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Current Production Run Rate

Seems like there should be a correlation between increasing calls for orders and increased production rates. May guess would be they are making 50-75 cars per month right now (given data on # of crash test cars, drivable betas, and where they are on the call list.

If we can model this going forward we can predict our individual delivery dates with more confidence, especially for those who have higher general production reservation numbers into 2013-14.

Any spread sheet jockeys want to take a try at that? If not, how some about some educated guesses!!!

@Butch, I'm free on the 28th.


No doubt! Home remodeling contractors are likely the worst at delivery dates! My remodeled kitchen was well over 12 months late. It's one thing waiting on a new car, while you are stuck driving your older one. On the flip side, try not having a kitchen for almost a YEAR, when you were told six months!

I agree it sucks commuting in my old car, after turning in my luxury lease six months ago, however, I was willing to wait for the Model S! If it were anything else, I would have already given in, and bought a different car.

My MVPA for my Performance Sig #1160 says Oct, 2012. i signed my contract back in late June. I was P#2763 originally.

As I noted before, we are "Special Sig" #64 (I have Roadster #1305), so we were contacted quite a while ago to turn in our final order. I am very surprised, given the recent blog posting, that we haven't heard anything more definitive lately and my Tesla page says my car is being constructed, which is what the message changed to shortly after I finalized the order. I did not get a Performance SIg (hard to justify the extra when I already have a Roadster), so perhaps the Performance Special Sigs are being done before the regular Special sigs.

I am P2868 and was told December/January. I ordered the 60 kwhr version. I wonder what the estimated delivery date would have been if I had chosen 85 kwhr battery. Does anyone have approximately the same reservation number and ordered the bigger battery?

cerjor, I ordered the 85kWh battery and my estimated delivery is Nov/Dec... P3703

I'm P2420 and ordered the 85 kWh battery. I also have a Dec/Jan delivery estimate on my MVPA.

Did you get the air suspension?

Yes, I did get the air suspension.

Green metallic paint
85 kWh battery
Pano roof
Tech package
Air suspension
Sound studio
19" wheels
Tan leather
Twin chargers
Parcel shelf

No performance package
No rear seats
No paint armor

I'm P2884: 85Kwh and air suspension with Dec/Jan.

Something doesn't add up here.

Petro is P2420 with the 85kWh and has estimate of Dec/Jan
TJK is P3703 with the 85kWh and has estimate of Nov/Dec

Does anyone else find this a bit strange?

FWIW, I ordered the Performance model...

P2630 here, ordered Performance 85kWh, delivery date of Dec/Jan. Also got pano, tech, sound studio, in Grey.

Has anyone configured a 40kwh? How about standard suspension?

RobInMtl, the batch last week all seemed to get Dec/Jan estimates, and the batch this week seemed to be mostly in the Nov/Dec range. They also released an additional batch of "Time to Build" e-mails yesterday: Canadian Signatures as well as additional U.S. Production. My take is this: over the past week, they have firmed things up and become much more comfortable with their production schedule, so they are now able to (i) give earlier delivery estimates and (ii) release more "Time to Build" e-mails. In any case, I am convinced that they will keep everyone in their proper place in line (i.e. this week's batch won't get their cars before last week's batch, except in the case of known delay options).

P3446. I finalized paperwork earlier on tuesday immediately after receiving e-mail. mine was nov/dec delivery. I am sceptical too.
blue with grey leather
active suspension

if the delivery for my configuration is accurate, my only guess is that i am low in the queue for 60kwh and that there is a high number of orders for the 85 kwh. I know it does not make sense

ddruz, I am p2748 and configured my S with a 40kwh battery - haven't signed the paperwork yet, but my mvpa states a dec/jan delivery.

"RobInMtl | August 24, 2012

Something doesn't add up here.

Petro is P2420 with the 85kWh and has estimate of Dec/Jan
TJK is P3703 with the 85kWh and has estimate of Nov/Dec

Does anyone else find this a bit strange?"

Not on a single production line. It would only be strange if _everything_ were identical on the cars and they were reversed.

On a single production line I'd expect items with similar attributes to be grouped to maximize production rate. Everything that requires a change on the line slows down production. E.g. if they have to stop to clean machinery between colors they'd group cars with the same color together.

mbergman, are you getting the air suspension?

Ddruz - yes.

Grey leather and 60 battery delay maybe?

Just for perspective, Tesla has produced 100 cars to date (according to George's blog). 2 per day. Annualized that's 730 cars per year--a much higher rate than Tesla has ever done. It's all new equipment, new production line, never been done before. I'd say they are doing a pretty good job overall. I DO want my car soon, but I'd rather have it "perfect" than soon. It will be very interesting to see how they ramp up, but I think obsessing over the delivery estimate is making people crazy. Your car will come, be patient and let them do it right!

Jealous congratulations lack a certain sincerity ...



AMEN to that! Everybody just needs to CHILL!

It would be much easier to have patience if it were not for my current car having fits of jealousy. In the past 2 months I have had to replace 2 fuel pressure regulators, fuel lines and a cracked radiator and coolant hoses. The car has been in the shop more than it has been out while waiting for parts from Germany.

I am very much looking forward to not having any more of these expensive and very inconvenient issues!

Every time I fill up my current car with gas I wonder, "How many more times will I have to this?" I'm Sig353, so I think I'm now below 20-more-gas-fill-ups.

My car is currently telling me "oil maintenance required soon". Hoping this is my last reminder of this sort.

@Captain_Zap -

Sounds more like a British car than a Teutonic one!

When I see the res numbers after mine getting earlier dates I assume it is because things are starting to move better on the line and I will get my car sooner than Dec/Jan. (3270, 60kw, grey lthr)
I do not expect them to call me every time the date changes. It'd be really nice to have updates in my Tesla virtual garage but I am sure there would be far too much..... unhappiness on the forum every time the date moved the wrong direction.

Sudre_, are you getting the air suspension?

Yes I am getting the air suspension.

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