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Did anyone else find the Easter egg in the new Design Studio?!?!!

The wife and I were just down at the gallery in Scottsdale making our final decisions on the new options so we could lock our week & a half old order down.. I was fiddling with the design studio on my phone browser, selecting colors and such and a pop-up shows up that says, "Congratulations you unlocked additional views!" or something similar. (I should have done a screenshot) Anyway.. my connection was bad inside the YardHouse (Left-hand stout nitro.. yum) and tapping on the "Ok" it just sat there and never gave me these "additional views". I'm trying to reproduce here at home now to no avail.
Anyone been able to get this Easter Egg to pop up? How?

It's only popped up when using my Iphone browser and nothing ever ends up showing on the screen. I too found it odd

I didn't find any easter egg, but they seriously updated the Design Studio. They added a bunch of new stuff to order as well...those 19" Aerodynamic Wheels look awesome!

Same on my mobile browser. Nothing happened when I clicked OK. I exited, returned to the site and then got a message to the effect that I could only unlock the bonus views once.

Yes one thing great with the new options is the 19 inches wheels for those want the 21 inches look badly in 19 inches. It seem most people preferred the look of 21 everyone can get the same look with the 19 inches!

Had the same experience and felt like a million dollars. Until...

well that mystery is solved..

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