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Drive Responsibly....Please

My wife and I love our MS. We live in the SF area. We love the social aspect of the TESLA family.
We love waving at other Tesla owners and often get a big thumbs up in reply.

However, yesterday a MS driver did not represent this amazing social network well.

My wife was trailering horses back to the Bay area from Gilroy and was delighted to see a MS coming up to pass her. She was talking to me on Bluetooth and I could tell she was grinning.

A few moments after finishing our conversation, she called me back to report that this MS driver passed her and abruptly pulled in front of her truck leaving nearly zero room for stopping if she needed to. She was really pissed that someone driving our favorite car could so poorly represent the Tesla community and potentially put her and our horses at risk.

She asked me to post this to remind Tesla drivers that we do represent this amazing group of people and to some extent Tesla. My experience is that most Tesla drivers drive safely. Just be aware that folks are looking and evaluating in this formative stage of the Tesla era. Do what you can to enhance that image through thoughtful and safe driving.

We need to be mindful about the damage an S would inflict on a mere mortal car. With great power comes great responsibility.

@cloroxbb - Perhaps you should read my posts again. I was not blocking anyone from passing. There was NO ROOM for anyone to pass, period.

There were many vehicles of all sizes in both lanes flowing continuously without any gaps. I happened to be in the left lane going along the same speed with other cars in front of me (not any slower). Any safe driver would allow a 2 seconds buffer at highway speed.

It idiotic to tailgate at highway speed. It takes an extra stupid red neck on an 18 wheelers to do so knowing there's no room ahead of my car either.

Oh, it takes an even bigger idiot to comment without actually reading the posts.

The left lane is for Passing! I'm not sure about the other states, but it is illegal to "cruise" in the left lane (not that they enforce it). You are not supposed to pass on the right (not sure that it's illegal), so MOVE OVER after you pass! If not, you are the aggressive driver.
BTW - Don't flash your lights at the idiot blocking the left lane. I did this a couple of years ago to a Subaru driving 60 in a 75 (in the left lane), and I'm the one who got a ticket for aggressive driving.

@ Andercam, are you sure you weren't doing more than just flashing your lights? :P

I don't think that just because I am driving a Tesla necessarily means I am representing other Tesla owners and defintely not the company.

Interesting concept but it's not one I will have in mind while driving my Model S (hopefully early Sept!) on the road.

While on a lightly traveled freeway, I find that driving the speed limit in the right lane works best. The range is improved and I relax knowing that I save energy by slowing down. The only remaining problem are the drivers who clog the passing lanes gawking at the Model S. Slowing down a bit more helps that problem.

The busiest Tesla Store is Fashion Island in conservative Orange County. Don't assume that all tailgaters are upset over the car. They may be attempting to get a glimpse of the 17" touch screen. If they own the stock, they may be trying to give the car a kiss. Most drivers hate driving the speed limit, so let them pass.

First of all, my post was simply a an opinion that this is a subject for the main Tesla section, or a private posting. I feel as well that it is a good thing all kinds of drivers are buying this car. Some folks posting and reading this forum are not owners at all, but members of the general public. They are gleaning the most information on this car from others. So I think more "visibility" is given in a post like this, than the few people driving unsafely. So if the intent is to raise awareness among other owners to positively effect perception, post privately.

I would add that cruising in the passing lane for drivers of all cars is a pet peeve. Here is the rule of matter your speed, if you are unwilling to pass the car on your right, you are in the wrong lane.

Does this mean my opinion is valid again??

Nope - the box was checked for Aggressive driving, and in the notes, he put flashing lights. He was in an unmarked car beside me, so if I was following too close he would've got me for that. Not that I won't tailgate! I can be as big of a jerk as the jerk who won't move over! :-)

If I want to go faster that the flow of traffic (or even the posted limit), I will always move over after passing... even if there isn't anyone behind me.
I hate having cars behind me (been rear-ended twice in the last three years by "distracted" teenage girls).

I always drive in the right lane except when I am actively passing another car, assuming two forward lanes. It is the 'slower traffic keep right' axiom. Also, there is better visibility from the right lane. I hate being passed on the right, because the passing car emerges from your blind spot. I never figured politics had anything to do with it.

@Amped, If you are obstructing traffic in the left lane then you deserve to be tailgated. I agree, that no one has the "right" but if someone doesn't move over then you do what you need to. For me though, it seems that flashing the headlights works much better than tailgating.

@Matthew, I read your posts and you didn't specify that there was no room to move over, you only said you were "travelling with the flow of traffic." If you would have actually been specific and not vague, then I wouldn't have said that.

Anyways, I just wanted to see people's response to my post too, as in the state I am from, it is a law that the left lane is for passing, so I get annoyed with "left laners." I lived in North Carolina for 4.5 years and it was very annoying :)

Hate to butt in like this, butt ...
It seems a few of the posters here are totally missing the point: Please do not embarass the brand!
Some show signs of incomplete maturity also. Road rage is not good.
Tailgating is a very dangerous "game" to play. That's why it is illegal.
Remember when you drive a Model S, you are in control of a deadly weapon. Do NOT abuse this responsibility.


If you'd read what I said more carefully, you'd realize that it was a mea culpa and I admitted that I was being a jerk in that incident. I posted the comment to remind ourselves that we all can lapse into irresponsible behavior without meaning to. And also how our biases, beliefs and attitudes can affect our judgement and the decisions that we make.

However, there is no need for you to engage in indiscriminate name-calling. This just isn't very cool, especially if they are fellow Tesla drivers.

Its all good man. No disrespect meant. I was just bored at work, and felt like illiciting a rise out of people. :)

Germans (and Europeans as a whole) spend a bucket load of cash getting their drivers license.

We get ours out of a CrackerJack box.

Results are predictable.

@lolachampcar +1

Lola/Chloro: You mean you need a license to drive? :)

As with many of these threads it all comes down to common courtesy/golden rule.

Also, don't always assume people who drive pickups are rednecks or republicans.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Most days I am very mellow, tolerate other motorists... May be one day of the week, I drive fast. (That is to say, I average 280-290 wh/mi usage most of the week, and on that fateful day or two, go to 380 wh/mi)

When I want to do that, I don't want a 45mph Leaf in the left lane when the speed limit is 65. I swear to god, I recognize that driver after encountering him 3-4 times on my morning commute. He is always staring straight at the instrument cluster, not the road, and always travels 45-50 in the 65 zone.

That's when I start to cross double white lines to overtake him.

I don't think I will reflect on Tesla anymore than I now do on Toyota, and I am probably 4 standard deviations from the average Tesla owner, philosophically and politically. I always try to be courteous while driving, pushing a cart at the grocery store, etc, but it certainly isn't because I think I represent anyone else - just because we drive the same make of car? Agree with whoever said this is taking the Tesla psychosis to another level.


It's 'elicit' (to evoke) not 'illicit' (what you call an affair with your mistress)

You're welcome, BrianH.

@jtodtman and @RedShift


Haha, I knew my spelling looked peculiar. Thanks for the correction :)

Actually, it looked illicit. Literally.

About flashing lights -- try the emergency flashers. Might work.

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