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Cincinnati Ohio Connection

Cincinnati Ohio Connection

Cincinnati Ohio, Mason Ohio ,Blue Ash Ohio Tesla Club

1. Did you get your High Power Wall Connector yet? If not what did you get installed?
2. Who installed it?
3. Price?

4. Did you get the Supercharger option since we don't really live in a Supercharger area?

5. Did you prepay for maintenance ?
6. Did you get ranger service or will you just go to Columbus Service Center? Will Columbus have a Supercharger?
7. Are there only 3-4 Tesla Model S potential owners in the Cincinnati area?

If these questions have been answered ... Sorry I could not find them.
Please answer with a link. (if you have it)

The family would appreciate it.

Winter in Naples FL and summer in Archbold OH. Picked up a P85 Mon the 18th in Dania Beach. Drove to Naples i extremely heavy rain. All systems worked great. About 300 mi now and am very pleased with the car. Will ship car back to Ohio in early May. Hope to make contact with other Buckeyes this summer. Only Tesla I have seen in Naples although I understand there may 1 or 2 others. Certainly attracts crowds and looks, young and old.

Maybe someone on this forum can tell you about the process for Cincinnati Ohio. I don't have mine yet so I'm still in the waiting mode.
Look above there is link that @JayFrost started.

To the Cincinnati Ohio owners
I think there is a new owner in the area. Visiting friends we spotted white tesla model S on Montgomery road in Landen Ohio near Sonic,YMCA,20mile House,LaRosa's Pizza,and McDonalds at 11:25 am today 3-26-13 Anyone know this owner?

Sales tax is collected when you pay for the registration. It's quite a shock to pay $7500 dollars. It is not part of the payment to Tesla at least when I got mine in November.

We live on the Kentucky side of Cincinnati and just put in our order a couple days ago. I know of at least 2 others in NKY.

The company my wife works for installed a rapid charging station at her office so that is a huge plus.

Here it is in action...

What type of charger is this amps / volts?

It is made by Clipper Creek and has 80 amp service.

If that's a public station it should be added to Plugshare as their is not much available in the area that is 80 AMP. Most everything is 30 Amp which is extremely slow when traveling.

My HPWC is available at my home for use by anyone needing a charge.

Yeah, that's one of the top AC chargers available. Good deal!

Hey, that's my car in the picture! I had a job at that client, and was surprised to find they had an EV charger. I believe I was the first person to use it.

Florence, KY owner here, btw. I would love to meet up with any other owners as well.

I have my 14-50 listed in Plugshare, and I think it would be great if everyone else could list their chargers as well. I do a lot of travel for work and I know one of these days I'm gonna be stuck in Ohio looking for a charge.

- Dave

@kent -The charger station is at the company's headquarters near NKU. While it is not a "public" station they will allow the use of it to anyone that needs it, not just employees.

@Dave - I am pretty sure you spoke to my wife about your car and her interest in buying one. We finally got it ordered and can't wait. Besides your car we also know of another owned by a parent at our kids school. Really the only drawback I see is that the closest service center is in Columbus but I don't plan to go there too often. ;-)

Anyone with a Tesla Model S in Mason Blue Ash Springdale area get their car washed at Mike's CarWash? or Mr.Clean in Mason Ohio?

Just asking since they have the unlimited monthly was special.

Everyone hand washing?

I'm driving a volt right now, until Gen III is out, or used Model S's drop into my price range, but the 14-50 in my garage is on plug share (in Harrison, right off of I-74)


Who installed your NEMA 14-50 plug?

How much did they charge?

Any Model S use you plug (plug share ) yet?


There will be one new Tesla MS owener in the Cincinnati area the week of 5/6 - just got the email yesterday with the VIN. I may be the first P85 Sunset Red MS in town. Frey Electric is coming to install the NEMA 14-50 outlet this Thursday and are charging me $520. which I didn't think was too bad since the run is going to 75-85 feet and I specified #6 AWG cable. I had another estimate from Nelson Comfort (HVAC & Electric) and they wanted $945! Definitely interested in the Ohio Group and would love to just get together with the Greater Cincinnati folks for coffee some Saturday morning in late May. We live in West Chester (Liberty Way) only 1/2 mile from I-75 and would certainly be inclined to help out any Tesla owner with a charge if we are available. My email is We winter in Sarasota FL so I have seen many Teslas there and talked to several owners. To a person, they all just loved the car. Can't wait until next week!

Did you get a quote from Mr. Electric?

Did they give a quote installing #4 gauge wire?

Did you get you Tesla yet?

Did you get the HPWC yet?

We are still waiting. Thinking about going to the Ohio event in Dublin Tesla Model S less :(


Update of Ohio events:

Friday and Saturday
May 17 and 18 ,2013 

Daytime activities see above link.
Ohio Tesla Owners Group
Meeting with Green Energy Ohio
5-7pm Friday 05-17-13
The Golf Club of Dublin
5805 Eiterman Rd, Dublin, OH 43016

Ohio Tesla Owners Group
Meeting for Dinner at 7:30pm
05-17-13 Friday Night
Gallo's Pit BBQ
2234 W Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus, OH 43085


RacerX - Our Tesla arrived on Tuesday (had it delivered to our home and that worked out just fine). Everything went perfectly -- it came in a semi sized auto carrier (completely enclosed). The car is even better than I thought it would be -- just amazing. I have done nothing but give rides and demos the last 3-4 days. Definitely sold another one and I think my neighbor is very interested. To the person, people are just blown away by the car.

Only 2 quotes on the electric work were those two mentioned. Very happy with Frey. From my research in the forums, #6 gauge wire was more than adequate (many have used #8). It was so thick it looked one of the ropes you swing on in gym class! No plans on getting th HPWC -- just don't see the need for it with our situatoin.

We did go to Dublin last night for the Green Energy reception and then the dinner to follow. If you look on FB for the Ohio Tesla Group you will see my new multi-coat red P85 parked at Gallo's. Great people, great event! And we made the entire trip with no gas.

My Model S will be delivered to me in Central Kentucky in June. I would love to hear from other owners in the area.

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