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Dead Animal FREE Upholstery

So far it looks like the seats covers are leather in all the photos. Any chance of a leather-free option for those of us who aren't fond of sitting on dead animal skin? How about the steering wheel?

How did you guys manage to steer a thread about car seats into religious nonsense?

This is Tesla forums, please take this somewhere else.

gwk, There have been many other incedences of threads getting off on tangents. I know the matters discussed are not nonsense but is a central core issue that relates to all issues in the universe, whether acknowledged or not although it makes many uncomfortable and there is a core reason for this to. I realize this is a forum about cars and will to my best to adhere to this. Again just skip over it if it distracts you, when you start reading it and are not pleased just skip over it.Repeating, please accept my plea for a moment of tolerance. Will do my best to keep it to moments and not long drawn out debates.

So please do as you do when other threads get off topics into various "rabbit trails" just kindly don't let it bother you and move on.

So just because somebody else breaks the rules, that's an excuse for you to do the same?

Thereare many forums that you can discuss religious beliefs. This is not one of them.

qwk, Notice no reprimands were given for the "rabbit trail" off topic discussion of dietary considerations on this site. Why are you so uptight about this subject? Just try to apply the same equinimity to this subject. Will try to stay on cars hope you were not disturbed too much.

I agree, take it offline...

mcornwell, I have made my statement and it still stands unamended.

Now let's all let it alone.

So what kind of seatcovers do you favor. I like the option of leather{I think it's beautiful} or fiber, think I will go with very tough, easy to clean fiber. Some fibers actually seem tougher than leather overall. All factors considered.

Have a good day mcornwell.

My Audi's microfiber seats with side leather bolsters have held up remarkably well over 7 years. It probably help that I only have 23,xxx miles on the car. Pic of a similar seat here:

To clarify, the seats are Alcantara:

@Timo, et al

I agree on the removable for washing option. In the event of non-removable stains (I've had them on my microfiber Prius seats, where stains had been untreated for much too long) even the option of new purchase and easy replacement covers.

searcher, did you hear about the dyslexic insomniac agnostic? He lies awake every night worrying about the existence of Dog.

BrianH, Poor guy, but if he's agnostic, according to what I have read he better keep on worrying and very, very hopefully come to some sound and true conclusions and then two of his problems will be eliminated. But he can achieve with dyslexic, as General Patton, Tom Cruise, and several other big achievers.

If you believe in nothing you will fall for anything.

Your rapier wit is a hoot, keep on keeping it light and breezy. And I might add quite informative. Didn't think you would ever hear me say this did you,ha.

i got a 17 years old volvo w leather seats 312000 miles 500000 km they look very great they support tobacco smoke and burn and multiple liquid stain. but they need some treatments and maintenance to stay nice. i think they are a very ecofriendly and durable option but bad when very hot or very cold.

joesontesla, I have a twenty five year old Volvo I have owned about year and a half. Immaculate paint looks like new car, immaculate fabric seat covers no stains no fading but this is all because the former owner was a chenical engineer, garaged the car, and no doubt ran a very tight ship when it came to maintaing the car. I just bought it from his estate sight unseen by me after my neices husband looked at the car in Mobile, Al.Fabric seats aren't even faded. I have never seen a car this well taken care of.

This forum used to be actually useful and on topic. Searcher: Theres is a municipality in the district of Haßberge in Bavaria (Germany). There's a world of stuff you don't know about all this. Please, please find a forum that is made for discussion random theories, religion....etc and leave this for talking about Tesla and cars.

Here you go: They have a section on religion, science....etc

dsm363, Sincerely sorry you were aggravated or offended. I was merely responding to Brianh's joke which I felt he made with no intention to be offensive and I was trying to respond in a somewhat light non offensive way.

The other post was pointing out the durability of fabric if well taken care of.

I even tried to pay Brianh a compliment as I felt he had no ill intentions.

Not really that far off topic, at least no more than Brianh was. Noticed he didn't get reprimand.

Will make every effort to stay on topic. Enjoy your post as well as many others. Would like to go to the website you left, would invite many of you to go there with me with your same user names.

Have a swell day.

dsm363, Believe me because of your courtesy, respect, and professional attitude toward me I truly do not wish to hinder anyones use of the forums and have taken your comments in good grace and am not offended because I know you certainly did not intend to offend.

I am preparing to go to the website you referred to now.

If you don't mind would you respell the district in Baveria and name the municipality. Please tell me where I can look for the "world of stuff I don't know about all this" a little more precisely. If I am being nieve and you are just speaking in terms of a comparative parable then please disregard my request for more precise directions.

If you wont be offended I will probably be able to come up with some sound websites that will, if nothing else, intrigue you and and your intellectual curiosity to a great extent No wild stuff here just right down the line, very conservative stuff, but bet you never heard it before. So thanks again, I like your manner and manners on the Tesla website. Off I go now to your recommended site.

I wasn't offended, I just wish the website would go back on topic like it used to. Don't worry, you're not alone in the direction the forum has taken. I just think a Tesla Motors forum is an odd place for religious and other wildly off topic items.

I was just joking and copied a sentence from your last post where you left out the apostrophe in "there's"

dsm363, Went to that website. Some crackpot spouting off about irrelevancy ete, etc. And you know what he got from me. Administrator pulled the plug on me. Got another one?,ha. Don't want to go back there, think I will find less hostile territory as am exposed to far too many radical elemnts there, if you know what I mean. I will find some and extend an invitation to any who want to discuss things and don't have the uneasy feeling they are drfting off topic too much. Thanks anyway.

Concerning seat covers have been thinking about this and think good tough non removable basic fiber would be good and maybe an option to also have good tough washable, removable fiber cover on all models. But have to have a serious snap on technology or something that would not fit "sloppy" looking when put back on.

Am in favor of the leather option to. Like beautiful leather and beautiful real wood.

One topic we could discuss here is how sustainable leather is.
From what I understand, it takes a huge amount of water to process and the cows are a huge strain on the environment. If we want a car that supports sustainability, we should aspire to have that sustainability show in every part of the car, not just the energy it consumes.

Cows aren't raised for their hides, It's just a byproduct that otherwise would go to waste.

I agree that cows are not very environmentally friendly, but cows would be raised for the meat anyway. Actually it's not the cows fault, but the bacteria in their stomachs that make methane gas.
Pretty much all parts of a modern car, and almost all other industry products, takes a lot of energy to make. Water used for processing leather can be cleaned and reused. Making fabrics also spend energy and water. How much depend on the type of fabric.

Cows are strain for the environment. At least these modern cows that require...d*mn vocabulary...not wilderness and grown food. It practically doubles the food production need, you first grow food for the cows then crow those cows to eat them. The amount of grown food / cow is much larger than what human would require.

But OTOH so are cats, dogs, horses, anything we keep as pets that are not in the natural cycle of life (including ourselves).

Water is renewable source, but clean water is not available everywhere, also cleaning water in drinkable condition requires some resources. Places where water is plentiful it doesn't matter much, but there are places where water is real problem. Places like Las Vegas which is in the middle of desert excess water use is just stupid. You can't repair damage done to nature just by money, it requires also resources which might not be available.

not to mention the methane that is produced by them.

Sorry dsm363 but I couldn't stay out of this one. I was wondering if any of you others had experienced the rural life. I was born and raised for the most part in smalltown, but have lived the rural life where I plowed with a mule{can still hitch him up if I had to} milked cows by hand, fed chickens, and pigs. Did the back breaking hoeing out weeds and thinning corn,etc. Didn't have to do all this I think my dad wanted us just to have this experience as he had. It was wonderful looking back. Waste by products of animals was wonderful fertilizer for producing garden. So as someone said just all part of the cycle of life. Seemed we were in a natural flow environmentally as I look back.

Of course spent lot of time in woods fighting woods fires, lot of smoke contamination and fire damage causing vulnerability to disease in the trees, but most time wonderful blueberry crops where there had been forest fires. Alabama now selling more hardwood than ever before because fires kept out of woods which used to be ritual to keep boll wevils out of cotton crops. No cotton in that particular area now much just most forest prducts and poultry. All just to say for all minuses in nature there are pluses and for all pluses there are minuses so it all just balances out pretty good.

Oh less some may not think I have experienced all I spent most of my work career in very large urban area. So i feel that I have somewhat lived in all three major environments.

So how does this relate to Tesla cars, think they are wonderful as they roll through our environment disturbing it not very much, very clean and pristine, this is special. Let us not be deterred and keep going in this direction. One question though what about their by product the used up batteries, what kind of environmental impact will they make, how will they be processed? Well did finally manage to come up with something relative maybe to EV's I hope.

Thamks chargeme,glad to hear about the batteries. Don't worry we were not the ones that started drift off topic,but now will get back to upholstery. You know I have a thick vinyl coat that looks so similar to leather and I have had it for years, no cracking or tears, no special treatment, cleanable. We had a living room chair once that had been reupholstered in a thick high quality vinyl that was equally as tough and durable but of course some of the thinner vinyls have not been as durable, so thickness seems to be an important thing with vinyl of course sewed with the very higest quality material that can be found would be a definite critical. I actually like vinyl, with maybe some readily availabe repair kits that actually work in reference to burns etc. Vinyl works good with heated seats as I have had this combination in some of my Volvos, relatively cool in summer to me also. What about the overhead covering, wonder what it will be. I like vinyl here to but sewed where sections don't sag.

Speaking of overhead cabin covering of course.

More like dead fish. AFAIK oil is mostly product of sea bacteria converting marine life to hydrocarbons of various types which then much later get changed to oil when pressure etc. are correct.

(useless fact: no dinosaur were marine animals, only land and flying ones ever existed, and those flying ones we call birds. hmmm...maybe you could call penguins marine dinosaurs).

I am not "nasty nice". As long as all the creatures are dead no problem to me. Remember I even liked leather option because I think beautiful leather is nice.

Doesn't mean I don't see the nobility in animals. Which is why I no longer hunt, but of course am not a vegen, as stated before sounds somewhat hypocritical I guess. Have been hinting for some deer meat from relatives, all to no avail, guess they think I don't hunt it I don't eat it.

By the way if we are going to get "techni" bet theres something on your desks righ now made of plastic, which is made from what? which is made from what?

If the copious use of animal hide makes your inner environmentalist flinch, take comfort in the fact that cloth will be available, and the wood-like dash trim of the Signature Series actually is pressed banana leaf taken from the forest floor after it has already fallen.

(Just in case you haven't heard it before.)

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