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Change Paint Color Denied

Was a little disappointed when I called Tesla with my delivery being a month away to see if I could change color from pearl white to red and all I got was a sorry you can't make changes. Thought since it was in production maybe the painting was one of the latter processes and might hear, "let me check with the production team." I recognize they are building a car and not baking a cake and it is my own fault for not ordering red in the first place. I'm still excited about my Tesla and know that once I sit down in it and drive I will be VERY happy!!!!

Painting is actually one of the first parts of the process...main body shell is put together, then goes to painting...there's a couple videos out there that show order of process...

Given the fact that they keep selling off their loaners, they should let you change your order by putting you back at the end of the line, and using the old configuration as a loaner car, or a faster delivery if someone ends up ordering the configuration that you abandoned....

You should thank Tesla... I will save you a bundle in tickets, red is a cop magnet.

I tried to change my color too in production. It isn't going to happen.

The loaners are top of the line cars only, P85 at least.

@wormhole - in fact, the steps before painting aren't specific to any configuration, so the painting is the very first step of manufacturing that is customized to your order.

@BrianH - the loaner I drove was S85 with standard sound system, so not quite.

That was the intent originally, per Elon. Maybe they're dialing it back to try and hold on to them longer! ;)

I know the feeling,,,we tried to change ours too,,,it was too late,,,you will love your white pearl,,,beautiful color

If it makes you feel any better ... I picked up my red Model S today, and in the production line, I saw a LOT of red ones. It's an extremely popular choice now. So if you were hoping it would be rare (as I did), those days are behind us.

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