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Do you have a place I can charge my car?

One of the persistent "hurdles" to broad EV acceptance is infrastructure. I think one way that we early adopters can further help pave the way is to make it abundantly clear that we are more than willing to vote with our wallets. Even if we already know the answer will be "no" I think it would be wise to ask businesses where we can plug-in. No place for me to charge? I guess I'll shop/eat/stay somewhere else...

The only problem is that 99% of the time, I don't actually need someplace to charge. Personally, I think L2 chargers only make sense where you will stay for a long time, such as home, work, or at a hotel. Fast chargers make sense in more places, but right now they are very expensive.

Check out where private places can also list their chargers for others to use.

Also PlugShare, where you can list your home charger or outlets for other EV'ers to use.

Finance your MS purchase! Rent out your plug for $1 kWh! ;)

When I book hotels, I always ask about EV chargers even if I don't plan on bringing and EV.

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