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Cracking Noise coming from panoramic roof

I have had my 85kWH Model S for 2 months now. There is an annoying creaking/cracking noise coming from the support bar on the roof of the car. It is not temperature based since I live in the Bay Area. I continues all day long and drives me crazy since the cabin is so quiet. Every turn, bump, all I hear is cracking noise. Any other Tesla owners having this issue. Also, had the car hand washed and noticed fogging, and moisture in the front and rear lights. Last thing, and the most frustrating, is my Model S has been sitting in the garage, unable to open Charge Port. Rebooted, tried to "pry open", tried via computer and wifi on my phone. Just sitting and waiting for service to "fit me in". Other than that, the most amazing car I have ever owned.

Cars in the shop now. Has been since Monday. They say its the bolts that have to tightened underneath the sun roof. Got an expert in to take the sun roof off only to find the bolts are now tightened from underneath(?) so they have to take the inside headers off and try again. Have to say I'm bummed about this and want my car back!!!

Marc, that is the same answer I got after they attempted to fix my pano creak. They gave me the option to leave the car for a few more days so they could drop the headliner. I opted out and just took as is. I was having bad visions of greasy techs playing with my sig white leather... I still have the creak. Honestly, the sound of the wind, when I open it, or the radio easily overcomes the creak.

My pano roof was quiet until one day when I opened it all the way (100%). Prior to that, had only gone as far as 50% opening. After opening it all the way and closing it back up, it immediately started making the noise, and hasn't gone away since even though I've tried re-opening the pano and closing it back up.

Checking in here... I just joined the crackling club (unfortunately). Mine was quite until I opened the sun roof the first time this weekend. Next time mine goes into the Chicago SC, I will hopefully print this post out so that the excellent folks at the Chicago SC can repair. Thanks everyone for the information. Love the car!

Tesla has a service bullitin on this. There are something like three different reasons. Service techs check all three. Takes a couple hours. They did a good job on mine. I left the car over night to hang out in the city, and they returned it fully charged and vacuumed out.



Took my car in yesterday morning at 9am, and the Menlo Park service guys had it ready for me by 1pm. My roof was squeaking constantly at all speeds and road conditions, and I'm happy to report that my baby is now cured! Car was returned to me clean and in perfect condition.

@ronovan_mcnabb Did they say what they did to fix it? So far i've been told several different things to try to fix it.

I dropped my car the Fremont Service center today for roof creak. I was told that it could take a couple of days as they intend to take the whole roof out fix some brackets and put it back together. Since i was there i also asked them to check the reverse tilt which was not working on the driver side mirror, the left side chrome strip on the A-pillar which as no longer flush and asked them to mount the front license plate.

I got a Taurus for the rental.

Do we know if they have fixed the roof problem on new orders?

Boy, I hope they fix this before my car is delivered next Tuesday! Creaking stuff in my car drives me nuts!

But those of you who have had it serviced have gotten a fix from Tesla and it doesn't rattle anymore?

Mine came back today after being at the service center for a couple of days. So far no creaking sounds.

Mine was serviced and returned last Friday. After another 800 miles no more creaking from Pano roof..

@edpalermo Did they say what exactly they did to fix it?

I received my car back on the 11th; so we've had it over a week now and I'm very happy to report I haven't heard a single creak. It is sooooo much nicer now. They had replaced the back pano glass too, for a different reason and done it at a differnt bodyshop, so it was gone for 4 days. On a side note, I heared a tech mention they will be getting Model S for their loaner cars. If that's true that would make it so much easier to get along without your car, if it's ever in the shop. Driving an ICE car, and going to the gas station is such a drag now.

I did ask how they fixed it but didn't really get a definitive answer, lubrication yes, adjustments yes, but it wasn't really clear. I did ask if they have found a permanent solution, like a redesign yet, and the answer was no. I have a feeling the current workaround may not last forever but I'm happy with it for now. If it returns they can lube it again or hopfully have permanent solution by then. For now, I'll be driving down the freeway having a blast. ( I did my first OC to San Diego trip today in my 60. Pano open, closed, stereo blaring, and no cracking...Awesome!!! Watch out, this car will make you drive more.)

Drivaholics Anonymous will be convening its first meeting soon, I predict.

I got my car March 22. Creaking sound started a few days after. Driving me nuts. Have service appointment May 6th at Costa Mesa SC for fix. Hoping this doesn't turn into a recurring problem.

Its a shame they haven't found fix at factory yet. The best marketing for this car is the dozens of rides for friends and family the first few weeks you own the car when everyone is curious. With the extreme quietness of the engine, the creaking really stands out like a sore thumb. Doesn't make me want to have others try the car. Not yet.

Other than the above: Wow! What a pleasure to drive. Finally, intelligence has arrived in the auto industry. Feeling like a 16 year old with first car all over again. Increase range to 500, reduce supercharging to 15 min. Game over for entire ICE industry.

Brian H, +1

OC, I would do the same thing, resist demo drives with folks. I then realized almost no one noticed, as long as I didn't bring it up (and it wasn't really hot and I kept the Pano shut). There's usually too much talking anyway. So that wasn't really an issue, and I host lots of rides. There is one neighbor of mine I held off because he's a big ICE guy and makes digs about the car all the time (in a nice way but the undercurrent is there). I'm sure he would have noticed and it would have given him more fuel (npi). Now, I look forward to taking take him out.

The workaround fix is working great. Whether it's good for a few months or a few years I'd call this one manageable. I'd be surprised if at least the workaround isn't done at the factory by now.

BTW, it was Costa Mesa that fixed our creak. They have been great, overloaded of course (so I end up calling them most of the time), but they are working hard, care, and they have taken good care of us.

Thanks for posting everyone -- glad to know we are not the only ones hearing this and that there is already a solution!

I didn't have a creak in the Pano roof until I decided to open and close it one day while driving. So when I took my car in for service, I told them about the creaking. This is what they did to correct it according to the invoice:

Customer Concern: Rattle noise coming from panoramic roof when driving.
Cause: Panoramic roof shims require installation.
Correction: Panoramic Roof Creak Adjustments
Installed roof shims and torqued all roof frame bolts to spec.

Didn't have any creaking on my drive home after the service, but I didn't have a chance to open and close the pano roof.

@Alex K I just got mine back last week after having the same work done. I think I can still here some movement occasionally but it's not really that annoying and the creak is definitely gone.

They fixed mine a few weeks back. No noise at all afterwards, until I opened roof. Creaking noise came back after roof was opened once. Noise is still there, but to a lesser extent and from passenger side of roof (used to be more pronounced on driver side). Bringing car back in today for another try. Costa Mesa Service says they have an updated version of the fix. Will let you know how it works out.

I just got my car back from CM service center. Opened and closed sunroof. Tried to go over potholes (not many in OC) and generate torsional stress by going up driveway at angle. Not one sound from the pano roof (or anywhere else in the car). It really feels amazing driving inside such a quiet car.

Service personnel told me they got a new fix for the creaking 10 days ago. Prior fix just wasn't working. Someone came down from Freemont to train them on the fix. So far, so great!

Also got new floor mats for the front (these seem to stick to the floor better) and new mats for the back.

Will report back if creak comes back, but so far, its pin-drop silence all around.

I have it in the bar across the pano roof and by my left ear at the top of the driver door. Taking to Chicago service center on Friday, driving me nuts.

Happens when roof is open and when it is really warm outside when roof is closed.

@ CPM : Make sure they are applying the latest fix (from about 2 weeks ago). Otherwise you will have to come back. It will feel like you have a new car once its fixed.

My 85s went in a few weeks ago for the Pano fix -they added roof shims and torqued the bolts that they could get at. Didn't fix the creaking - they are going to bring it back in in about a week and take out the interior liner to see if they can put some more shims when the liner is out. I will mention to the techs about a possible new fix that OC_DC has mentioned - does anyone know how the new fix is applied - would rather not have the liner taken out if at all possible. Anyone having any trouble with the hatch not seating properly on the drivers side? Hatch closes but the drivers side is elevated slightly.

My MS is going in for creaks and squeaks next week. Glad to know this is a well-known issue with available fixes.

I received my P85 last December. It had pano creak from the start. When I took it in earlier this year (Menlo Park CA) to fix some defects upon delivery, they attempted to fix the creak. No change. I just got the car back on Tuesday from Fremont where they had the car for a week. This was my annual service (13,000+ miles). They definitely know about this issue. No creak so far.

So Fremont found and fixed?

My roof use to do that, but the technician put a fix in the roof and it hasn't made any noise since. i think he put some kind of metal spacers in the roof. he told me this is a known fix for the cracking and creeking in the roof.

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