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Clear Bra - Orange County

I'd like to thank all of you for your interest in our products for your new S...we've had a great response to our offer on the forum... we would like to say Thank you to the following:

Eric S
Kelly O
David W
Joe W

Quick reminder - we would like to offer all the new Tesla S owners a special discount on protecting their "baby" with the best in Paint Protection Film, Window Tint and the highly coveted Escort 9500ci radar detector. We are located in the Newport Beach, CA area but can come to you in the LA area if needed. We've done 8 of the new Tesla S with "full nose wraps" and the highly coveted 3M Crystalline Nano-Thermal window tint.

Please mention that you found us on the Tesla forum for your 10% discount on clear bra's and window tint.

Please check us out on Facebook and Instagram or simply type my name or business name in Google and you will see that we are the best place to bring your new Tesla S. Over 10 years in business, offices in CA & AZ and over 25,000 clear bra's installed...plenty of references available upon request.

~ Ryan

Ryan Tounsley
Protective Film Solutions

California Office
3609 W MacArthur Blvd., Suites 807/808, Santa Ana, CA 92704
949-599-5964 (office)
602-327-0055 (cell)

Like us on Facebook -
Follow us on Instagram (smart phone app) - @ProtectiveFilmSolutions
Review us on Yelp -

... We give your vehicle, home and business the
protection they deserve with 3M protective films.

Don't the feminists object to sales of clear bras?

Advertising on the forum is not really cool, btw.

@BrianH - Could you give me a call or drop me an email?



I've contacted the support for the forum and have never received a response from them - I'm not trying to offend anyone, and I'm getting quite a few emails about owners wanting their new cars protected.

I have no authority; just making an observation.

I feel for you, though. Companies with Tesla-relevant products have few targetted ways to make them known. Tesla does not accept (AFAIK) display ads on any of its sites, etc.

So I haven't a clue, personally, what to do. Perhaps get a customer to post, referring to you, with a recommendation?

You are amongst the most thoughtful and frequent posters on these forums. I completely understand your position, and pretty much agree.

Ryan@ProtectiveFilmSolutions, I agree with Brian H, and I also value information that is relevant and on-topic. Just recognize you're in new territory here. (Disclosure, I've had my last four vehicles protected with 3M film here in Phoenix, AZ., so I'm an advocate of your services.)

I think the same thread would be better received over on TMC.

For future posts, perhaps a voluntary "Advertisement: then topic here..." syntax would help. (The upcoming CCI is in the same position.)
Totally unenforceable, or filterable, here though.

Another possibility is to put it in the Southern California forum. It is really of no interest to most of us.

@DoutlasR - Where is the Southern CA forum if you wouldn't mind sending me a link?

@Anthony H - Thank you for your advice! Hopefully we were the company in AZ that installed your bra's...I have another office in N. Scottsdale. When I do post on here, I will definitely use the "advertisement" leader though to let people know.

I believe that the regional forums are all private (i.e. you have to be a Tesla owner/reservation holder to access).

Oh. They are not marked as such, so there is no way to tell.

Easily solved; protectiveFilm just needs to put down a deposit on an X, and will qualify for the forum for years. Then switch it to a GenIII when available, etc.

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