because he believes in it.

And now he's reduced to consoling himself with backfill for what TM may not deliver. Putting enthusiastic customers in that frame of mind would be wimpy execution by a brand you really want to love.

George, you told some folks that TM will deliver a console option for those who want it. That's very good, and I believe will resolve this.

What's needed now is simply some good official communication on the website.

Just set an official design release date, and a planned delivery time. It's fine that TM will need some time to deliver. Couple that with a clearly stated policy for early purchasers and you'll settle it.

The longer people vent about the uncertainty, the more you diminish wonderful momentum with dissonance.

Be concrete amd timely with your messages, and you'll show TM's mastery of the marketing.

We want you to win.

@Mark K;
Ahh, finally, the essence of the matter, distilled. Prezakly.

Agreed Mark K. Said better than me.

@Kroneal, Vawlkus, I need ice scraper because I don't always have time to tell the car to start heating. I have ice scraper in end of the snow brush, but those usually suck so I have one smaller with metal blade which is much better. At ~-30C ice is hard and acts more like paint job in windscreen than sticky snow.

Make your own de-icing solution(s):


Rubbing Alcohol
1 Open your spray bottle by unscrewing the top. Fill a third of the bottle with lukewarm tap water.
2 Fill the rest of the bottle with rubbing alcohol. Screw the sprayer top back onto the bottle.
3 Turn the sprayer upside down, then back to the upright position five or six times to mix the concoction. Spray the mixture onto your windshield. Use a light scraper to remove any tough spots still stuck to the windshield.
4 Unscrew the top of your spray bottle and set it aside. Fill the sprayer half full with comfortably warm water.
5 Fill the other half of the bottle with vinegar. Screw the cap back on.
6 Shake the bottle gently to mix the formula. Apply it liberally to the windshield. If the ice is really thick, add more vinegar to the mixture and try again.

Huh. Looks like the automatic tag close with each para no longer applies. Oh, well.

I'm in Canada Timo, -30 degrees C isn't strange to me ;)

Brian H homemade alcohol-based de-icing could actually work. OTOH you need to use stronger solution than 1/3 alcohol to prevent it from freezing (if you keep it inside the car), and you would need to swipe almost immediately after spraying, otherwise alcohol just evaporates and you get ice again.

...makes me think, if you drive the car and battery gets heated, you have rather large mass of heated material straight under the passenger compartment. How long would it actually take to cool the interiors to the point where 1/3 solution alcohol freezes in -30C temperature? It must be quite long time. If insulated properly it could take days to cool that to match ambient temperature.

Well, that's too OT for this thread. Cool possibility though (no pun intended).

-30C? That's why I live in Australia when much of my family migrated to Canada. I prefer to worry about the flies and heat. A cold winter in Sydney is +7C!!!

For those using the rubbing alcohol, note that for very cold temperatures you may need a higher concentration than BrianH mentioned. While pure isopropyl has a low freezing/melting point, the rubbing alcohol bottles from the store is usually already diluted. Check the bottle.

Real men scape the ice off with their fingernails. That's how we roll here in the Rockies. We don't think about gloves until it hits -25F.

Actually, I'll just park in the garage at home and work.

That's what I use all those credit cards they send me in the mail. Pocket ice scrapers.

I thought I might mention that the center console in the design studio now has cup holders and a place to store some stuff while maintaining a nice empty space in front of it. Everybody wins except for the really long legged person in back who might of used that empty space to stretch out.

"I thought I might mention that the center console in the design studio now has cup holders and a place to store some stuff while maintaining a nice empty space in front of it."

mvbf, Where is the place to store some stuff? I see the cup holders like always but no closed storage to store some stuff. Where is the place to store some stuff you are referring to? Thanks.

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