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Did you / will you tip your delivery specialist?

Obviously one can't really say what's "customary" at this point. I usually tip someone delivering furniture / heavy stuff $20 or $40 depending on effort, time, how cute they are, etc. What's appropriate for someone planning to spend upwards of an hour going over my new Model S from stem to stern? $100? $250? Cash or pre-paid card?

Obviously he lies like a red rug.

Even if I was inclined to tip--and I'm not because tipping is there to supplement the income of those with minimum wage jobs, the Tesla delivery specialist is paid a decent wage (I sure hope)--the overpriced maintenance has killed any notion of paying anything extra.

As has been said above, treat like a visitor to your home or work (or wherever you are having it delivered).

The main difference for tipping appears to be if the job's pay structure assumes tipping. I'm hoping Tesla Delivery Specialist pay grade is above that.

My delivery specialist was pleased when I offered a bottle of wine to take home from the wine fridge during a short home tour when he first arrived.

He said to give the money to charity when offering a $100 bill at the close of the day after our capturing the arrival and unload on video and the lengthy training session. That is a classy response from Tesla personnel.

Not a chance in hell. All the hidden charges that took my production 85w to $92k have rulled out any hint of generosity on my part.

All Tesla employees get stock options. They have plenty of incentive to do a good job already, so no tip from me.

I also suspect that Tesla may have a policy against their delivery specialists accepting monetary tips.

Same reason they don;t have commissioned sales staff.


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