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Current Production Run Rate

Seems like there should be a correlation between increasing calls for orders and increased production rates. May guess would be they are making 50-75 cars per month right now (given data on # of crash test cars, drivable betas, and where they are on the call list.

If we can model this going forward we can predict our individual delivery dates with more confidence, especially for those who have higher general production reservation numbers into 2013-14.

Any spread sheet jockeys want to take a try at that? If not, how some about some educated guesses!!!

I have a non-perf Sig reserved. Talked with my advisor yesterday and asked if I could still upgrade to Performance Sig. He said yes, should not be a problem or affect my delivery date, but have to make that change before end of this week.

That indicates to me that Sigs (Perf or not) will be delivered in order rather than all Perf models first.

I think there's something much simpler going on here. Folks with the kind of $$$ lying around that they can drop $40,000 on a reservation several years before the car is going to be available are also the kind of people who are willing to shell out the extra $ for the loaded performance model.

Now, I'm sure that there are exceptions to this and, given that this is the internet, someone is going to come forward and tell me I'm dumb because they're an early Signature Reservation holder and they're not loaded. Yes, I'm sure that there are exceptions.

Well it is a 100k car so what do you expect? However, I have encountered many people who have never spent this much on a car before with myself included. Also, the car should last a long time so that's why I'm getting performance. Otherwise, I could get a car just as fast for a lot less.

+1 phb, my thoughts exactly (except for the "dumb" part ;-).

Would definitely be an interesting ratio to know!

Regardless Klaus's concerns...

I'm -- perhaps morbidly -- curious to see who the first to ask Tesla point blank:

"My MVPA from ___ says December and my current ETA is now January+. Will Tesla take the high road and let me have my 'non-refundable' $10K back, or must I consider going the arbitration route?"

[For some, 2012 vs. 2013 matters.]

... and I'm even more curious how Tesla will react. I hope the person(s) that ask this question can and will share the response.

It will say a lot about how Tesla the company represents itself going forward.

You undermisestimate the power of fine print. I betcha that's covered.

I'm sure you all read this already but:

So if its true S64 should have gotten its call by now.

BTW: What are the "Special Signatures" some of you more astute posters have been referring to??? Sounds like "double secret probation" (ref: Animal House).....

I guess I just ordered the "old fashioned model" State of the Art Cutting Edge First of its Kind $90,000 Electric Sedan.....

AFAIK roadster owners that get signature S are that.

And no I did NOT get the performance package for my Signature (99). I have been driving a Roadster for over two years now and get my 0-60 fix through that...

Okay so i'm stupid. What's "AFAIK"

"As Far As I Know"

Ah....(Man I'm old)...

Well, then I guess that's me because I have a Roadster???

pilotSteve, I have a non-performance Sig reserved as well. Like you, I asked my local store manager earlier this week if it would still be possible to change to a performance model. He passed the question on to the ownership team in California, which said it was too late to make the change. My takeaway from the response is that the production process on my vehicle is reasonably far along. Anyone have a different read?

Did those who assume that their delivery date was "guaranteed" by the MVPA not bother reading it? There was only 3 pages of text, and there was a clearly-labeled section regarding delivery date:

Scheduled Delivery Date. The date set forth in this Agreement for delivery of the Vehicle is an estimated date, and does not represent an affirmation or promise that the Vehicle will be delivered to you on that exact date. We will not be liable for failure to deliver, or delay in delivering, the Vehicle that is covered by this Agreement where such failure or delay is due, in whole or in part, to any cause beyond our control, that is not the result of our negligence. We will notify you when your vehicle is ready for delivery, and, unless we are in breach of this Agreement, you hereby agree to schedule and take delivery of your vehicle within 30 days of such notification.

I'm P1084 and configured mine on August 9 and the sales rep indicated estimated delivery November 12

EricK | AUGUST 23, 2012
First time I have seen an exact date the “12th” for an estimated delivery!

@pilotSteve | AUGUST 22, 2012
"As others have noted however we Sig purchasers will only get a 1-3 week (at most) time advantage over P deliveries. That is disappointing and some of us (me) would not have paid for Sig given such a small time advantage.”

I was P469 and upgraded to S1092 — I asked what the delivery advantage was and was told “less than a month.” The time advantage was not a factor on my upgrade decision — once I was interested in a performance model, I went full boat to Sig Perf.

EricK How did you get that date? I am p427 and don't have one. I am told Dec last week. I'm confused!

Perhaps the date meant November 2012?

The time advantage was a factor for me. I'm Sig #703. When I plunked down more than I ever paid for a whole car in my life for a "reservation", there were over 5800 production reservations. Assuming round numbers of 400 cars per week, for the sake of this discussion. After my car is complete, say 2 weeks for remaining US + CDN Sigs and 14.5 weeks to produce 5800 production cars.

So the advantage is at least 4 months, with other factors, like CDN production cars and (by then) perhaps overseas Sigs in the mix, it could easily be 6 months. And that assumes essentially full production speed from the day my car leaves the plant.

EricK | August 23, 2012 new
I'm P1084 and configured mine on August 9 and the sales rep indicated estimated delivery November 12

As CapZap suggests, RU sure it isn't November '12 ?? Look for an apostrophe.

For reference, I am scheduled to take delivery of my Red Model S Performance, Tuesday, 8/28, in Denver. I am Special Signature #40 (own Roadster #433), and my Model S VIN is ...0037; I guess 3 reservation holders ahead of me either canceled, deferred, or were late getting their paper work in. This will be the first customer delivery in Colorado, after 2 Founders series delivered to Boulder. My son saw one of them on the street in Boulder last month.

I put my $40k down early (March 2009), and am happy that I did, so that I can take delivery next week. I wish that I could have had my Model S already, but am well aware all the hard work that it takes to design, build, test, and ramp up production for a complicated device like the Model S. The best thing that Tesla can do now to avoid problems, recalls, etc., is to ramp up production at a prudent rate.

Congrats! Post some pics when you get it! :)

Pics, hell! Full HD video. Streamed live, if possible!

EricK: I asked my rep about your date and he says this:

"We haven't issued any exact delivery dates. Any date, even as close as Nov 12th, is very much subject to change."

Klaus, believe me, I know what you mean. I've had a similar experience with my home remodel, but far worse. So many dates promised (very specifically) and then missed. Soon, though. Very soon, I think.

Your configuration is exactly what I would have chosen if I had been able to upgrade to Sig, except for the jump seats. If you just can't stand to wait anymore, well, by all means let me know... ;-)

@Butch, congrats and please report back on build quality and updates your experience from what have heard previous. Congrats again, I'm jealous... :)

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