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Consumer Reports Effect on Tesla Sales in Colorado

Was at the Park Meadows store on Friday afternoon with a friend and was shocked to see how many people were coming in, many of whom only recently learned about the car from CR.

The Tesla rep said that since the Consumer Reports (CR) article came out the traffic in the store had doubled and they are on target to easily sell 70 cars in June. As a car guy, I assumed that the COTY award would be a considerable factor, but apparently CR reaches far more people and still carries a huge level of credibility. So, good news. And, more importantly, it bodes well for a strong summer for Tesla sales and its stock.

Is there a link for this article?

The article from consumer reports has been online for subscribers at least a few weeks. Just received the print version recently which could explain the increase in store visitors. I know the 99 out of 100 rating was a strong motivator for my eventual purchase of the MS. THE 18 minute consumer reports YouTube love fest for the car didn't hurt either.

Here's an easy link to search the Consumer Reports YT channel:
There's also a very interesting 18 min. discussion video, especially about the Model S.

CR's real bottom line: "Would you buy this car?" "In a heartbeat."


COTY affects car people

CR reaches people period

There are a lot more people then there are car people

They should put a rack up in the stores with all the magazines and then have laminated copies for people to grab and read while milling around. Or a tablet or iMac that scrolls through, but out front where people can see and access it.


Cattledog +1

CR prohibits all promotion/advertising using its name. Don't know if the laminated copies would qualify.

Brian, TM gets around that on its home page by quoting CNN:

"'Consumer Reports is calling the Tesla Model S the best car it has ever tested.'

-- Peter Valdez-Depena

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