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Delivery Question

I placed my order for the Model S performance on Thursday and I'm beyond excited! Tesla's site started to show "Tesla Factory is building your Model S" this weekend under the status section of the "My Tesla" portion of this site. My question is this: is there any way to view an estimated date of completion/delivery? Also, how long did it take for your Model S to be delivered after you received the same message? Are there any other interesting things you'd like to share about your delivery experience? I'd love to hear them!

Similar update as NOLA_Mike: my delivery button appeared today. Delivery window is June 14th to 28th!

From a previous post of mine:

For background: I placed my order on April 27th and it auto-finalized May 10th. I called at some point between those dates and the gentleman on the phone told me that my car was set to go in to production June 2nd (Sunday?) and that it'd take 5-6 days, after which I could pick up at factory or get it delivered to Portland by mid-June or so.

PS: It's a Red P85, pano, air, tan leather, sound, jump seats, 19" wheels.

That makes three of us :) Mine popped a few hours ago. Perhaps it was just a matter of emails being generated before back-end updates were pushed out like previously mentioned (or maybe the employees are working day-and-night to make magic carpet rides happen). Now I can stop checking myTesla like an theory.

I got the delivery button also, I hadn't checked until I read all you guys getting the delivery button. So I looked just now and there it was. So I clicked it and filled out the details. I ordered on 5/9, finalized on 5/22. My estimated delivery says May 25th - June 10th. Can that be right? Seems awfully quick but I'll take it. I ordered the standard 85kw, black, black leather, obeche matte 19" wheels, pano roof, tech package, and upgraded sound system.

I didn't think there would be any activity over the holiday weekend, glad I was wrong.

I knew I was forgetting something in the previous post above. I also had the air suspension.

thanks mike and guys for posting info for this matter. it helped. i got my delivery button working a few minutes ago. i will get mine between 6/17---7/1. red 85 performance, pano roof, 21inch silver, protective armor, shelf, tech package, tan interior, gloss wood trim, spoiler. electrician coming tuesday to put in a 14-50 outlet. will be the second MS in my city, nebraska

A coder in a rush put the wrong link behind that button, apparently. Someone will get a rocket in the socket on Tues. ;p

We have similar orders. Standard 85' pano, piano, tan, air, tech, 19" and yet I finalized on 5/11 and delivery is slated 6/11-7/3. What's your location?

Springfield, Missouri. Where are you? I'm not sure that window can be right. The delivery window from 5/25-6/10 started one day before I even got the delivery button. But we will see.

Long Island, NY.

So you're at most 2 days before me if we're on the same train or truck or whatever they use.

I am guessing those that get delivery dates super quick are likely picking a car with standard or the most common options so its likely they have some made already, unless they do not work that way.

ajamison--there are not a bunch of 'premade' cars sittinmg around the factory. They are all essentially made to order.

I also finalized on 5/26, got a delivery button today on 5/27 for delivery 5/25 - 6/13! So the car might be delivered as early as yesterday (heh), but in no case longer than 2 weeks and 3 days.

That seems unbelievably fast to me. I wonder also at pre-manufacturing and/or an error in delivery date prediction.

I did not expect it nearly this fast (dealer told me 60 days), so it will be rush to get all the ducks in a row in time: outlet installation, insurance, financing, etc.

@Ddowns2150 my VIN just popped. Very exciting.

@RDoherty grats! Financing is the slowest item IMO and even that doesn't take too long. The outlet also can be done fast (for NEMA 14-50 it is extremely simple for electricians if your main box is near the garage), although I'm not sure about a HPWC install due to the 80A requirement.

According to the news, production has jumped up significantly each quarter...I thought it was due to efficiency improvements and Tesla having refined the process quite a bit. As far as pre-mades go, I doubt those happen, however, I don't know if the orders that get cancelled after making it to the factory (forfeit deposit cancels and 'couldn't get financing' cancels) get re-allocated to current matching orders or if they get sent out to centers/stores as loaners and/or show cars. Who knows? I hope these short delivery dates are correct though!

How did you get your Vin number was it on your my tesla page or did you get an email.

I was checking "My Tesla" for about the 40th time today and there it was right where my RN392545 use to be. I know I might be a little bit biased but I think it's the prettiest VIN I've ever seen.

No email from Tesla about it.

Just received email saying my Model S is going into production and I should get insurance, finance and delivery details taken care of. That sounds great, I haven't got any of that yet, but I'm sure I'm not far behind you. You are correct this is very exciting especially getting the car this quickly.

I ordered on 4/18, finalized on 5/1, received delivery window of 5/25-6/6 on 5/26 (a little strange, I know), and received VIN on 5/27 (today). I'm curious to see if correct because my delivery specialist previously told me it would not go into production until 6/3. 85kWh version.

JPPTM: Actually they do have some extra cars: orders cancelled; financing issues; additional ones made up as 'loaners' at the service centers; very possible that someone could place an order and they have it already produced or near the end of production.

Delivery buttons can be trumped by phone or other arrangements days earlier.

Financing with either Alliant or PenFed Credit Unions at well under 2.0% interest rates can be done in 24-36 hours, sometimes much less. In case you need to check into such things. My Model S gets delivered next week. Multicoat red, 85kwh, upgrade sound, tech, air, supercharger, tan leather interior. Already have the aftermarket carpets ordered and a dashcam even.

Just rceived my VIN, ending 12864 with expected delivery late June. Does it mean that Tesla will have delivered 12864 MS when I get it? Tesla did less than 5000 MS in the first quarter of 2013.It looks like they are way above the 4900 forcasted for the second quarter, even considering some of the MSs are for loaners. Some insight? | MAY 27, 2013
Long Island, NY.

So you're at most 2 days before me if we're on the same train or truck or whatever they use.

I'm on LI too. I'm a few days behind you with a Grey 60...
Very exciting indeed!

I just found out today that my Model S VIN number has been posted on the website. I was informed a couple of weeks ago that the delivery will be within the dates of June 7 - June 27. Is there information regarding who/how the DMV paperwork process takes place in California? Don't forget they delivered about 2,650 vehicles in 2012, so it sounds like they are slightly ahead of the forecast.

mvannah, you are right. thanks

finalized my build on May 12th, picked up my car yesterday....Three weeks turnaround....Love Love the car....

I could have picked it up on the 13th but will be away. Getting it on the 17th. White, 85, tan, pano. Valley Stream. Cannot wait. Driving everyone around me crazy.

Finalized mine on June 12th. Delivery date set between June 28-July 12. Black, 85, black leather, tech, sound, 19’s

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