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Does the 85kw S with Air Suspension handle as well as the Model S Performance?

I test drove a Model S Performance yesterday, but ordered a Model S with active air suspension. The salesperson did not seem to know whether the traction control would be the same as that of the Model S Performance. Does anyone know whether the handling is identical and, if not, how the differences might be experienced when driving?

As far as I know p85 performance all includes active air suspension.

the Model S Performance has active air suspension and sport-tuned traction control, so I guess it is the sport-tuned traction control that is not mentioned under the Model S with the air suspension optioned that I ordered.

Does anyone know whether the sport-tuned traction control is available on the Model S?

@hdsull - I suspect that has more to do with tuning it for the higher power output of the performance model's inverter/motor.

I think it's intended to allow limited slip for added sport-iness.

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