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CHAdeMO adapter coming this winter

FYI, Tesla just posted this to their online store:

$1000 for the adapter (which somehow looks like a portable vacuum cleaner). You need supercharging enabled.

I think you get enabling software along with the CHAdeMO adapter purchase so just having access to the adapter won't be good enough. If Tesla is smart (and they are), the CHAdeMO enabling software will be separate from the normal software updates.

I work across the parking lot from Applied Materials in Santa Clara where they have Blink chargers installed (on Scott Blvd). I park and charge there all the time and would be willing to host a lockbox outside our office if preferred for this location. I can also probably get in touch with Blink real estate contacts to work out a box at the location hopefully.

I'd be willing to pitch in for one or two adapters with a coded box at this location. The leafs rarely use the superchargers here. My thought would be to collect money from those interested maybe starting at $200/each and budgeting for the cost of the lockbox etc as well as adapter. I'd prefer a system where each registered person gets their own code (in case it goes missing etc.).

If a lot of people pitch in or if more people are interested in bumping the contribution up then a second adapter can be purchased. A simple FB page could be created for checking in. I know there are more symantecs to deal with but if anyone's interested email me (look at my username). I'm happy to coordinate the effort. :-)

Find it funny that the "People's" charger is designed by a committee and given an absolutely stupid name designation, CHAdeMO.

The Tesla systems are designed by a private company with an eye on the customer and marketing.

You can choose to "Super Charge" or you can CHAdeMO Charge. Somebody took a marketing class.


You can use a High Power Wall Connector ( HPWC ) instead of a J1772.

Guess I will throw a CHAdeMO Adapter in the Frunk storage just in case.

I have several charger location aps I used with my Nissan Leafs. Anyone have a good app they recommend for locating the CHAdeMO chargers. I don't plan to sleep in the Tesla while it charges so the J1772's are not very useful.

CHAdeMO is abbreviation of Charge de Move.

When using CHAdeMO the connector is quite heavy and made mostly of metal. If you were to drop it on the side of your car, it's sure to make a serious dent. While great to have this option, CHAdeMO is quite clunky in comparison with the Tesla connector.

I thought it stands for O cha demo ikaga desuka, japanese with means in english: what's about a cup of tea? => It only takes time of this tea to charge to 80%

Love it, there are a lot of these stations in the Phoenix area. Gives drivers further flexibility for charging options. Important here and other metro areas where owners have faced roadblocks from HOA boards and apartment management and cannot charge overnight like homeowners. More options is always better.

Like someone else mentioned, this is great for destination charging while traveling, while Superchargers will service the long-distance travel portion. I'm sure travelers who visit Phoenix for spring training games would appreciate the ability to use in-town CHAdeMO stations instead of leaving their Model S in an empty parking lot overnight on Blink's painfully slow J1772s (as I saw several do last spring).

This could actually be useful for long distance too, though. What if Yuma put in a CHAdeMO this winter while we wait until mid-2014 for the delayed Supercharger? No more overnight at the RV park, just a long lunch break. There's already a Nissan dealership there to host it, but a local store or restaurant may step up too if they know it will attract Tesla owners now.


The real name sounds even less exciting. I will stick with the acronyms.

From a consumer marketing standpoint it is hard to beat a name like "Super Charger".

Both my Nissan Leafs have "Charge de move"'receptacles. Have yet to find a place to plug something into them.

CHAdeMO, sounds like a medical condition rather than a battery charger.

@tes-s, DITTO!

CHAdeMO charging nozzle is HUGE and HEAVY ... not a good idea to let it dangle on your Model S.

Looks like They added a new pic to the Tesla Store listing. Not meaning to second guess Tesla engineers, but that seems like a lot of weight and stress on the handle and the charge port.


@omarsultan - My conclusion too.

Most ICE drivers will think that's a gas pump.

From the photo, it looks like the CHAdeMO plug is at the end of a pipe - not at the end of a flexible cord. Is this how CHAdeMO is deployed? If the connection is a rigid tube of some kind, it might provide support from underneath. I've never visited a CHAdeMO charger so I don't know what they look like.

On the couple I've visited it's a regular cord, but the gauge of the wire is very thick and somewhat stiff. The implementations I've seen all have a stress-relief mechanism built into the cable as shown by the accordion-like part in the picture, presumable to prevent failures where it meets the giant plug.

@omarsultan - I would imagine Tesla is aware of how much it costs and how much stress is placed on the socket. In fact, I would bet that is why they took this approach rather than a solid adapter like the J1772 adapter.

My issue is that I have no where to charge a Model S. my only option is the supercharger station 30 miles from my apt or to leave it for hours and hours at a level 2 station a few blocks away which I would not want to do. So this is a perfect alternative. I wish that Tesla would come up with smaller charging stations in metro areas for those of us that do not live in houses.

Nissan Offers $15,000 For New Electric-Car Quick Chargers By Dec 31

A chart provided by the company shows that amount reduced by the $12,000 Federal 30-percent credit and the $15,000 Nissan payment, resulting in an effective cost of just $13,000 if the quick-charging station is activated by the end of the year

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