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Color combo poll

I'm finalizing my options in the next couple days. All options are settled but the interior color. I was sold on blue/tan, but I'm not sure I like the look of the tan, and I've always had black interiors. From outside the car, I love the blue/tan contrast. but sitting in the front seat, I'm not sure I like the look of the tan on the dash. So I think I'm settling on:



Brown, tan, Obeche gloss

Pearl White Performance, Blk leather, Obeche gloss, Pano, Silver 21", upgraded sound system, parcel shelf.

Green/Black leather/non-gloss Obeche.

Glass roof, 19" Wheels (standard). Premium sound and air suspension.

We agonized over the interior color. Wife decided the tan just had too many contrasts with other interior colors (dash, roof liner) and was concerned with staining.

She already wants an X...

Silver, tan, piano black, pano, tech, sound, suspension

Sig Red with Performance Black leather (has red piping along the edge). Looks awesome, of course.

wouldn't pearl white and saddle brown be beautiful?

pearl white/tan with Obeche gloss

I wanted Blue/Tan, but he ran was too red/orange for me...I guess I prefer a more bone colored tan. So, I decided on Blue/Grey...It looks awesome with the matte Obeche, and the cream piping on the grey seats matches the fabric in the ceiling liner really nicely. And the grey looks amazing with the blue exterior too. I really love the combo I've ordered, I wouldn't get I any other way.

One of the cars on the initial delivery day was black with the dark performance wheels. I had not thought of that combo until I saw the pictures and they look great. Anyone else going with that combo? I am definitely going with dark wheels. Just can't decide on white, silver or black now...

Just changed to 2013/Sunset Red, tan, matte

Metallic Silver, Black Performance Interior (red piping), Carbon Fiber Decor, Pano Roof, 21" Silver Wheels, No Spoiler :)

Brown, Tan, Obeche Matte

Pearl White, Black Leather, Piano Black, Pano, Tech, Air Suspension, Audio upgrade, 19" wheels (smoother ride), and a 60kwh battery because I still have kids in college ;-)

After spending time with the blue/tan car in the Menlo Park store, I decided in the end that that's my combo. I also chose lacewood.

Pearl White, Tan Leather, Piano black, Active Air, Std Wheels.

Silver with grey leather

Grey with Grey leather, piano black trim, pano roof.


I would love to see Tesla offer more real colors.

I wouldn't give up my Sig Red, obeche gloss and "white" interior with grey piping for anything. So luxe and while having dramatic lines. The grey piping really jives with the obeche. The "white" is more like a buff color and ties it all together.

The car attracts attention just based on the exterior colors and contrasting, compimentary interior accents.

After the initial look at the car, the talk starts about it being an all-electric American made Tesla. Then comes, "Who makes it?". It is a process and the world is catching on. My car has sold a lot of cars and opened minds.

Blue/black with red piping/carbon fiber/silver wheels - looks great.

Black / Black ,grey 21" alloys, pano, P85+ , carbon finish, no spoiler. I love the car in black- looks very sporty with the 21" grey alloys . The car looks "powerful" in this config which it is...

Blue, black roof, grey interior, CF, grey 21" alloys, "new" spoiler, P85.
May have gone for the black interior, close choice, decided on grey for heat in CA, but may tint now, so who knows if I'll regret it much.

blue/tan/obeche gloss/ pano roof. Tan interior holding up at 6 months even with all the snacking in the back seat.

Green, Pano Roof, Tan leather, Piano Black trim. 19" wheels. No spoiler

Dolphin Grey, Tan with Obeche Matte. Pano roof, 21" Silver Turbines. Classy.

Picking up my blue/tan next Thursday! : ) I was worried about a light interior but when I saw that the carpets were black I had no problem picking the tan.

brown/tan/obeche matte

like Brad... Good choice man ;-)

Blue, gray, carbon fiber, 21" wheels.

MC Red/Tan/Carbon

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