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dashed yellow line at full throttle

I've volkerized and see references in low battery conditions and cold limited regen conditions but what does the dashed yellow line in the power meter (not regen) mean with a 80% full battery at full throttle?

I would imagine if the battery is too hot or too cold, you also limit the power coming out of the battery. I know it limits maximum power when it the battery is nearly empty, and I have also seen it limited when it was below freezing until the battery warmed up.

The dashed yellow line (be it on power or regen) means it's limited to that level. I got that after doing several zero-to-high-speed test runs in a row. Most likely the battery was getting too hot from the rapid drain.

That's pretty cool that they actively monitor and adjust battery heat at that level of detail. One more reason why Tesla's batteries don't catch fire like other's do.

Yes, I've seen this when I left the car outside when the temperature was in the teens for I think 8-10 hours. A textual notification was displayed too that said something like, "Power may be limited until the battery warms up".

Sounds like you got the battery too hot lol. What have you been doing?

It's really hot that the battery can actively cool itself, and really cool that it can heat itself. Or SLT.

Hmm but the power indicator was above the dashed line as it was full throttle. I guess it is saying that if you continue like this I will have to reduce power to that line due to heat. 360kw for a long time is some serious power.

Power was above the line? Huh...

I've never seen that. I thought the yellow dashed line was a limit.

Yes it was the dashed line inside the arc of the yellow power meter. The meter was at 360kw (or whatever is that top number) and then it showed a dashed line at less than that.

yeah - I've seen this also - but never for very long

Ah, so you've been like flooring it uphill or something?

That's exactly what I've been doing; flooring it uphill and I regularly get the dashed line.
We've had our MS for about 4 weeks and have made 4 trips back and forth from Portland to central Oregon. Most of the passing lanes are on uphills at 3000'+ elevation. When I get behind a line of cars I now relax and take it easy. I don't try to pick them off one by one, that takes too much concentration. I wait for the passing lane, and then I pass everybody at once. Less anxiety traded for a periodic rush to be in the clear.

Careful... those passing lanes are natural speed traps.

After much experimentation;) I've determined its like the regen line in that the car is saying you can do this but I will have to limit you soon. On a particularly taxing run it did actually start slowing down after about 5min of full throttle.

Is there someplace that explains the yellow? Haven't found it in the manual?

Power draw limit protecting the battery from overheating.

The other morning I got in my MS and had a dashed yellow line at minus 35. After some driving it went away. Anyone know what that meant?

Assuming you hadn't done a max range charge, it was probably that the battery was still cold. I frequently get that now that the weather has cooled down.

Let me clarify, the temp was not -35 degrees, the dashed line was at -35 which would normally be showing that I am regen charging the battery.

In the orange arc, the Tesla is limited your power draw because the battery is either too hot, too cold, or it is nearing empty. In the green arc, it is limited regen, which means the battery it too hot, too cold, or you just did a max charge and there is not place to put the re-captured energy,



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