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Decor changed on me upon my delivery

I just received my final MVPA before my delivery tonight and noticed that they changed my interior Decor from Lacewood to Carbon Fiber. I'm not getting the performance model and know that the Carbon Fiber is an upgrade for the performance model of the car but I'd like to get feedback from anyone that got that decor as to how it looks before I take acceptance of the car.

Any feedback on the Carbon Fiber Decor - good or bad?

I likely won't reject the car due to this but the fact that they changed the decor on me without any notice until the day of delivery is a bit upsetting.


OK, sorry I munged the subject... Should have been "Decor changed on me upon my delivery".

It's a very individual preference, but personally I like the Carbon Fiber the best out of all the interior finishes and that's what I'm having installed in our car.

I haven't taken delivery yet, but I've seen the Carbon Fiber many times in person at the Tesla store and feel very good about it. It's a matte finish, not the glossy finish that is in the Roadster. So it will be similar in finish to the Lacewood, but won't have the interesting texture and patterns like Lacewood. From what I recall, the Lacewood has a bit of a rougher feel where the patterns in the wood stick out a bit. The CF is all one depth, so it's basically smooth feeling.


you should probably contact your delivery specialist as it sounds like a mistake. They certainly made a few on mine so staying on top of them is important.

I'm getting CF but have seen all of the finishes and they all have their great points.

good luck and congrats on getting your Model S!

sig 692 - still waiting for mine!

@blurry_eyed - thanks for the info
@jd3 - got an email out to him right now. I don't see anything else different so hopefully that's it.

joepruitt, I've seen the carbon fiber interior in Ben Goodwin's videos and I like it very much there. Actually I thought it's pity that presumably I cannot have it b/c I will get the "slow" version of the Model S. If I can get it in that version nonetheless, I will seriously consider it. But of course, taste is a difficult beast -- otherwise Tesla would only need one color and one interior...

BTW while normal posts cannot be edited, the starting post of each thread can. The link to do so is hidden in the red of the Tesla logo in the upper left corner. Just look closely.

@Volker.Berlin - Thanks, didn't know about the edit. Now, if only I could delete my follow up reply...


joepruitt, you can't have everything. ;-)

@Volker.Berlin, I'm getting a Model S, to me that is everything! ;)

Although World Peace and do live a happy healthy life would also be great. Hey, maybe the Model S can help me with the second part as well. Maybe if we aren't fighting for natural resources we can have the World Peace part too? Come to think of it, the Model S does let you have it all... ;)

@Volker.Berlin - Thanks, didn't know about the edit. Now, if only I could delete my follow up reply...


If they accidentally gave you CF, you are one lucky looks gorgeous in person.

BYT, just to clear this up, when I posted:

joepruitt, you can't have everything. ;-) (myself)

I was referring to this line:

@Volker.Berlin - Thanks, didn't know about the edit. Now, if only I could delete my follow up reply... (joepruitt)

(Note to self: Don't reply without citation.)

If they accidentally gave you CF, you are one lucky looks gorgeous in person. (JakeP)

+1, I hope they make the same mistake with mine!

If they offered CF in non-performance cars I might even be tempted to spring for leather seats. It's the best IMO. I agree you really lucked out.

i wouldn't recommend you take any decor substitution, sight unseen. contact your delivery specialist or at least stop by a local Tesla store and try to get a look at the CF to see if you'd like it. if you don't, have them change it. get the car YOU want.

You might have a unicorn there.

Turns out they had the documents incorrect. My delivery specialist wasn't sure how it happened but I did end up with the Lacewood even though the checklist stated CF. The car was delivered last night and it's AWESOME!

Did the kids approve? ;)

I'm anxious for my car to arrive.

It seems like many people are taking delivery and then selling them right away.

Look at our first world problems.

Say what? What sales "right away" are you talking about?

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