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Discount Code

When checking out for Tesla accessories it asks if I have any Discount Codes. Anyone able to provide to me or point out where I can get them?

Id like to know to. I asked when I made my reservation is there was a coupon they give out and of course the answer was no.

I need almost $3K in accessories.

Hmm... just guessing, but I would try "IMIRONMANBEEOTCH".

I tried ijustepent93Kwouldnthurttogiveme20%off

That didn't work....boooooo


Discount boxes on websites are all like that. Their very existence disappoints the majority of customers that do not have one.
If Tesla increased the price of the car by $100 and gave everyone a $100 discount code, they would get a small nett gain (not everyone would use it) everyone that went to the site would not be disappointed, and they may even have sold more accessories as a result of the cross-sell

They could at least do free shipping on orders over a certain amount or free shipping to a Tesla store.

I think you've got to join their VIP program first and then ask to get the discount code:

That's not for OEM Tesla stuff.

I don't think is affiliated with Tesla Motors and their accessories

I just left the Tesla store and had a chance to see the all weather mats, trunk and frunk mats and they are all awesome, good quality and even have Tesla on them.

Think the aftermarket ecosystem growing around Tesla is focused mostly on items to enhance the Model S that aren't yet OEM available, i.e. center console and some other items that look like they're in the pipeline... some look interesting:

And, definitely some other aftermarket stuff out there worth checking out:

Private, started with a center console, CCI.

Don't Tesla owners get a discount on accessories? In the store they give owners a discount on apparel.

As far as I know you only get a discount on clothing.

Who in their right mind would expect a discount code on anything from Tesla?

Come ON now folks, don't feed the troll.

What's the discount code for clothing?

I don't think there is an actual code they give out, from what I understand they give you the discount when you go into the store.

I want to buy the tire repair kit and wheel locks. Are these available at service centers or do they have to be ordered online?

Both, but you will not get a discount on that kind of stuff. Its only on clothes and mugs.

I just would prefer not to pay $40 or whatever for shipping, if I can just buy them at the service center. Good to know, thank you. Can get an extra 12 gallons of gas with that $40. That should get me to delivery day!

I am sure they can order them for you.

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