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Dead Animal FREE Upholstery

So far it looks like the seats covers are leather in all the photos. Any chance of a leather-free option for those of us who aren't fond of sitting on dead animal skin? How about the steering wheel?

I want leather, on the seats, the dash, the door liners. It needs to compete with high end cars, not just to econutjobs, but to people like me who are interested in the acceleration, ride and steering feel

Ben, I too will probably get the leather, however others may have different priorities and tastes than you and I. This does not make them nutjobs. I am just guessing but you may want them to respect your choices, let's reciprocate.

Thanks, Thumper
count me in the vegetarian camp, get plenty of proteins, soy, wheat, legumes and would prefer an alternative to cowhides.
Tesla is a 21st cent.groundbreaking company and leather car interiors were first introduced in the 1960s by Cadillac?

from Forbes 11-9-11 3 most dangerous foods >>>>
hot dogs, bacon, and ham. The evidence linking them to cancer – especially colorectal cancer – is so strong that health authorities are starting to say that we should never eat them at all, and never feed them to children.

mmmmmm bacon!

The only complete protein is animal protein.

the more similar to long pig, the better!
Nutjobs have enfeebled judgment due to B12 deficiency.

I keep reading the title and figuring equivalency: bring a dead animal, get free upholstery. Or maybe the beginning of a poem...

Dead Animal
Free Upholstery

Tho it is amusing to see Brian H sometimes catch something with his trolling.


On topic though, I just want low maintenance. Leather or leather-like, as long as I don't need to fiddle with the upholstery to keep it in shape then I'll be happy. The whole leather parts where 'it puts the lotion on to keep the seating supple' annoys me.

I'm pretty interested in getting a Model S, but I won't buy one unless I can get a completely leather free one. It seems reasonable for Tesla to offer a version with Alcantara. I much prefer 1970's technology to stone age technology. If they want to move beyond 1970's fabric technology, that would be even better.

I'm of the opinion that cars are generally a "guy thing" due to social memory from the hunting/gathering days. Anything good for getting to the hunt and performing it well is macho. Perhaps the penchant for leather seating is part of the social memory, too?

You'd rather sit on a live animal skin? Personally I prefer
organic and natural animal skin over artificial vinyl
seat covers.

I've ridden a horse, that's live animal skin. Aside from the saddle crotch it's not so bad.

Leather please. Prefer the saddle color, which I did not see on the sample board.

Don't get me wrong, I love animals, particularly pets, but it's not like we are hunting ivory tusks here. Humans have used cattle skins for many centuries. Cattle is not an endangered species.

If I think about it too long though, I might stop eating steak.

For what we are paying, I would expect leather to come standard. If someone wants to pay an up-charge for non-leather, no problem with me.

David, I hope you won't be disappointed, but my understanding is that leather will be a premium upgrade to the base models.

@Mycroft - if you are correct, then Tesla is NOT competing with BMW and Mercedes like they think they are with a luxury sedan in the $60K to $70K price range, because most luxury car companies understand that a base luxury car comes with a lot of luxury (including leather).

Years ago, GM and others used to nickel and dime their customers with a laundry list of options. You could pay $30K for the base car, or $50K with enough options that would actually make the car a luxury vehicle. But the Japanese automakers started packaging the options in the 70s, and made them affordable, while cutting their production line costs.

So, how is it then that a base $57K Model S is a luxury vehicle without:
- Leather
- Premium Audio
- Sunroof
- Performance wheels
- etc, etc.

@David M: I agree. There are a number of items I expect to see standard on a luxury car. I know the final standard option list is not set (at least not shared with us yet) but reading this forum it sounds like Tesla is going to nickel and dime us to death.

I expect everything to be premium on this car. That doesn't mean there won't be room for options but Leather, a premium Audio system and alloy wheels (to name a few) should be standard on a car in this class.

"this forum it sounds like Tesla is going to nickel and dime us to death"
Forum junkies sometimes mix fact with theories. I'd wait until at least a few more options in Design Studio are revealed before stocking up on aspirin.

I think the base audio will be premium compared to a $30,000 sedan. And the base wheels will be alloy. However, according to the website, "Model S comes standard with 60% recycled seating surfaces."

I know the final standard option list is not set (at least not shared with us yet) but reading this forum it sounds like Tesla is going to nickel and dime us to death. (gjunky)

That sound like to opposite:

On Facebook just after the factory open house, a tesla representative responded that their is not a cost difference for the 3 different roof options. I had mentioned to someone in the post that the panoramic roof was an option and the tesla rep replyed that their was no cost difference between the 3. (Capt601)

My bottom line: We simply don't know until it's made official.

"That sounds like the opposite" -- where's that edit feature?!

Yesterday, a rep at the Santana Row store told a prospective buyer that all Model S wil have leather seats.

Leather-free upholstery will be available, albeit not for Signature or Performance models. For "P" models, you can choose microfiber upholstery and even save a $1500 over the leather option. As it stands, however, it seems that you cannot have heated seats without leather. Doesn't make sense to me, but that's what I understand from this page:

That's how interpreted it as well.

I guess I can live without heated seats, as I expect to be in California during the coldest months.

I guess I can live without heated seats, as I expect to be in California during the coldest months.

I'd love to be able to say the same... :-)

You mean to say that it gets cold in Berlin? ;)

You got me. No, Berlin is not seriously cold, but the weather can be pretty nasty. I prefer to drive without a coat, a scarf and gloves, if possible... ;-)

Agreed; I wish Tesla had made leather seats a $1,000 option and a winter package a $500 option. I'd be happy to keep the microfiber if I could heat them. Oh, and add heated steering wheel to the package, though I guess the ability to pre-heat the car remotely will help there.

By the way, what are the 12 ways of adjustability in these seats?

I wonder whether heating synthetic fibre does not carry a risk of fire and or release of toxic chemical risk, and whether this is the reason they are not heated....


I find it quite amazing that so many of the otherwise intelligent readers on this forum would be so ill-informed regarding the ethical, moral, and environmental implications of eating animals and, by extension, leather interiors.

I am a few days away from cancelling my Model S reservation, mostly due to Tesla's punishment for those of us wishing to take the "moral high road."

Here's the text of an email I sent in reply to Tesla advising me that one cannot have memory seats, etc., if one doesn't have the brains of several cows blown out:

Sadly, as a vegan I cannot accept being penalized by Tesla Motors (again) for choosing a reduced-cruelty interior. By way of background, I have purchased five (yes, that's "5") BMW 3 Series over the past 13 years because they were available WITHOUT a leather interior, among other reasons. BMW, for the most part, does not penalize customers for choosing the leatherETTE (their standard, non-leather interior) by limiting the buyer's other options. Tesla Motors, however, seems to insist on it.

Given the fact that you at Tesla are forging a new, fresh path, I find it amazing and depressing that Tesla chooses to "punish" customers that take the higher moral road.

May I please ask a favor of you? Please forward this email widely within Tesla.

Let me be frank--as a TSLA stock holder and an environmentalist, I want you to succeed. Tesla Motors is doing incredibly important work. In my case, given my family proclivity toward buying BMW's 3 Series, I'd love to retry with the Tesla Motors "Gen III" in a few years, hopefully to replace both of our 2011 BMW 335i's. BUT: I'd like the same seat memory (and interior trim choices, performance options, etc.) that those ignorant (or just plain cruel?) buyers do. (Just in case you aren't aware, Model S buyers that select the leather interior cause five or six cows to be murdered so that they can sit on their toxically treated skins. For details on how leather is "produced" I encourage you to visit Leather isn't a "by product"--it's a source of additional profit for those that murder sentient beings for money. For heaven's sake, you're in California--you should "get it." But I guess someone missed the memo on "How not to be cruel" and now you've lost a sale.)

You can do better; let's hope you can influence Tesla's decision makers to make this happen for the Gen III.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like additional information, but in the interim I'd like a refund of my $5k deposit sometime after March 8th. (That's my supposed deadline for locking in my Model S order at 2012 prices; there's a 1% chance I might change my mind and just go with the limited options forced by taking the moral high ground.)

Thank you.


Mark Peters

p.s. I haven't even touched on the massive global warming impact that cows produce, but surely your executives know this as well?

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