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Current Production Run Rate

Seems like there should be a correlation between increasing calls for orders and increased production rates. May guess would be they are making 50-75 cars per month right now (given data on # of crash test cars, drivable betas, and where they are on the call list.

If we can model this going forward we can predict our individual delivery dates with more confidence, especially for those who have higher general production reservation numbers into 2013-14.

Any spread sheet jockeys want to take a try at that? If not, how some about some educated guesses!!!

@michael S
That article is a rerun from John Peterson, the most prolific anti-tesla person in the media. Did he cite his sources.... Go to seeking alpha and you will find that every article he has written has a single goal.

@ThomasN +1
Peterson is SOS DD for as long as I've followed TSLA

Consistent with GRR SS#32, I am SS#40, expected delivery on 8/28, but issues with Tesla suppliers has delayed me getting my car. I am waiting for a new delivery date. Will let you know when I hear more.

Maybe Elon should hand out the CEO's phone number for the company that is delaying our cars so we can call and explain our grief.

"Sorry your car has been delayed because of BOB. Here is Bob's phone number......"

SSL#30 delivered today.

SSL 114

We should see the "ramp up" to regular sig’s very soon!

I'm SSL#40, VIN#37 and got the good news that my car is ready in Fremont as of yesterday. Now I will have to see how long it takes for transport to and prep in Denver before I take delivery in Colorado! I am getting the paint armor and I believe that is being applied in Denver, adding at least a day to the schedule. After 3.5 years, what's a few days, but...

Butch--Congratulations!!! Very exciting news.

Drove by Fremont last tuesday, abour 6 pm. Lots of workers cars in the parking lot. Allways a good sign. Someday I hope to drive by and see the freeway jammed with semi after semi hauling shiny cars to their new owners.

I'd prefer they use their rail links and be sending hundreds of cars out the back door.

Bump. Anyone hear anything new about deliveries? Is production moving again?

@adurstewitz@gma... | SEPTEMBER 5, 2012

We have reports up to SSL #114. You can track deliveries here:

Word from Tesla today is that Sig#1013 on tap for delivery end October/early November.

The antici……………………………...pation builds!

(With a nod to Dr. Frank-N-Furter.)

This is slightly OT but relevant to this thread.

If TM management comes to the conclusion (not saying they will, just a hypothetical) that the announced production goal of 5,000 vehicles in 2012 is not achievable, would they be required to disclose this "non-public information" to investors under SEC rules for a public company?

Stating the question in another way, does TM's silence on the matter indicate that it remains confident of not violating any SEC disclosure requirements and meeting its projected production goal?

Isnt that covered by the ... Forward looking statements... thing? I am sure they are well lawyered. I am still betting that Elon makes 5000 because he said so. Maybe even the 500.


Is this the Time Warp?

It's just a jump to the left...but I digress.

So, how bout that production rate! Any ideas when the "ramp" up will occur?

Tesla Motors never gave production goals or quotas, Elon said that the 500 / 5000 targets were what they were shooting for.

At least that's what I believe.

Vawlkus, yes, in the last investors call Elon was explicit that 20k units in 2013 are a hard number, but the 5k units in 2012 are not. The 5k/2012 are more like a personal or internal target that he happened to share, while the 20k/2013 are a commitment.

Here's why it takes so long... (as if we didn't know already)

+1 VB: Good article. Thanks for finding and sharing it.

I agree, the company does not have a “material event” on missing the "soft goal” for 500/5000 this year …. but they will have a stock price issue …. down in the $26 range!

MandL posted that S802 is in the Body in White stage. They clearly are making progress on some level.

"MandL posted that S802 is in the Body in White stage. They clearly are making progress on some level."

@epley: Where is this post? Thanks!

I may have missed this, but what is the sequence of status reports in the My Garage section of the website?

Mine says "The Tesla factory is building your Model S performance"

I'm number 2667.



The post was on a different topic, but it was an interesting tidbit. Also interesting that P2667 is in "build" mode on the website.

My Garage has said this for the past 2 months. Still haven't been given my 30-day notice yet...

@brewer as far as I know the note you have in you "My garage" is the last note. Mine still says that same thing over a month after delivery.

From here your contacts should be from delivery specialists via email and/or phone. First approximate date within a week, then a day or two (or three) before delivery that it's built and finalizing prep, wanting to verify date and time they can deliver.


Wow, sig802 already in production? that's very surprising, in a good way! Unless, maybe they are delivering way out of order to be able to batch production...

I guess I was talking about the reference to the "Body in White" stage. I figured the status in the My Garage would change as the car traveled through the production line. What is the "body in white" stage and how do we get that kind of update. Understanding I am still several months from this point.

That's what I thought, too!

I'm sig 587 and mine still says " building you S " only

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