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Daylight Savings Time bug?

Weird. I got in the car tonight and the clock said 8:30 but it was only 7:30. Um, daylight savings doesn't kick in until 2AM on Sunday... I tried rebooting the console just for yucks, but it (as expected) didn't make any difference.

Same here, noticed I was driving to the store an hour later than I thought I was.

I imagine it gets its time signal from either the cell carrier or from the GPS signal. Both of which should be correct, so that's kinda weird. Though I did have one time where our cell carrier was sending out the wrong signal and made my iPhone think it was in Angola...

Had the same issue...assumed tesla may have done update early?

Are they all synced with an incorrect time zone (like GMT -7)? If it was 2am in Greenwich then they would go?
Sounds like a bug at any rate.

Could be. I didn't notice what time it actually switched, I wasn't in the car at the time.

These words were actually posted yesterday :p

My guess is that the clock uses an offset from GMT as suggested and that the programming erroneously considers 2 am GMT the start of DST for all time zones, but that's speculative. Beats the heck out of my other cars which are just wrong for days until I remember to fix them!

Same thing here -- I agree with riceuguy, though it is really weird that they would have this problem if the base OS is Linux, which has really solid DST support that they should get for free.

@jat, you would think, but I am guessing the problem is in how they implemented the offset for the clock, which is most likely some sort of customization, even if it shouldn't be!

Also saw this behavior, and had one additional observation: I was out most of the day and got home around 5pm PST. At that that time, the clock was correct, and this would've been about 1am Sunday (3/10) GMT, i.e. 1 hour before daylight savings, if it was using GMT to decide when to change. Later I had to make a quick run to the grocery store, and this was around 8pm PST; that's when I saw that the clock was wrong by an hour, and was reading 9pm. This was at 4am Sunday GMT.

Mine didn't have correct time this AM. I fixed mine though. I figured if it "chatted" with 3G for a while it would get the message. I turn on heat with app (talks 3G), waited 5min, went to car and sat in it, time was still off, rebooted main screen holding two steering wheel spin buttons, dash clock was still off, listened to a good song that was playing and 3min later clock was fixed. Must just need a reason to talk 3G for a while?

@village33, did all that except the reboot and still shows the wrong time.

Good morning. 845PST. I checked my Model S this morning and the clock was still an hour behind. Can you tell me how to reboot? Thanks.

At 9:29 mine was also an hour behind. Tried changing music (on an album that hadn't downloaded music cover), tried changing Google map to satellite view, tried a new web page that wasn't cached. None of these fixed it.

Rebooted (press both scroll wheels in for about 10 seconds and the center screen goes black). After about 30 seconds it came back and took another 15 seconds for the 3G connection to pull down the correct time.

To reboot main screen, press and hold the two spinny wheels on the steering wheel together for 15-30 seconds until the main screen goes black, then release. Don't spin the spinny wheels when you do this or you may have recustomize your dash display. After it reboots it took mine about 5min to change. You can try rebooting the dash screen as well, but I don't know how to do that. Driving around to different cell zones may do it too, I think it just has to have active dialog with 3G for long enough and then the clock syncs.

Just checked. Was an hour behind. Rebooted console, same. Rebooted dash, fixed.

Still grinning! ;-)

I had no need to reboot-- updated when I got in this morning.

All those lost hours gradually finding homes ...

I had to reboot to get my time to update.

Mine updated with no help around 2pm

mine changed forward last night after 11 PM. Figured it was synced to east coast time. Today it went back an hour to standard time. reboot fixed. thanks everyone

When I got in the car this morning (Sunday, after DST went in effect overnight), at first the car showed Pacific Standard, but within a couple of minutes (I wasn't looking, just noticed a few minutes later), it had switched to Pacific Daylight.

I hate changing back-and-forth between DST. Enough already.

@djm12 - I agree, but I take it one step further. I advocate abolishing timezones all together - just run the world off UTC. It sure would make life a lot simpler. That way when a store in who-knows-where advertises hours of 2pm - 11pm, I know I can actually pick up the phone during those hours with no mental gymnastics required. And it sure would make computer systems a lot simpler!

The time hadn't switched
when I got in the car, but about an hour later, I happened to notice that it "Sprang Forward" all by itself--no rebooting needed.

My alarm clock in the house does the same thing. Every time the time is going to change, the alrm clock changes during the night 2 nights before the actual change. Seems more and more electronic things are being manufactured set to the GMT zone settings.

I have a clock that's broken and because of Daylight savings time I am not able to say it is correct twice a day. However, on average over the year it is correct twice a day. What we have to settle for nowadays.

It's still right twice every day. Just sooner.

As Groucho said, "either this man is dead, or my watch has stopped!"

Unsurprisingly, Groucho's crack makes no sense.

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