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Connectivity Issues

Anyone else have connectivity issues? When my MS was delievered in San Antonio the guy wanted to demonstrate voice command but it wasn't available because of connectivity. This puzzled the Tesla rep. Despite me having good to great amount of bars on my AT&T IPhone, the 3G on the car screen has basically been at one bar with a few exceptions. So voice command, Nav and Internet radio and Internet functionality has been sketchy to put it mildly. Tesla told me to reboot. I've tried it 3 times and it hasn't made a difference. So Tesla has scheduled a ranger pick up to take the car to Austin because they think there may be something wrong with the antenna. Again, location hasn't seemed to matter - my phone signal has been strong. Any similar experiences?

Have had the car for over a week now and today when I started to charge, the connection bars on the display disappeared. I moved the car out of the parking spot to where I know I've had signal before and nothing - the bars are all greyed out. Need to reboot the display..

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