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Cold Feet in the Roadster

Its getting cold in Europe now. My first trip from UK to Germany, Me and my passenger got quickly cold feet. Because the roadster lacks insulation in the foot area. why not putting a little bit of foam there. Now only thick woolen shoe inlets helps.


Another low tech thought on warmth in the floor. Was wondering how much insulation would plain old carpet padding {a layer or two under the carpet } help with this?

One word: Dynamat. It's a common product used in aftermarket auto upgrades. They have a variety of constrained-layer damping products (minimize vibrations, blocks sound) as well as sound/thermal barriers. Any reputable car audio shop can provide and install the materials. It is installed under the carpet/flooring easily.

I used their products to great advantage in a 2004 Scion xA I had - being an econobox, it was noisy - a few layers of Dynamat Extreme and Dynaliner on the floors and doors made an astounding improvement. Much quieter ride. It also made heating in the winter more efficient. I'm going to add some in my 2010 Mercury Mariner hybrid so that it's quieter for easier hands-free phone conversations. It's not bad from the factory, but there's always room for improvement.

You should probably have at least one layer of DynaPad. It's specifically designed for being a thermal barrier, as well as a sound barrier. Either that, or a layer of Dynamat Extreme and a layer of 1/2" Dynaliner.

The real problem comes with the cold air from outside. To minimize this airflow, best is to swich to internal circulation and to direct the airflow to the upper side. If you get air with minus 10° to your feet/shoe, nothing except a misused heat cover at 12V lighter may help. Even restricted airflow by blocking the passengers outlet with a little electric heating may help.

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