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Did I meet Sergey Brin at the Gilroy Supercharger?

When we drove our S home from the factory, we stopped at the Gilroy supercharger on a Monday afternoon in mid-February (Presidents' Day). Almost immediately a gray S with the Zero Emissions placard in the back pulled up next to us. Out popped a well dressed fellow wearing Google Glass. I had no idea what the glasses were until my wife told me, and I surmised that the wearer must be an engineer at Google as the Glass wasn't even available to the initial set of testers yet. I chatted with the driver for maybe a minute, just small talk about having new cars, and we went off to shop. Now with the batgirl car prank, and realizing that Brin is an investor with Tesla, it makes me wonder if that was him. In looking at his picture, I can't rule out the possibility. Anyway, in future stories about the trip home, I met Sergey Brin in Gilroy.

Actually, Glass is available and being used by a number of people who were at I/O last year, in addition to a number of Google engineers.

Usually Sergey isn't that well dressed, at least around Google. Did he have a strong accent?

Was his car still done up as the pink bat-car?

No, April Fool's Day rarely comes in February. Though it could have been suitably combined with President's Day this year.

Rats. No real accent that I recall. Plus it was a new car in February, I presume he had his well before unless he bought another. Probably another Google engineer.

Why would he have an accent? He was 6 yo when he left Russia. Even those joined American school as teen dont have any accent

Have you tried, ummm, you know, googling for a picture of Sergey Brin? Any of the pictures of him wearing a glass should be recent enough.
I don't think he has a very strong accent.

The pink was vinyl, stuck on as a joke by his co-execs. The batwings, too.

Ummm, yeah, I said in looking at a picture I can't rule out it being him. But it was a one minute encounter two months ago. My memory for faces isn't bad, but it isn't photographic either.

So no accent required, I'm back to it being him. Makes for a better tavel story!

@mikhaila - Seeing him in person a number of times and at weekly TGIF presentations over VC, my impression was his accent was rather noticeable. YMMV.

Go to last year's Google I/O Keynote videos for a recent sample. - interesting. I have a friend who's daughter came from Russia when she was 11 and she has no accent (she speaks both languages fluently and now works as East Europe manager in a well known company). So is my daughter who speaks both languages without accent - she was born in US but she didn't know English until she was 5... indeed YMMV.

Some research found that some sounds in some languages are so unique they cannot be detected if not exposed to them before about the age of 6 months.

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