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CU Goes on a Road Trip (runs over Border)

CU just posted the results from their first road trip with the MS - a fair write-up, I would say. Outside of the story, I enjoyed the digs at our favorite NYT columnist. :)


You might want to change the spelling in your thread title, it's BRODER not "BORDER".

Why didn't they do a range charge and start with 265 miles?

@cerjor - I was wondering the exact same thing.

CU is way conservative, IMHO, in how they "service" their cars. They abide by the most restrictive use parameters recommended so they are avoiding full range charges.

After software version 4.5 arrived for me last week, I shifted the charge limit just a bit upward to around 255 miles on a regular basis.

On our 2011 Leaf, I always used a "max range" charge setting and we still have 12 bars on that car.

@ gparrott, does the Leaf issue any warnings about possible reduction in battery life when you "max range" charge that vehicle? I'm curious as to the differences in technologies that are employed.

starting at standard charge is like filling up the gas tank to 85-90%. Tesla recommends that you range charge for long distance travels and there is no "long" term consequences of battery life for supercharging--based on Tesla engineers.

I don't get it. Why would you not "fill it up"?

Seems like a fair report that is pretty accurate. Not owning one yet, would it really take so long to recharge in Delaware? Didn't they say something like 30 mins to 80% charge??

@Jack_L - Superchargers are amazing fast to recharge from a low battery state. However, once the battery fills up to over 60% or so, the recharge rate starts to slow down. It would take the similar amount of time to fill from 0% - 70% and from 70% - 100%.

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