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Confirmed Ford Focus J1772 EV Home Charger works fine - no surprise - move along nothing to see

This post is mostly for the google search archives - there is really nothing to see here - but when I went searching no one had definitively posted that this particular charger worked with the Model S.

The Ford Focus EV home Charger by Leviton works fine for charging a Model S.

For those of you that don't know Ford had a Ford Focus EV home charger made by Leviton

Leviton doesn't list the the exact Ford charger on their website - but it's clearly marked with a Leviton brand on the charger itself. It's close to (but not exactly) like this standard Leviton charger…

full range of Leviton home chargers are here…

It uses a 40 amp (NEMA 6-50 plug) circuit and charges the Model S @ 32 AMPs at 16-20 mile of range per hour (the variation is dependent on where the battery is in it's charge cycle, empty battery charges faster than nearly full battery) - and so far for the past week the Ford/Leviton has been my primary home charger. So far so good, the Ford Focus EV home charger will charge a Model S just fine.f

I'm looking forward to my HPWC from Tesla - since I'll have a bigger AMP circuit and faster charging rate.

Again no surprise here, it's a J1772 standard plug so it was expected to work with no drama.

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