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Driver Side Window Durability

I have ordered a Model S and look forward to receiving the car. Entering my garage requires me to lower and raise the Driver Side Window several times each day to swipe a cardkey and open the gate. Are other people doing this, and is the window mechanism working reliably? Thank you in advance for your responses.

I've never had a problem, nor have I read in these forums about anyone else having a problem.

Up and down every day at the airport, sometimes twice. Working like a charm (1600 miles).

2 months and 3500 miles, window all the way down and up twice a day to fold in my driver's side mirror while going out/into my garage. No issues with either the window or mirror so far.

EAdopter, it's just a car. It works like other cars. It'll be fine.

Strange question. Right up there with how quickly the door hinges wear out, or how soon the paint fades. Too soon to know, let you know in about 10 years.


Yes, I have to roll the drivers window down/up to move the mirror so I can navigate my narrow garage (this baby is really wide) as many times a day as I take her out (hopefully more than once!).

I payed-forward my 15 yr old Jetta in which I replaced the drivers window motor twice, and decided to pass on both of the rear passenger window fixes. Odd, because those were rarely used, except when I was demonstrating the cool feature whereby you could roll all the windows down with the "fob". How far we have come with the S - OTA updates, reboot your dashboard? how cool is that? - and the fact that we can all contribute to the prioritized list of feature enhancements on this forum - truly great.

I expect they used cheaper motors in the rear on the Jetta, but I'm a software guy, and the Jetta was a tool, no gender, no name.

Big surprise, for $1 my niece didn't mind too much.

Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful responses. I can understand how my question may seem odd. I've owned cars with issues such as weak window hardware, sagging door hinges, and sunroofs that leaked. I've also owned a few cars that were very durable. The Model S is new and I was wondering if high-use functions were holding up. It sound like the car is great. Thanks again to everyone.

Interesting that someone asked this question. My model S is about 2 weeks old with 700 miles and my rear window got stuck. It would not go down, and given how the doors work, when I try to close the door, the glass interferes with the door frame. I had to push the glass in to close the door. After a day it started working, but is not reliable, and the glass is sometimes getting stuck in different positions. I am wondering if it is the cold temperature in north east that is causing this. Have logged a service request over the weekend and an waiting for them to schedule a service appointment to diagnose and fix the issue. Will keep everyone posted. Love the car, amazing to drive. Hope this is just a small issue and will be fixed soon.

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