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Charging setup when outlet is off the right side of the car?

I'm going to park against the right side wall of my garage, where the electrical outlet will likely be. Am trying to think of ways to easily access the back left charging outlet on the Model S without having to squeeze around to the other side of the car along the wall every time. Has anyone come up with a handy solution, especially since the garage door will block access for anything dropping down from the ceiling? Run something retractable along the floor? Have a bar that swings over above the parked car from the wall? Ideas welcome!

Drop the NEMA 14-50 on the right side of your garage near the opening. Then just reach in before closing or after opening the door to plug/unplug.

Another try...

That worked! :-)

Here is another view...

...and another...

...another view...

One more...

So, in a nutshell, I am using the following things to do this...

-2x Screw-in metal open hooks (for hanging the cable from the beams).
-1 Screw-in metal eye hook (for hanging the 'tool balancer' unit)
-1 Spring Snap (to connect the 'tool balancer' unit to the screw-in metal eye hook.
-1 Large un-lockable plastic zip tie (for connecting the 'tool balancer' cable to the Tesla charging cable handle.
-1 Small plastic zip tie (for connecting the 'tool balancer' cable to the Tesla charging cable stop adjustment).
-1 Large rubber-coated bike-rack hook (to cradle the Tesla charging display (thing with lights neat the NEMA plug, as seen in the first pix)
-1 'Tool-Balancer' unit (Note: The unit I am using is a Pneumatics BL02 Heavy Duty Mechanical Tool Balancer, 1 - 3.5 Pound Load Capacity, set at 1 lb)

Disclaimer: This is completely my own idea, and not in any way sanctioned by Tesla. I take no responsibility for issues with this set-up, if you decide to try it on your own.

If you're happy with it, that's great. It still seems like a lot more trouble to me than just putting the outlet on the other side though.

My reasoning for my set-up is primarily because I have a very tight garage when both cars are in it, and very little room to walk around when the garage door is closed. With this set-up, it takes me only a few seconds to engage and degage the cable when I need to, without opening my garage door, or walking around the car, to re-coil up the cable.

Plus my life is all about efficiency (time is money!)

Even at home!? How much do you earn/charge every hour watching TV or on the Web? And sleeping and eating? ;) And making ... never mind!

@Brian, Trust me, after my LA freeway commute, the LAST thing I want to do is uncoil a charge cable. I didn't buy a Model S for just kicks... (well, a little ;-)

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