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CNN Video comparing Tesla and Fisker

There is an interesting video that appeared briefly on the CNN money page that directly compares the MS and the Fisker. Be prepared for a few surprises on her comments about the "cons" on the MS, but overall a very positive report.

LOL at the Karma's boot (trunk), that thing is a joke. How in the hell is it only 52MPGe?? 650wh/mile is insane. At least now I know why they set on fire, it's all the energy loss going on somewhere (inverter? motor?)

I think it's perfectly fine to compare the two vehicles - they are both (at least partially) electric and they are both created by new startup companies.

Of course every test report I've read has raved about the Tesla and considered the Fisker to be mediocre to lousy, but that doesn't mean they do not attempt to compete in the same market.

I really do feel sorry for this guy, who definitely should have waited for Model S:

I've tried Tesla's infotainment system, and it's just awesome and extremely well thought out.

As for why the Fisker has poor fuel economy, my guess is that it's big and extremely heavy. Adding the ICE to batteries does that to a car ...


@David Dennis - not to mention running an ICE to turn a generator to produce electricity to charge the battery isn't exactly the most efficient process.

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