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Centralia Supercharger Station

They look great. I will stop by tomorrow 7/18 and see if they are hot. Last I heard they were still inactive. Anyone been by in the last couple days?

Centralia, what state?


I swear I just responded to this post. Weird.

Anyway, Pricee2 posted in the Washington Regional furom both here and at that it passed the electrical inspection today and will be announced tomorrow along with the Burlington station. There is a ribbon cutting planned in Burlington tomorrow at 10 am.


I want to know if there will be a ribbon cutting at Centralia, WA.
Anyone hear anything?

Nevermind. I got confused as to which post I'd replied to. My other reply is in the thread started by Sleeper with a similar title in the General forums.



XrstalLens stopped by on Wednesday (7/17) and got a full charge up while at the Centralia, WA Supercharger.

The ribbon cutting will only be in Burlington but both place will be officially live at 10am.

@ goneskiian...your not confused. I posted in both threads hoping to get more answers.

@ sagebrushnw, thanks for this info. I will stop by after work tonight and try them out.

Please don't. Once is enough.

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