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Drove to Mammoth, Missing the S

Only had the S for 2 days, and already I don't want to drive the ICE to Mammoth (although not enough to attempt it with a 5 and 7 year old without Superchargers). Lets get a Kickstarter going for more Superchargers ;)

Nice. I'm on a ski club bus from Mammoth right now. The 395 is a lonely patch completely lacking in Level 2 charging stations. I can think of higher priorities for Tesla for a Supercharger - at least flying is an option.

Driven to Mammoth 3x since I've had my Model S. I've scouted supercharger locations each time. If Tesla's reading this, feel free to reach out since, in my driving boredom, I have worked through staffing, location and other issues for each location. ;-)

In terms of priorities, Mammoth gets mentioned quite a bit around here and might be one of the more-frequently non-Interstate locations mentioned. Plus, the real estate is cheap along this route and sun is plentiful so it could be cost-effective.

Given Tesla's high percentage of sales in Southern California (I'm guessing it has to be in excess of 10%), it's not as crazy as it sounds to add a supercharger or two for the 14 and 395. Not only would it encourage me to go all electric through my next car purchase, I can count on two hands the number of extra sales that I know personally that would be triggered by a Mammoth option.

I think the only concern is that waiting times for those superchargers during ski season will be too long -- and they would be a lot less utilized during summer or even just during the middle of the week during winter.

I've been scouting locations for superchargers too! Lone Pine/Independence may be too far from LA/OC. Ridgecrest seems just about right. Low population so no local leechers.

On that note. I recently stopped at the Hawthorne SC's and there were 8 Teslas waiting for 4 SC's. Thankfully there were four working and not the usual 2. This is a big problem in metropolitan areas where their might be model S owners close enough to charge frequently. This is why SC's need to be in remote areas.

Your idea for a SC on route 395 is great. Right now I have to use my ICE as well for my ski trips. Hope there is a SC on 395 when I get my model X.

How long did it take to get to the "head of the line" in that situation. Was it over ¼ hr?

Sorry, I meant 3/4 hr. I'm wondering if drivers restrict their charge time to what's needed, rather than the max, when they see a line behind them.

Ridgecrest would be okay, but I think something farther North is necessary for Southbound trips (when you can't fully charge in Mammoth) and just for getting a top-off to climb to Mammoth.

My ideal would be 2 locations as follows:

Mojave -- there are a couple open lots near Carls Jr where a full-blown solar Supercharger could be built.
Lone Pine -- By McDs and near softball field. Ditto on solar.

That would make 3 100 mile intervals between Los Angeles and Mammoth. That seems like the right fit.

Alternatively, there are plenty of lots in Big Pine (albeit not much for eating). Bishop is also an option, but it's only 40 miles from Mammoth so that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

I think you could also shift everything North and use Ridgecrest and Big Pine/Bishop.

Ridgecrest could work as the only location, but there's really no adequate other infrastructure close to 395 (i.e., there's no food, restrooms, etc.).

Ridgecrest does have the advantage of serving those traveling 395 from the 15.


There is a recent thread about a long wait at hawthorne. There are pics too. I actually came ninth but came late enough to miss the line and talk to the other 3 teslas that waited up to 2 hrs. At one point there were 4 charging and 4 waiting. The just charged on a first come first serve basis.

Just thought I'd bump this thread. Drove home from Mammoth yesterday in our AWD Volvo ;-(

Would really like to be driving our MS and ultimately an MX, but this route keeps getting pushed back for SuperCharger deployment. Originally, we were to get these done by Winter 2013/2014. With only 30 days left this Winter, that's obviously not happening.

If there isn't any progress in the next few months, I likely will give up my pretty low MX reservation. If so, we will probably just replace the Volvo with a much smaller electric or hybrid (A3 eTron?) and rent AWD SUVs for our trips to Mammoth. For the $50k price difference between an A3 eTron and an MX, we could take a lot of rental ICE trips.


Similar thoughts on the 395 to Mammoth SCs. I was pretty confident I could drive my MS up there this summer, but not looking too good right now.

Here's the word from Tesla as of April 1 (April Fool's?-I don't think so).

"Thank you for your email and great to hear that you are planning some long distance trips in your Model S! Our development team is working to open sites along 395 as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, our experience encountering and overcoming issues through all phases of the site acquisition and deployment process has led us to prefer communicating firm timing only once we are 100% sure a specific site will be ready. Please continue to monitor our website for updates and announcements."

The good news is that I can get to Colorado this summer!

I'm on the fence with the MX. I'd like it, but I'm also concerned about the wait times on the SC going to Mammoth. I'm thinking about doing a few trips with the MS to make sure it's not too bad before committing and giving up the X5 (I'm more worried about the Friday as Sunday we usually leave later than the most of the crowd).


I never went there so I have no idea, but it is possible. Just slower.

I look up

and found out:

From Gilroy Supercharger

to your destination that has NEMA 14-50 for $25 fee:

Mammoth RV Park, 2667 Main St. Mammoth Lakes, CA

is 217 miles.

To be safe, you may want to break the trip into 2 legs:

Gilroy to Yosemite Pines RV Resort & Family Lodging,20450 Old Highway 120, Groveland, CA, 95321

That's 106 miles.

So you started maxcharge with 265 miles@Gilroy - 160 miles@Yosemite Pines, so you have 159 miles left.

Once you get extra reserved miles $5/2 hours, you can continue on your trip:

Yosemite Pines to Mammoth RV Park

That is about 116 miles.


If you are from Orange County down south, then

Tejon Ranch Supercharger -> Mammoth RV Park = 277 miles.

To make, I recommend to charge in between as below:

Tejon Ranch -> Boulder Creek RV Resort, U.S. 395 Lone Pine, CA 93545

for 173 miles.

It has both NEMA 14-50 and HPWC

Get some more miles and continue:

Boulder Creek RV -> Mammoth RV

for another 104 miles.

Good luck!


Considering driving to Mammoth over Easter and could use a stopover for a 60. Maybe leave after work and get a hotel halfway. Then ski by 930AM. Confirmed charging at the hotel.


Agree those need to get installed.

Have done some long drives and haven't tried getting to Mammoth. Yet.

Big question for me is whether I can make the 308 mile drive back on a single charge.

Start altitude: 2404 metres (7887 feet)
End altitude: 32 metres (104 feet)
Maximum altitude: 2406 metres (7894 feet)
Minimum altitude: 22 metres (73 feet)
Distance: 497.6 km (309.2 miles)
Total ascent: 3000 metres (9841 feet)
Total descent: 5372 metres (17624 feet)

What do people think?

For those from the south, the alternative is from Barstow supercharger.

252 miles which is shorter than from Tejon Ranch 277 miles.

Barstow Supercharger -> Boulder Creek RV Resort -> Mammoth RV Park:


I am not familiar with this particular descending route.

When I traveled through Tejon Pass, there's a downhill stretch that says something like "5% grade next 5 miles" or so. I noticed that the battery gauge stopped losing miles and began gaining miles for that stretch.

There was enough energy to keep the car moving with all the lights A/C, stereo, other accessories as well as recharging the battery for additional miles.

My guess is it's possible for Mammoth route if:

1) Enough slope degrees (in Tejon Pass case=5%)

2) Sufficient downhill distance.

3) No manual brakes (OK to use cruise control & regenerative brake instead.) No traffic interference.

Easy as driving off a cliff! >:p

RT to Mammoth from So Cal is the perfect summer drive. I have a place there and would really enjoy the trip in my MS. As soon as there's some sign of life on the 395 super chargers, I'll be asking my condo association to install a NEMA 14-50.

Today, I drove from Ventura, to the Lebec Supercharger, then with a range charge to Independence on Hwy 395. I took the route through Tehachapi to hwy 14 which becomes 395. I drove 55 to 65 all the way and arrived with 57 miles to spare! There are actually two very clean and cute motels in Independence, Ca with Nema 14-50. They are Ray's Den and Independence Inn. Linda is the owner or Ray's and her friend Jim owns Independence Inn. I tested out Jim's 14-50 and it gives me the full 40 amps. Ray's Den is where I am staying overnight while my car is charging at 40 amps. It's a great town to walk around and the scenery is incredible! Just 15 miles south, Lone Pine has a really superb restaurant called The Seasons.

Has there been any more word on a supercharger along the 395? I have a pretty low reservation number for a Model X, and was told when I put the deposit down that there would be something on the 395 this year. Since my SoCal place is 310 miles from our Mammoth condo, someplace to charge in between is pretty much a requirement before I will purchase a Tesla. Please Tesla, give us some sign of what is to be.

Just today stated on the TMC Forums by Callmesam, 4 Superchargers going in at Lone Pine in the parking lot of the Western Theater at south end of town.

Also, you may check out progress at

Westin Monache in Mammoth has operational chargers!

I can't wait for mammoth supercharger to open! I'm not sure if I could make it from San Clemente but one stop at Hawthorne would do it. I'd think the subway that right after the 395/14 north would be a batter bet for travelers coming from the 15 or 5 but lone pine will definitely get you all the way to mammoth. I'm sure they've worked all the uphill math out going north.

Fingers crossed for snow now.

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