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Delivery process issues?

We're getting very close to the delivery of our car and I'm really struggling with the delivery communication. Tesla does a very nice job of pushing out info but seems to really fall down on the follow up on questions or returning calls or emails. Anyone else seeing this problem?

No, mine was delivered exactly in the window 3 months ago. She was ready exactly on time. The only issue was the front license plate holder was not on, but I attached it a few days later when the plates came.

What exactly are you expecting that you are lacking? Let's try and pin this down a bit.

My communication and delivery experience with Tesla was top-notch. Usually got replies back same day or next. I did ask for a service center delivery to try to avoid getting a call from a flatbed truck driver on a random Tuesday morning saying he was 30 minutes away.

Like any company, there are employees with good follow-up and organizational skills--and those without.

I hope you get a better response soon. You'll forget all about the process the first time you drive it, though...

Just got mine yesterday and communication was great. Emails were returned same day and calls were usually picked-up after two rings. I was really happy. I think they're getting better, but it depends on your service center and/or DS.

The communication between my delivery specialist and me has been terrible. A few emails and phone calls and voice mails and no response until I had to contact the sales team which in turn called the delivery specialist up. Really not a pleasant experience.

How long after receiving your VIN should you expect to be contacted by your DS?

I've had very poor communication with both the financing team, and my delivery specialist. They're great when I get them on the phone, but emails go unanswered, calls go unanswered, it's just dead silence for days at a time. Meanwhile my car is arriving in 8 days, and I still don't have the financing worked out. It's pretty terrible.

I'm in the NY area. Where are the others with poor communication?

I got my delivery button last night and had a few questions so I males the delivery e-mail around midnight. I got a reply around 9:30 this morning with my answers from a product specialist, so far so good for me.

Great experience here. Smooth as silk. Big props to Mike Beebe!! I love tesla so far.

I have nothing but good things to say. I have been in cintact with four different people at Tesla (3 in CA, my DS in PA) all either answer the phone directly or return my phone message or email within 24 hours...usually within 2-3 hours. I have been impressed so far.

@stimyg I, too, am in the NY area. I'm at the beginning of the Tesla contact process( window 6/11-7/3). Forewarned is forearmed so I will be proactive and start calling instead of emailing. Thanks for the heads-up.

Good to know, I emailed to schedule a test drive (in NY) and have been waiting over a week. Guess e-mails go into the great ether. Will follow-up with a pop-in or phone call tomorrow...

They have my money and the car made it to Houston on Monday. The delivery window is Fri/Sat and somebody is supposed to call me over the last three days but no word on that. I emailed/called today and haven't heard back.

Otherwise, they have been ahead of schedule and very on the ball.

Hoping for joy tomorrow.


I have yet to get a single email response back from Tesla to any of my questions.

The one time I called was great, but no luck at all on email.

I agree they don't communicate and I was very disappointed I had to do some much work trying to track down these guys to get a status of my car. It sat in Cali for 2 weeks because they didn't know where to deliver it and never bothered to update my change of address and trust me I left numerous VMs and emails. I could go on and on but I'm moving on it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Long story short do your own follow up if you feel you are not getting what you need. Don't be afraid to go over there head, I don't think these DS understand the amount of money your spending and the level of support that should equate to your delivery experience and I'm not even that hard of a guy to deal with.

Love the car

@Maria Tesla
It sounds like we have the same DS.  Almost every interaction so far has been flawed in a significant way.  Fortunately, DS performance doesn't matter much in the end.  Just double check all your paperwork, take a deep breath, and it will pass.

I also have been a little disappointed in the lack of response from Tesla. Sent an e-mail to the main delivery address last Thu and have not received a response. Received our VIN on Tue and it mentions to contact the DS for delivery specifics but there was no information on how to contact the DS.

That is a little frustrating but once we receive the car it will all be worth it!

I will be taking delivery in 1 week, and I have to say I've had great experiences with my Tesla Reps all around. Cecily Capello, my DS at headquarters, has been amazing in every way. Nathan, the local delivery specialist in White Plains, has also been very helpful and incredibly accomodating. Virtually every Tesla contact I have had so far has left me saying to my wife, "Wow, what a company." Can't wait for my Model S - that's when the real "Wows" will kick in.

I too have been disappointed with the communications. Tesla will miss its original delivery window, which expires today.

It seems that every communication that I have had with them, except for that emails regarding paying for the car, has been initiated by me. I finally went to their gallery in Scottsdale and aired my concern with the manager.

My delivery specialist called me the next morning, 5/11. His work on my behalf may have expedited the delivery from 5/22 to 5/20, but I don't know with any certainty.

I have learned that my car was to have rolled off the assembly line 5/16. If testing is complete today, it may make it onto a truck Friday, 5/17. If the truck driver decides to drive the weekend, it could even arrive Saturday or Sunday. If it is put on the truck Monday, it will probably be Tuesday. Once again, I am waiting to hear from someone at Tesla.

This may be a very long weekend. However, on the brighter side, I had my wall connector installed this morning. I'm ready!

KRS... I think you are only wthe 2nd person I have seen recently that went beyond the original window. Not good but at least yours will be delivered within a few days. We are actually glad that ours appears that it will be delivered after Jun 1st for the 1% slaes tax savings.

Still frustrating with the communicatin and sounds like yours really hasn't improved much even after escalating.

Communications with DS have been unacceptable. After initial email two weeks ago nothing. Emailed her daily for a week, no response at all and her only number is a cell phone which seems to be turned off. I don't think that she wants customers to hit zero when they get vm. Did a little sleuthing anfpd fou s a direct line to the executive office. The person there got my questions on payment answered. Had i not reached her the car wouldn't have been shipped and i'm skeptical about my,May 31 delivery date. I agree that they don't seem to realize how much we have been paying , ther isn't a dealership down the street. If I have to be out of the office for six ours to pick up my car I need some notice.

Yeah had same problem, see this thread .

Still no answers yet. Makes me wonder what kind of service i get if I have trouble with the car once I have it?

Mine was very responsive to all emails except for the ones where I asked about the benefit of the ranger service option given the Elon's blog about the valet + loner on regular service option.

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