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Creating a warning label not to slam the frunk?

So as I picked up the car from the valet yesterday, I noticed that the valet accidentally opened the frunk with the FOB - an understandable error. However, I saw him opening it up and getting ready to slam it down, at which point I had to scream "STOP," ran over, and told him that it should be gently lowered and then to press down with both hands to lock it. I could have easily missed it, and it got me thinking to creating / printing a label - or a letter sized laminated page to drop in the frunk - to alert such indivuals of the proper procedure to close the frunk.

Has anyone gone through this? Any suggestion, recommendation (wording, etc) or other thoughts?

Question also posted on TMC forums.

This is the first I've heard about frunk slamming...
I've had my car since the first week of January and have been slamming away with zero problems...

I think it's not so much the spamming as how much pressure you put with your hand and where. Tesla recommends (did?) you use two hands on the outer corners. I creased mine by using a single hand in the middle on top of the latch area. It's just not convenient to close with two hands if you're unloading groceries from the frunk. And I reasoned, incorrectly, that the latch area was probably the strongest part.

;) spamming = slamming?

Wait - there are two different concepts on this thread. Is it both hands over the latch, or both hands on the outer corners?

I was told by my DS to use both hands midway between the center line and the outside corners. It has worked fine for nearly eight months. Truthfully, I only open the frunk to show people what is not there...which is definitely grin-worthy. :-)

I press down on the frunk lid until the secondary latch engages then place my palms on the front corners of the frunk and press down with a little force. It was what I was shown to do on delivery.

@Brian H - Yes, I meant slamming. Damn auto-correct...

@rodf - I've been told (twice) to use the outer corners. Once at delivery, and again when I reported the crease in my hood.

GeekEV - that's interesting - are you sure your one hand was over the latch?

If you are off center, I can see how that would cause problems, because of the imbalance.

Wow--I would think that pressing down on the frunk lid anywhere lateral to the latch (like midway or at the sides) would create more stress and bend the lid. Why not just press down exactly where the latch sits (in the middle)? FWIW I was shown the 2 palm method on either side of midline.

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