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CQuartz paint protection verses wax?....

It's been a while since I have owned a vehicle that I really wanted to keep as nice as possible (most of my last few were leases).
With that said, I have been reading about this product called CQuartz, and how it can eliminate the need to constantly polish and wax your car for as long as two years.

Has anyone used this on their MS? If so, is it worth it? Does it lessen fine clear-coat scratches (swerl-marks)?

What does it cost (average) for a professional detailer to do a full polish, and application (including the cost of the product)?

As far as I can tell, I'd really like to buy a previously owned car from anyone that posted so far. Such dedication.

Erik, thanks for your input. Can you recommend anyone in the east Phoenix metro area? Also, how well do these types of coatings protect against sun damage? Although the cosmetic benefits are obviously nice, I'm more concerned about protection against the sun.

They will protect better than any sealant wax out there! The coating provide a new barrier to protect your clear coat (just like the clear is supposed to protect the paint). The 22PLE or opticoat forma measurable layer of protection. IMO, 22PLE LOOKS much better than opticoat. I have a client who is having me remove the opticoat from a year ago and apply the 22PLE next week.

Pheonix are, Ill have to find someone for you.

swhardy, I know a really good Installer for CQuartz FINEST in the Phoenix area named Wills.

Windows and Wheels Auto Detailing LLC
Wills Amstutz
Scottsdale, AZ

Any suggestions for removing small amount of yellow paint that got on my dark blue MS after a minor scrape against a yellow-painted pole?

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