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Charging History Shows Tesla Headquarters in Palo Alto?

I was checking out the history of charging locations used by my car this evening, and I noticed the Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto (3500 Deer Creek Rd, Palo Alto, CA) listed at the very bottom of the list. Not only have I never charged my car there, I've never even driven it to Palo Alto.

Does this mean somebody drove my car to Tesla headquarters before I picked it up in Fremont?

Does everyone else's charging history list Tesla headquarters at the bottom of the list?

All the SuperChargers got added to the list, for everyone.

Brian, he's talking about the Recently Visited tab, which lists any charging station that you've actually visited and charged at.

Mine shows the same thing -- a charge at the Fremont factory and a charge at the headquarters in Palo Alto. Given that my car was delivered with 15 miles on it (not unusual for a new car delivery), I'm assuming that it was standard procedure to take the car for a test drive from the factory to the headquarters, and test the charging at both locations.

I have the same thing--I thought is was cool!

The Recently Visited list shows the SCs even if you've never been there, I think.

How do you see these?

My understanding from the release notes is that once you've used Navigation to go to a supercharger it appears in the recently visited list. Go to the 'Places' menu on the top right of the map (on v4.5 software)

Correct nickjhowe - in my recently visited pages it has the 5 SuperChargers that I have visited. Not sure if you need to use navigation for them to show up though - as for Gilroy, I just drove there and charged (my virgin SC run before the real trip as it's close) and it shows up.

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