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Color remorse?

Ok, it's time to 'fess up. After owning your Model S for a while are you thinking "I bought the ______________ color but in retrospect I really wish I had bought the ______________ color, instead?"

(Posted by a 40kWh reservation holder who has nothing else to do for the next four months but ask banal questions)

I was debating on Sig. Red and Pearl White, I love the Pearl White and wouldn't change it after having the car over 5 weeks now. I am still worried about the dark grey 21" rims however and scraping those!!

No this is an excellent question -- any remorse from gray Model S owners? It just seems so cool.

Sig Red---->Silver

Anyone have the blue with grey 21" wheels .... looks nice on the web but how does it look in real life?

i can't tell the diff between the pearl white and the regular white. I think they goofed that up. Pearlwhite usually is a bit more off white but in this case, it just looks like a subtle multi coat.

@SMOP - Any particular reason Sig Red --> Silver?


My initial color selection was the Silver- for the Model S (My first Roadster was silver in color). I absolutely loved that Roadster color after I was initially meh on it when picking it up from Tesla. After reading some of the stories of Model S colors and seeing some pics on the other board I decided to change to the limited edition Sig Red. I honestly thought it was an older demographic color (no offense). A friend of mine who works at Tesla assured me that it was a beautiful color and that it was very hip! Reluctantly I decided to change the color to Sig Red. I got the car and wow my initial impressions seemed to be correct. This color has added 20+ years to my age! Oh well, I love the car and Tesla maybe gen 3 I will avenge this decision :)

I am getting the blue paint, but I am concerned about my interior choice. I am getting the Tan. Does anyone have a good photo of the Tan. The BMW has a nice tan, but if it is a faded version of that I will be disappointed.

i'm getting silver. but that gray looks gooood.

wbrown01, all comments I've heard regarding the tan say that it is a very light shade of tan. Better double-check!

i'm getting silver, but that gray looks gooooooood.

lph, That's my config, and I should have it in the next week or so, so I'll let you know what I think after I get to see it fully in person. I went in to the NYC showroom to obsess over tan vs. grey and ended up going with grey because 1. The tan was too "warm" i.e. it seemed very orange to me. My wife's car is blue exterior and a bone/tan interior and I love that...And I felt that if I got the Tesla tan, I'd always look at my wife's car and think "I wish my tan was more like hers." And 2, I really liked the way the grey looks with the matte obeche, and the ceiling liner fabric in the car...Overall, it seem to be to be the best fit and have the best flow. And, I'm an interior designer...I obsess over color and fabrics for a living ;)
And having said that...I don't even have my blue yet, but I may or may not be coveting the grey paint! The sample in the showroom looked like a pretty bland grey, but I've seen some photos of recently received grey cars that are making my heart flutter...The color just seems to deep and rich, especially in sunlight.
So yeah...I'm rock solid on my interior, and maybe just a little bit on the fence about my exterior!

I am getting silver with black interior. If you don't want to have remorse and want to be conservative go for silver, black, or pearl white. These are always the top colors in demand for any car.

@rwang, I also would have loved a more pearl look to the Pearl White but still love it as a color choice over just plain white. At night when it's clean and the light shines over it, it looks a really nice pearl shade that I wish would translate to bright daylight as well.

There is bound to be color remorse when you can't see the color on the car in person before purchase. My young man brain really liked the white with gray wheels and black spoiler. My wife convinced me to go silver with silver wheels which is more age appropiate (58yo) and likely to be best for the long run. I may have remorse for not going more sporty, at least for the short term.

I have the Blue/Tan. You really can't tell anything from photos or in the stores. The leather is a little lighter than expected and has very little red. It is very easy to get along with. More Audi than BMW. If that makes sense.

If chocolate brown was a choice for the interior - I.E. Mini's Hot Chocolate Lounge Addition, I would have chosen that with a white exterior. Maybe available in time for my X!

BTW - I've seen all the colors except the new multi-red, and both the brown and green exteriors - YIKES! Kind of GM mini-van or SUV.

I was set on the gray until I saw the Blue in person. Glad I made the switch.

I was going to go for the pearl white but may be going for the white instead.
The Tesla guy at the showroom told me that if you went with pearl, you really should get the paint armor to protect the pearl as you cannot touch up pearl white should it get chipped. Whereas you wouldn't need the armor for white as you can touch that up...

I am still on the fence about this.

I do not agree with the Tesla guy at the showroom, the paint armor shows the lines on white and pearl white and so I didn't get it for that reason. Hoping TM offer's touch up paint for those time I would need to fill a chip!!

We chose the Signiture Performance edition with pearl white exterior,pano roof,carbon interior/carbon spoiler, and the 21" dark grey wheels.

We are very happy and would make the same choices again.

Everyone comments on the wheels!


Wraps, anyone? >:) Yellow, Lavender, ...

Papafox. You are going to drive yourself crazy between now and then. Don't do it to yourself!

It's the brown and green exteriors that I was bashing - seem like some kind of throw-back : target audience, older statesmen?

I think I'm going to change my Blue/Tan to Blue/Black. If I don't get a real life photo soon...........

wbrown01- I went with the blue/black performance. It is a nice deep blue-- I do not think it is possible to accurately capture the richness of these colors with a camera or video.

I recently Finalized on the New Red - now I'm not sure if I should have or stuck with the Black. ERGH. I'm sure what ever color - the Model S will look awesome. (that what I'm telling myself so I don't drive myself crazy)

Maintaining sanity that long will indeed be a challenge. FYI I've ordered blue ext. with grey interior.

PhilG- They all look awesome (It depends on what color blur you want the other drivers to see as you pass by)

Papafox.Sounds great. It will be a beautiful car.

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