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Door opens by itself

I remember someone posted something about the door opening by itself, never happened to me until today! (more than 2200 miles on my car now)
I washed the car at home, then took it for a drive, stopped at a market, got something, came back to the car, when I got in, noticed that it says a door is open!
which one? Looked at the display, the right rear door is open. That's funny, since I mostly only open the driver door, and the left rear door to put stuff in.
Got out and walked around the car, sure enough, the right rear door is ajar for about 1 inch. Closed it. Drove home. Tried to finish drying the car, then got in the driver seat again, same story, the right rear door popped open again. Basically when I open the driver's door or tap the door handle, the right rear door also opens.

This repeated about 4 times total. Told my husband, went to the garage with a video camera in hand, but then of course, it did not do it again. He said he did not know the door can open by itself (not unlock, but physically open!) I guess it is a feature that may be added someday?

I wonder if it was due to some water getting somewhere it shouldn't? Anyone else seen this?

I picked up my car about a month ago and today my rear driver side door opened by itself TWICE.

Luckily I noticed my car did not lock when it happened the first time as I was walking away from my car. It took me awhile to figure out that my door was ajar.

The second time it happened was when I walked toward my car, where it unlocked automatically. The back door then opened by itself again.

If it makes any difference, it sprinkled/drizzled today in the Silicon Valley.

This is a serious issue from a safety and security perspective.

Happened to me first night I got it (60+tech. Noticed on app after I had parked at restaurant - driver's side rear door. Noticed same door ajar when leaving from work a week later. Been raining a lot since I got the car. But it has been dry the last few days and had a nice long sunny drive yesterday. After charging in the garage checked the app after about 4 hours to see that charge had completed, but driver's door was ajar. Tesla Chicago wants me to "swing by" service center, but I'm hoping Rangers can fix.

mine is still working properly after the replacement in January.

Just happened to me. Passenger side front door. No rain and not wet outside. I parallel parked in front of my driveway and walked around to other side of car and noticed door open. I thought - this can't be? I am only person in car....

Please call Tesla so they can download the log and see what happened.

It happened to me yesterday. It was fine while turning around in the driveway, and then, when I got out to check the mailbox and got back in to drive to work, the message came on to proceed with caution because a door was open. At first, I thought I hadn't shut the front door correctly, so I opened and closed it. The message persisted, so I got out, and sure enough, the back driver's side door was ajar. I'm not aware of any updates, so I will be keeping a close eye on it. I have to park outside, and it has rained every day for seemingly weeks now.

As Portia mentioned, door handles may need to be replaced. No issues since I had my replacements done 1 month ago. You should notify nearest SC.

Tesla drivers:

It may be helpful if you could share what Software Version your car is at.

You can touch the "T" icon on the upper center of 17" console for vX.X (X.XX.XX).

I think this is a hardware problem, call Tesla and get yourself a new handle.
mine has worked since replacement!

This problem is a hardware problem. The handles have been a challenge for them to get right. Here some details on my saga as I have had several replaced.

It happened to me twice. The first time I was in the car with my wife and we thought we hit a button. Then we realized there is no button to open the door. Next it happened when I unlocked the doors in the garage. Got into the drivers seat to use the computer, got out and tried to lock the car with the fob. Car wouldn't lock. Went to look at the screen and noticed the front passenger door was ajar.

Time to contact tesla.

I had this happen with a 60KW loaner while my P85 was in the shop. When I put it in park the right passenger door would open. Not every time but often.. I let the Tesla service center know when I got my P85 back.. but not sure whatever happened after that.

Same thing happened at 5800 miles. The front passenger door opens every time we park the car. Fortunately it has not occurred while driving the car.

For us, it was not an issue of water. We have not washed our car nor has it rained on the car.

Turning off the proximity function does not resolve the problem.

Is is OK to wait for 2 weeks to fix the problem. I can not get an earlier appointment with Tesla.

I just bought my car . I have had it for 3 weeks and the front passenger door opens when I put the car in park. It does this 90% of the time. Water is not the issue since my car has not seen water yet.

Wow! You must have the latest firmware 8.0! Can't wait. :-)

Just found this thread. My passenger door popped open last night in a parking lot. I had some valuables in the car and nothing was missing, but I'm a bit freaked out by this. No water was involved - it was dry and hot last night. I reported it to Tesla this morning and am awaiting a reply.

I've had the car since late February 2013.

Luckily for me, the doors popped open at the SC when they picked it up for annual service and I got 4 new door handles out of the deal. It is a sign of a malfunctioning door handle mechanism and will need to be replaced. It would be desirable to have this not happen, or at least buzz the phone app to let you know the car is unsecured. Similar effect when the 12V battery is about to die and the driver window rolls down on its own. This has not happened in over a year now. I too have had the car since late Feb 2013.

@gold, this is a problem with an older version of the door handles. Get thee to a service center and have them replace it under warranty.

Mine Model S's right rear door just starting doing this today. Already happened 3 times and my car wasn't recently washed. Water is definitely not the cause here. Any suggestions on how to stop this?

Downey, CA

Schedule a service visit, handle likely needs replacement. My rear left was replaced around a year ago, IIRC.

Might be as simple as resetting the door handle controller, but it will need a service visit.

Door handle needs to be replaced. Schedule a service call.

I am having a similar door problem. While in the car in driver's seat, if I open my (front left) door, the front right door opens sometimes. This happens also when I'm entering the car, and I found out when I start driving because of the alert for a door ajar. This is a problem that started about a month ago, and seems to happen about once in ten times I open the driver door. It has rained heavily here in Oslo a few times recently but I don't think water incursion is the it happened twice today, with 30 degress Celsius and sunshine and I haven't washed the car for a while.
I just called Tesla support and they suggest I reboot and if it keeps happening take the car in for service.

I've had the same problem, with left rear door. Service replaced the handle and it was fine until the last software update. Now it occasionally recurs when I open the rear hatch or place the car in park. Coincidence or a bug? I'll call for service again. Last time they gave me next day ranger service.

Add my car to the list. Driver's door unlatches itself when the handles open, either to auto-present or putting the car in park. So far only the driver's door, and only when the weather is hot (95F+), but given warm conditions, it happens consistently. Earliest available appointment at Fremont is Sep. 10.

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