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Dead Animal FREE Upholstery

So far it looks like the seats covers are leather in all the photos. Any chance of a leather-free option for those of us who aren't fond of sitting on dead animal skin? How about the steering wheel?

There is a microfibre option available for the seats. I think you're out of luck on the steering wheel though.

I think I would prefer microfiber too- leather can be a royal pain in the butt. the dyes come off, water gets on it and makes the conditioner look funny. Microfiber is definitely the way to go

I definately agree, no leather for me either. My current car (a VW Touran) has all the options available, except leather.

Preferably even removable covers so that you could wash them if possible, not just vacuum every now and then. Leather is not ideal material to wash.

I think no one knows. They won't release the details until probably next year sometime. Microfiber is an option on the Roadster so it will probably be an option on the Model S as well.

the Roadster Microfiber option still has leather, when I was close to leasing one they researched a completely non-leather option (none has been built so far). Hopefully the same will be true of the Model S, sure it will come at a premium

Missing one "not"?

+1 for wanting a vegan option. I love that the Fisker Karma has an Eco Chic, animal free interior option but I think the Tesla Model S is a sexier looking car. Leather only interior would send me back in Fisker's direction, though.

Luxury? Give me a car not adorned with dead animal skin. I realize most people are synthesized to it, but companies like Tesla should be ahead of the curve.
There are other ways to appeal to traditional hot-rod buyers, if that was the point.
I want this car more than anything and have the money to buy one. However, I don't think I can stomach gripping a steering wheel made of leather. Yuck. Gross. Dead. Give me another option, period.

Just wondering, isn't it better to use also the skin from the cows killed to make hamburgers etc, than to just throw it away? It is, after all, a renewable resource. Isn't microfibre usually synthetic made from oil? On the other hand, cows do make quite a bit of methane gas, which has same effect on climate as carbondioxide.

That said, I agree that Tesla should offer alternatives. We all have different taste, and there are no perfect options. I don't know yet what I want.

ehm.. why not wait till they actually are sure what options to put to the car ??

I am sure they are working on what to put as "standard" pretty much... why worry about it if its not even sure what will be extra ??
I am sure they are thinking of an alternative of the leather thing as well.. and lots of other stuff on top of it.

Lets just wait and see...

Micro-fibre? Man, if you ever sat on a micro-fibre seat, you would not be able to move. It clings to you like velcro. No, I say. Give my my cow and any other furry creature that is edible. How about suede seats, emu is nice, lizard, hmm, nope that cracks to easily. well anyway you get my drift. Remember, I belong to PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals.....Enjoy!

Wow! A lot of folks here are really serious about stuff like this. I eat meat and I am seating on a leather chair writing this blog. I have never had to contemplate such simple and natural choices until now. Well, I guess everybody is entitled to their own choice of food.

I believe some animals were put on earth to be eaten because we need our protein? A lot of these animals also eat other animals so it is kind of like the way it is supposed to be....I guess. Anyway, so, if we eat the meat, should we not make better use of the leather rather than letting it rot? I believe that is called recyling and therefore responsible and eco chic?

Well, just saying. I eat meat so grabbing onto a leather steering has never been a problem for me.

At least for me, it's not about the animals, it's about cleaning the material. It's about cleaning, detailing and wear. In the cars that I've own here's how I would rate various interiors

Fabric - minimal wear (lasts a long time), if stained fabric cleaner, quick vacuum, lowest heat/cold environmental retention

Vinyl- medium wear, quick armoral, highest heat/cold environmental retention (black vinyl, hot summer day= not a good idea)

Leather- high wear factor (leather starts going south after around 100 K miles, just the nature of it) , leather cleaner AND conditioner, in the more supple leathers the dye comes off, high heat/cold environmental retention (black leather, hot summer day= not a good idea)

I'm looking at it from my own experience, fabric (microfiber) is all and all a better choice from my experience.

I have to agree that the leather in my Accord after 4 years is looking terrible and it bothers me! I didn't treat the leather as often as I should have, I admit that, but should we need to worry about that in our cars. I have enough stuff to worry about to be frank!

Most (all?) cars I've had required leather if you were going to have heated seats. Not sure why exactly, but the two always come together. I'd like microfiber I think for the wear/cleaning reasons mentioned, but whether or not the seats are heated is the real criterion for me :)

Just an aside about protein. Standard belief is that we need the protein. Fact: Protein is in most foods we eat, and the average vegan is proof you don't "need" meat. There is no reason to eat meat other than A) you like it, and B) you are rich enough to afford it, as it takes roughly 10 calories of energy in for every calorie of energy out. I am not a vegan and I have no axe to grind, just stating known facts.

@Roblab Your so right about the protein. Some veggies filled with protein and 0 bad stuff. Not a vegan either, not a hunter anymore either but love wild meat, kind of hypocritical sounding I guess.

uc43 Guess you know that one day animals won't be eating other animals. This occurs now because something extremly chaotic happened a very long time ago on this very planet. One day the lion will lay down with the lamb. Not tryig to be a smart aleck, just thoght it related as a little sideline to your post.

Yeah, but the vegan protein etc. is deficient. That's why vegans are skinny and mentally challenged. ;)

No BrianH didn't know the vegen protein was deficient, will check this out with nutritionist friend who actually advocates wild meats etc., maybe this is the reason.

Not to offend any of our great German friends but did you know Hitler was a vegan, didn't believe in hunting as he thought it was cruel etc. Herman Gorring on the other hand was a very big hunter and the "Red Baron" furnished a lot of the meat for his outfit as he was excellent marksman and hunter on the ground as well as the air, used to fly his brindled colored great dane{I think} with him in his plane sometime.

As I said I used to hunt and eat all the meat but in recent years thoughts have evolved that I can see soo much nobility as well as vunerability in animals both domestic and wild that it's just not my "cup of tea" any more. Don't have objections to others hunting. Would hunt if absolutely necessary for my survival.

So how can I tie all this in to leather seat covers or not, can't so will stop here,but will cast my vote for fiber seat covers. Liked timos idea of having some could remove and clean maybe over the basic seat cover.

@Brian H: Sorry. You are wrong. There are only a few proteins we need, and they are all available in plant foods. There is no way to make them "defective". The only thing you get from animal foods are B12, maybe some iron (green leafy veggies), and more fats, which generally you don't need (how many percent of US are overweight?). Standard "vegetarians" supplement with milk and or eggs and don't have these problems. And I personally know vegans who are fat.

Human digestive system is omnivore with emphasis on carnivore. You digest meat better than vegetables, which means it is easier to get what you need from animals than vegetables. veggies do not eat "right" in natural sense. We need to consume both. However almost all if not all of that meat could be fish, which is more healthy than land-animal based food (barring toxins which we humans have managed to pollute seas/fishes).

There are too many people on the world. 1/10th of the amount would be more than enough. I sometimes hope that there would be some very nasty worldwide pandemic that just kills most of us so that future generation would have better life.

Now timo you just knew that was a very provocative statement when you put it out there. I understand that is an opinion held by a lot of globalist. Many here in the USA are very anti-globalist and I would suspect world wide. I will not get into a long drawn out discussion here but just seriously and with no idea of trying to win any kind of debate or anything just as kindly as I know how ask you to do some somewhat heavy research into areas I have suggested way back in these 'chronicles". At least that way you will know both sides of an issue. I do promise you will be intrigued and fascinated. Absolutely not trying to win a debate here but just would love to see someone with [I percieve} your intellect get into this research.

Incedently the cataclysmic events you describe will be encountered in multiples and of a diverse nature. Just one thing nobody knows when but when you get into the research I guarantee your reaction will be hmmm. Another thing, you will discover there is an escape, shall we say, mechanism already set up. Turn that mind of yours into this research. I can guarantee will be some of the most intersting studies you have ever done.

Which statement was "provocative"? I just stated an fact. Meat just is easier for human digestive system than vegetables, but it is not enough alone and vice versa. That is just simple medical fact.

timo, Provocative part was the pandemic , world population, etc. Getting out of your and my paygrade here.

Agree with the food variety part.

Now to get back to leather seats, think option should be left up to customer. I eat meat, like beautiful leather, don't see any reason for it to be wasted for those who like leather goods. Just am not a hunter or fisher anymore although I love the meat.

Do research I mentioned, think it will be at least extremely interesting to you. If you already have done this research in depth then do as you will. "It's your call basketball".

"...digestive system is omnivore with emphasis on carnivore"

Although it is a commonly held belief, it is not supported by scientific studies. Meat eating is nearly always harder on the body for numerous reasons. It slows the travel of food thru the system making bowel cancer more common in meat eaters. It is nearly always higher in fat, and cholesterol drops when meat eating is stopped. Meat is a carrier of disease, from bacteria to prions.
There is no way to know that we "evolved" from omnivores, and many scientists think we were designed to eat fruit. If you believe in creation, the Bible says we were fruit eaters first, and when man started eating meat, his lifespan dropped from 600 years to 150 years.
And of course, many doctors' and many scientists' beliefs are prejudiced by their likes and what they grew up with. But that doesn't make them right.
The average vegetarian lives ten years longer, healthier than the averabe meat eater.
But I still like leather on the car seats. Looks *rich*.

@Roblab, you have read "scientific" sources, not scientific sources. We are omnivores and meat is easier to digest to humans than plants. That is a fact. We need both, that is a fact.

Fat is not health risk if you just exercise enough to get all that huge energy content out that you got from eating it. In fact raw fat can contain more necessary vitamins than most plants. Same goes with muscles. You get iron from liver etc. Those are simple facts.

Bible is basically an ancient fairy tale which old testament is mixed from at least three different (conflicting) major sources and cut&paste-work from other ancient stories (like the flood, which is almost direct cut&paste from earlier Utnapishtim), and new testament is full of incoherence, illogical and contradictory tales and intentional deception made by later churches. It can't be used as natural science source book in any reasonable way. It would be really really really stupid to do so. Don't read it too carefully, you'll lose your faith. Believe in message, not the stories. It *is* better to forgive than retaliate. It *is* better to love than hate. It *is* better to be tolerant than intolerant.

I call OT. Maybe you would exchange email addresses and continue your conversation offline...? Just my 2c.

You are right, I wont bother discussing this OT any further.

I have said something about seat covers above, but not clearly stated my opinion, so here goes:

I like leather, but not in seats. Some microfiber preferable even in removable ones so that I could put them in the laundry would be preferred to me. I find leather too...sweaty might be the right word to describe it. And also very difficult to maintain in good shape.

timo,Study apologetics deeply, they could cover all your ideas in a very scholorly manner. Think you would be happy with nothing less. The Bible doesn't argue just aseerts absolute soverignty in two words. I AM. This is really the core of the problem for those that don't beleive in the messenger, they just can't submit themselves to this authority. No hope in this philsophy, personally I will go with the "blessed hope". I like hope, I don't like no hope. Know this is not the intended place for this discussion as well as others but when bold assertions are made against my belief system then I will defend even if I get kicked off this website. timo if I can find a place we can go to discuss this further with the same usernames I will let you know. Check out some of the believing scientific community that can converse with you on a very scientific level you would appreciate. Ask them daunting questions and they will have it covered like the dew covers Georgia. I promise you it is no accident that we are discussing this but theres a world of stuff you don't know about all this. The opening of your paragraph was almost identical to a line of dribble I heard a cultist give, so your argument is not original at all. I bet I could list dozens of things you have never heard of in the sciptures and yet you are asserting, don't read to carefully you might loose your faith. You don't have a clue of what you are talking about, just trying to put on a pseudo schorlorly front here, and in your heart of hearts you know I am right. Nobody tries to get to you with the messege of eternal hope there in Finland do they timo. I have heard how Scandanavia is becoming concerning these matters.

To any of you this offends as being out of place please accept my humble plea for a moment of tolerence, as I generally try to stay civil and on topic, but this conversation refers back to timo's original statement about a wish for a pandemic etc, etc. So I don't feel I started it. And I will defend my faith, many pardons to any offended by out of topic discussion.

Now on to seat covers I agree with you timo. Take off and clean or just easy to clean fiber that does not come off.

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