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Do your dogs ride in your Tesla?

I know and saw at least two Tesla owners who let their dogs ride in their new model S. I have not let mine in the car yet but probably will soon. Just wondering what you are doing to keep the car as nice and hair free when you do let your dogs in? or you will not let fido in your new car?

Wow, such problems. My wife won’t let ME ride in her MS, until I have taken a bath, been groomed, had my nails trimmed, and promise not to drool or slobber. I don’t understand, I am pretty good about the above… except on nights with full a moon.

It may be some time before I have a Tesla smile.

Our two boxers ride with us to the countryside for our long walks in nature. With a couple blankets and the seats down they are very comfortable. They are still getting used to the smooth suspension and quiet ride though.

My bichon poodle mix rides on the center console just behind the cup holder. I already have scratches to prove it.

My 70lb Pit-mix rides in the hatchback, I put one of those resizeable Mesh dividers. He gets to look out the back window, and has plenty of room.

The salesperson at Tesla in Palo Alto said she folds the back seats flat (I confirmed they do fold flat) and then uses a soft side crate--similar to the ones pictured here:

Hey Ryan - what mesh divider are you using? Is that to keep your dog from coming up front? I'm looking for something like that, as I know for a fact my dog will try crawl out of the hatchback into the backseat (which will definitely not be allowed - by current car is essentially un-resellable thanks to dog hair in every possible crack, basically impossible to remove.)

Much as I love my 10 1/2 year old Golden Retriever, there is no way she is riding in the Model S. Even without her having been in the car, the front mats are already getting covered with dog hair just from what gets tracked in by our shoe soles.

I take her on walks every day to Round Valley reservoir where she gets wet and muddy regularly, so I'm holding onto my Hyundai Sonata as a dog transporter for the time being (as someone else mentioned it's probably pretty much unsaleable because of the years on dog hair in every nook and cranny.

Maybe I'll relent once the shine wears off the Model S, but I doubt it.

Our 40 lb English Bulldog was the second (or third) one to ride in our S. After all it's just a car, a very nice one, but still..

We have a hammock with a cushioned bottom for the backseat. We tried a trip to wine country with her in the back on a blanket, but since I haven't tinted the rear window, it got too hot.

The only downfall on the dog hammock is the seat headrests are molded. The hammock likes the adjustable kind better, otherwise, the straps can slip over the headrests. Also the leather is slick so when I brake too much, she slides forward off the seat.

She also likes to sit in the front passenger seat floor. Due to shedding, we need to find a better floor mat for the area! It's so great that there is so much room there compared to our other ICEs.

One really great feature of the phone app is that if you leave the dog in the car you can monitor the temp and turn on the air conditioning if it starts to get warm, or open the Pano more. It would be nice if you could control the windows too.

I've had my S since December - with tan leather seats. I am owned by a very spoiled 8-year-old Golden Retriever. He rides in the back seat in a hammock (Drs. Foster and Smith online) which keeps him safe and the seats clean and scratch-free. Of course - the black carpet - just like every piece of clothing my wife and I own - constantly reminds us of his he would expect.

Cattle dog/American Eskimo named Zam and an Australian Shepherd/Corgi mix, named Biggs. Love them to death. They are our kids, but they have not been in the Tesla yet... we have the weather proof mat and some blankets, too. It will be soon, I am sure. Might have to contact Rosanne though. That looks like a stellar solution to minimize the shedding!

I just placed and order for what looks like a great product for us and our four dogs.

Our German Shepherd, and our Shih Tzu love to ride in the car. They have great visabilty

My Golden gets a ride to the vet tomorrow (my black interior will get a backseat blanket)


For the model S, i didn't need ay of the wings, and with the rods to extend it to floor at lowest it will go it fit in nice and snug. I generally take it out when the dog isn't ridding with me because it does rattle.

Of course, my little co-pilot is always welcome! She's a 9 pound Japanese Chin, and she doesn't shed all that much. Besides.. how could I ever say no to that face?!?

My West Virginia Terrier rides in the back, but I'm not happy with the cover I picked up at PetSmart. It doesn't fully cover the leather (actually exposes the Alcantara) and so I'm constantly trying to tuck it back around the side of the seat. I also have a dog harness that is attached to a piece of cord that wraps around the back of the seat (from the edge to where the seat splits for half fold down) so she has some ability to move but won't jump into the front. All the seat covers I see (Orvis, Amazon, etc.) as well as the one I bought seem to require adjustable headrests. Without them, the slip cover keeps slipping off the top of the seat, so I'm still looking for a good solution.

You mean this one?

<img src="" width="600">

^^ Yep, that one! Thanks, Brian! :)

Beau is a 125 pound black Great Dane. After 3 weeks, I gave in and put together two of my favorites, one being my blue with tan leather MS and this 18 month old beast that just loves to ride. Beau is comfortable gazing out of the back of my Range Rover Sport. That is his ride! For the MS, I was concerned about the proverbial dog hair and the residual dog smell and I was conflicted. I previously had a Yellow Lab that also enjoyed car rides. However the ubiquitous yellow lab shedding would always cling fiercely to the black interior carpet. It was a chore to vacuum most of it out.
For the first Great Dane ride, I bought 2 furniture blankets at the local hardware and laid it out on the flattened rear with the rear seats folded. I lured Beau in with a dog biscuit. Beau jumped in nonchalantly and stretched out his massive frame across with his tail neatly tucked in as I closed the rear trunk lid behind him. Unlike my previous Yellow Lab, he did not drool on the glass window and the leather interior. The furniture blanket covered most of the rear space. He was happy as a clam as we rode into town for a pastry run. On the return trip, no dog cookie was required. Beau, myself, and this quiet electric vehicle drove triumphantly back to our home.

LOL @ the question, I'm not sure I'd even let my Fiance ride in an S! She tends to kick and scuff sills on getting in and out...

My cute mixed breed dog rides in the front seat and loves to look out the window. I have a folded blanket on the seat. If anyone finds a good front seat cover please post a link.

Ryan - does the wire mesh divider cut off any storage space in the trunk? Or does it sit nice and flush up against the back of the seats? Thanks for the link!

The first morning our Model S was in the driveway our two dogs insisted that this was the car they were to be driven to daycare in. There was no amount of coaxing that was going to get them to go in the Acura.

Yes, it was a proud moment for me that the dogs realized just how special the Model S is. And yes, they ride in it. Often.

My dog always gets to ride in the back seat. I've had the best results using rubberized bath mats on the seats. Two of them cover the seat and stay put.

When you want to carry people in the back seat, the mats can be removed in seconds. My current dog weighs 50 pounds, and two dogs ago it was a 70 pounder. Now we use a harness and a short safety restraint that attaches to the seat belts whe we take highway trips.

I've never experienced any damage to the seats, but occasionally I vacuum the dog hair out of the crack at the bottom of the seatback.

I once bought one of those 'systems' that clip to the seats, headrests, front seats, etc, and they are a pain to deal with. I got rid of it within a month. Plus, they slide around, while bath mats stay put.

- Bill

with their 00s of times more sensitive noses, I'm sure the gas-free smell of the MS makes is a doggie no-brainer. Anent which, didja know 50% of the dog brain is dedicated to smell? The "head out the window" schtick is getting a hi-speed nose news report of the territory. The doggie-brain lights up like a Christmas tree.

typo: ... MS makes it a ...

Jeez.... It's just a car. My three chihuahuas ride to work with me every day.
I love my Model S, but I love my mutts even more.

That's cheating; chihuahuas don't shed.

I have about an inch away from backseat when I have it in. I wanted to make sure if any licking was going on, it would be a harder reach the leather. My current foster thinks he needs to lick everything. I can even put things I don't want him to get into under the second compartment in trunk. It would easily mount flush against seat though if that is your preference.

When I first sized it, I actually put it together in place in back of car to get the fit as tight as possible. It has rubber on the top bar of the mesh, i was worried that it might rub and leave a stain on ceiling, but some testing on a less obvious location proved that that wasn't going to happen. It really fits well, my only worry is if a dog found a way to pull it towards him he could probably pull it loose the way I have it mounted. Definitely something to test with dog in back while your not driving until you and your dog are comfortable.

Thanks Ryan.

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