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Design Studio and Interior Samples in Bellevue

From what I heard, they have had the new Design Studio in Bellevue for a while, but I just called and they said that they also finally got in the interior samples and paints. I'm going to go check it out in a little bit.

I visited the store. They have all the interior materials and paint samples for the standard Model S in addition to the Signature options.

Initially, I was thinking I would go with the gray leather, but seeing it in person, I like the tan leather with lacewood. I didn't really like the banana leaf after seeing it in person. I actually like the white leather the best, but I'm not getting a Sig.

They said that they'll get a new car in mid-April. It will be a red Sig, and it should be a more functional car, but they couldn't guarantee details. I'm hoping it will have a functional roof and door handles.

I spoke with Tesla HQ about the banana leaf because I also thought the sample at the store was not very impressive and was significantly different from the pictures I have seen on the web. The pictures on the web are closer to what the banana leaf will be like on the production car. The reason being that the resin they place over the banana leaf will cause the banana leaf to be richer than the tile appears. Currently there is no resin on the tile in the store.

Tesla is going to work on making the sample more representative of how it will actually look in the car. So before ruling out banana leaf, wait until they resolve this issue and trust the website look of the banana leaf more than the tile sample at this point.

Well initially, from pictures, I thought the banana leaf looked the best, but what I liked about the lacewood is that it has texture. As other people have mentioned, the banana leaf sample in the store looks kind of like an artificial veneer.

Anyways, my reservation number is 5k+, so I'm sure I'll have the opportunity to see the different interior options and how they look in production vehicles before I ahve to make a decision.

I was there this weekend. I was just kind of hanging out to check out the scene.

Woman walks in and says (really loud) "What is it?!?"
About 15 seconds later she shrieks "Why would anyone buy it?!?"

I was interested in this, but my wife was ready to leave, and we were discussing if the drama was over... She thought it was, and as we were walking out two or three minuites later, I hear her yell "Where is the engine?!?!"

Cracked me up... Where indeed?

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