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Dry cleaning

I have had my big blue p85+ for almost a month and I love it but my laundry is delivered to the office and I am running out of clothing at home. Looking for some thoughtful suggestions about the apparent lack of a cloths hook. Am I missing something? aren't missing something, but your S is... :). I saw a clever trick/photo on one of the sites. From the trunk, you can use the visible shoulder/seatbelt at the top of the rear seat back. Hook your hangers over it, with the clothes hanging back inside the trunk. Actually worked well the one time I tried.

I just lie the dry cleaning flat in the trunk.

Should that be "lay"?

Dry cleaning, hanging clothes, etc sit just fine on the parcel shelf - just make sure to put a dark piece of clothing on top to reduce glare in the rear window.

I noticed same thing on day 3 of ownership last week! Hate to lay my clothes down as they wrinkle. I'll try he seatbelt trick. Sadly, software can't fix this.

If you have the pano roof you can hang things from crossbeam between the front and rear sections.

I can't imagine that laying clothes in the back seat would induce enough wrinkles to matter. But I rarely have anything dry cleaned.

Why not simply go into your garage, break out some tools and scrap hardware laying around, and get creative? How about a simple zip tie or two wrapped around a hand grip?

What hand grip?

What is the little round circle in the head liner above the rear doors in the photo gallery? I guess that's why they always show dry cleaning in the reclined passenger seat of foreign car commercials.

No hand grip? Really? When I test drove one a couple of weeks ago, I never even thought to look for one. Hmm...

Link to gallery pic? I see no rear interior shots.

My solution. Requires Pano.

image fail


Sorry don't know how to link to an image. The thing Im talking about is in the headline above rear passenger door. It is visible on TESLA website under Features/Interior. It is the last picture. You can just choose Features/Safety and scroll up a picture.

I'll be glad when mine is delivered in December, then I won't have to look at pictures.

Sorry. Answered my own question. The image I found in Features shows much clearly. The round circle is thebackseat reading lights.

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