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Dashboard Clock Now Available

TeslaTime provides a large clock display for your dashboard. Styled to look like a first-party component of the display.

To use:

1. Using the car browser visit
2. Click on your timezone at the bottom.
3. Click Add to Favorites Button


ps: Feedback most welcome.
I guess that was my question, too. Thanks for simplifying it. Barb

Works fine on my PC. Do you have googleapis scripts permitted?

Windows XP Pro, FF 16.

Try clicking this link: Dashboard Clock

Ugh. Never mind - the link doesn't appear to work in this forum.

Try copying this into your address bar:


I have Windows 7 Home Premium (???) I don't know what FF16 means. I'm assuming that others are able to view the clock on a PC. This may be an incorrect assumption. Here is an example of my tech savvy: I bought a Zune when everyone else got an IPod, and yes, I was talked into getting eight-tracks when everyone else knew to get tapes. I've never purchased a thumb-drive, except when I got my Husqvarna embroidery sewing machine, and it came with a "dongle"--could they not have thought of a better name for it? I have a cell phone (I think it has Smartphone technology, but service is through Tracphone. This is never one I see listed as syncing with the car--so I am mystified with those discussions.) I have only used it three times in three years--emergency only! I do not have a tablet or IPhone. When I got a Touch, I found it was much harder to operate or download to than the Zune. I do have a laptop along with this all in one PC--no tower! When I got the touchscreen wireless PC, I pressed the power button expecting it to start. The BestBuy guys thought it was pretty funny that I didn't know that it still needed a power cord. That's not wireless! So that's my story, and I'm sticking to it! Any and all help (in layman's terms) is most appreciated...and needed! Thanks, Barb
Ahh--before I could post, other suggested have been given; I will try those. I love this site!

The link worked--Yay!

FF = Firefox. 16 is version number.

If you want good web experience in windows use either FF or Chrome and get familiar with add-ons (there are literally thousands of those).

Note: the most obvious set of data, location is unavailable to the browser. Volker.Berlin - Unfortunately the browser thinks we are all on PST... (Rumbles)

I see. I'd file it under "just not finished yet". IMO there's hope that the browser will improve pretty soon.

Arizona is it's own time zone -- we never observe daylight savings time. So on your list of idea enhancements, consider adding AZ as a time zone option. Otherwise, the clock will be wrong for half the year -- in Arizona.

Uh, my wife just pointed out I could just select the other timezone whenever I need to. I guess touching that twice a year isn't that inconvenient.

@Anthony H, but you shouldn't have to! :D

I'm using a kindle fire (ugh) and when I go to the beautiful clock shows the correct time but it's not running. Clicked on MST and the clock reset to 12:00 and started running from there. Couldn't get it back to correct time without reloading.

Thanks so much from all of us. Not only for this but for the work around. It opens up worlds for the rest of us.

Now regarding the clock how about another type, futuristic, translucent, and worthy of a spaceship, here is a rough example I found on the web.

If I find something else I will let you know.

Thanks again !



Dashboard Clock Update

- Full timezone support
- Night mode improved
- Better accuracy & longevity


Very nice! Now, all I need to use it, is my car...

+1 @Rumbles

Very nice. Thanks much!

I just had a thought about making GPS location data available for browser apps...

You could create a simple companion app for iPhone/Android that feeds your position to the web app in real time from your phone. That would open up a lot of possibilities...

Dashclock works fine now in FF desktop under Windows XP. The hour hand seems to lag its proper position minutely, but barely perceptible.

looks like it works in FF 15 but not IE9

works in chrome too

I've been testing it on Mac OS X Lion, 10.7.5, under FF 17.0 (and 16.0). I've noticed that it runs fine for awhile. If I let it run for 24 hours, however, the second hand stops. If I refresh the window, the second hand updates, but never starts moving continuously again unless I kill that tab, create a new tab with the same URL, and save the time zone again.

Krudd! Confirmed, except that even that new tab, saving timezone again etc., doesn't restart the clock now. Maybe if I kill the whole browser and restart ... :(

New Release.

The clock should now behave reliably.

[Its reluctance to keep time was due to confusion about the necessary url to use (an anchor of #clock was expected). It is now done automatically.]

Thanks for your support.



got my vehicle yesterday and tried to make the clock working today, 11/27/12. I have the following problems:

1. the clock always starts at 12:00 and moves on from that time. It never changes to the correct time.

2. I changed the timezone and Saved it, but from the worldmap picture I don't know how to get back to the clock. If I do a reload of the page, the saved information about the timezone is lost.

What do I do wrong, please?

If you are running Mac OS X, I would recommend a free program called Fluid ( It allows you to turn your web apps into Mac apps. I've created a Tesla Clock app with it:

Michael Emrich

Congrats on your new car!

Did you click the Save button on the Timezone screen? It should have dismissed the panel and set the clock appropriately.


Now it worked! Thank you.

I still get the correct time on an open or refresh or re-select of time zone, but it's frozen: the second hand (and either other hand!) doesn't move. It had been running OK 2 fixes ago, but this "freeze" is all I get now (Firefox, XP Pro, Intel E7000).

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