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Delivery experience at San Diego Service Center?

Has somebody picked up the car at the San Diego Service Center. How was your experience?

Picked mine up there December 23. Pleasant experience. The DS was thorough, and answered all my questions. The car was clean and had over 200 miles of charge on the battery.

Steven, do you know if the DS was from the service center or from Fremont?

Peter - My DS was on loan from Orange County. I was part of that December flurry of deliveries. If you are able to view this prior to taking delivery, I think you might find it useful: Password: t35la4ALL


Steve, Thank You that was great. Maybe we can get in touch privately.

I got mine there December 6th. I was waiting to get picked up at my home when the DS called and said she had taken ill - would I mind getting my "run-through" from the service techs? I wanted the car ASAP so I said "sure." They were GREAT and they remain extremely helpful and cordial if you have issues or questions. Chip runs the place; Ed and Erick are the two techs with whom I've interacted. All first-rate guys. I'm extremely happy we have a center here and staffed so well. Says good things about Tesla customer service.

It seems to be paying off that upbeat optimistic tech-savvy guys/(gals?) are clawing and scratching to get hired by TM!

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