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Eastern Washington

I see people mention east side, but I think for the Seattle area they mean Bellevue. I want to see how many Tesla owners and reservation holders are in Eastern Washington. That is, east of Snoqualmie pass.

I know there are at least two Roadster owners in the Spokane area (one of them being Daniel). I'm still hoping to get my Model S next year (depending on finances).

How many more are there of us? One of my reasons for wanting to know is the viability of charging infrastructure between Spokane and Seattle or Spokane and Portland. Thanks to Tom Saxton we have a level II charging station (70A) in Ellensburg. However, what are the chances of at least one level III station between Spokane and Seattle and another between Spokane and Portland?

Thanks for any input.


Thanks for the info. I live in Yakima (P9026) and it's nice to know that I'll have more than enough juice to get to Seattle with the S. Where did you charge in Yakima?

Would like to see a few more chargers along the freeways, too. Oregon has a lot of them.

Look for my car in Tri-Cities after this weekend! P1782. Cheers!

I wouldn't mind a supercharger there KevinE. That would make it possible to get from Cheney to Portland.

I originally thought that Ellensburg would be an optimal site for a supercharger but I changed my mind after looking at the Jurrasic Test range tool. When you use this tool be sure to check your route going both directions because it compensates for elevation. Don't forget to set your speed and driving style too. I chose a 85kWh Model S for the tool.

I ended up with the conclusion that Vantage would be better because it is a major interchange and you can reach Spokane, Pullman and beyond from there. Ellensburg looks marginal when going Eastbound to Spokane at highway speeds due to the steady elevation climb. Ellensburg offers other charging opportunities too.

I found out that Ellensburg has a Tesla Roadster charger in the same location as their chargepoint chargers. With an adapter for the Model S, you can charge free at 70A there.

@KevinE: I've got Sig 1179/1045. We should have a Eastern Washington Tesla meetup one day.

@walla2--that's good news! The adapter costs $650, so it's not cheap. But with that plug in Ellensburg and the one at Burgerville in Centralia, probably worth it.

I put a 14-50 outlet in my parents garage. Just have to remember to take the cord with me.

walla2 - Funny. I had been thinking about that myself. I'm game for a get together at a local micro if anyone is interested.
For my Eastern Washington experience, I've had my car for nearly 4 weeks now and have over 900 miles on the clock. I took delivery at the Seattle Service Center and drove it 215 miles to Tri-Cities in a snow storm. It was an amazing driving experience! My highlight of the day now is driving the car to/from work. The guards at the plant still ask me if I'm the "Model S Guy" and proceed to ask performance questions. Friends at work who have given me a hard time for 3 years for registering are now green with envy and ask for rides! Others are taking pics with their cell phone in the parking lot. I was told that there would be 200 Model S's in WA by the end of Dec. But I have yet to see another one in the Tri-Cities area. I REALLY have had a good time with this car, first one in a long time.

Has anyone tried charging at the Wild Horse Renewable visitors' center? If so, what's the charging rate there on the 14-50's?

Kevin--how'd the car do in the snow? Do you have the 21's or the 19's, and were they the snow tires or the ones that came with the car?

I have the 19" wheels with all season tires. The car handled the snow very well, better than our Honda Accord. Traction control was smooth with no wheel spin. Stability control kept the car straight even during lane changes in rutted snow.

Nice! Thanks, Kevin!

Although I originally started this thread to talk about charging east of Snoqualmie pass, now I curious as to how many Model S owners (or owners to be) are in the Spokane area.

Does the owner of the white Model S (I believe a performance, as it had turbine wheels) who had paint protection applied by the SpokaneShop come to this forum?

Yes I am here. I took delivery of the P85 on March 4th. I have 5500 miles on it now. Actually it is my wife's car. After I bought my roadster in 2010, she decided she needed something to replace her ICE car.

BTW, I took the 21" wheels off and replaced them with 19s. A much quieter ride.

As far as charging for going west, I find the Ellensburg charger to be fine for either the roadster or the MS. You can get 70 amps out of it and it has several decent restaurants nearby. The wind farm at the top of Vantage hill is hard to get to because there is no freeway access. Besides, the outlets are not adjacent to the parking lot.


I'm supposed to get my Model S between June 21 and July 5.
I can hardly wait now, even though I've already waited about 40 months. I decided not to get the dual charger, so the 70A charger won't do me any good. Hopefully there's good news. Someone at the Bellevue store thought we might have a charger at Ellensburg or Vantage by the end of the year. He also said the Centralia charger is already installed and being tested.

Of course, this is hearsay.

Somebody, on another thread, said that they had seen the L&I permit for the Centralia charger. Ellensburg might be awhile but with the single charger you could make the wind farm at Vantage. Of course, if you aren't in a hurry, you can get 30% more range at 40 MPH than at 60 MPH.

I used that method when I was going between the superchargers at Harris Ranch and at Barstow on a trip from Portland to Las Vegas. I left Harris Ranch with enough electrons to make Barstow but ran into a head wind and there is a big elevation change as well. Anyway, I discovered that speed sucks a lot of electrons and as long as you don't get run over by a semi almost anything is possible.

I've been to the wind farm before for a meeting. It's enough out of the way that I could make it to Ellensburg as easily. Maybe not at 70 mph, but at 60 mph assuming decent weather conditions and traveling slowly up out of Vantage. Have you been over Snoqualmie in your Model S yet? If so, how did your mileage suffer with that?

Actually I haven't taken the S over Snoqualmie but my son has. I've done the trip in my roadster twice. I have taken both cars over Sherman Pass (which is higher) to Republic. I find that I get most of my energy back during the descents. You just have to remember that fact and ignore the projected range info while ascending.

The S that I drove to Las Vegas was a car that I picked up in Portland. The trip through Northern California involved a lot of elevation changes (and associated range anxiety) so I now feel comfortable dealing with that issue.

What you can't get back is the energy that you use to push air and that is proportionate to the square of your velocity. Speed is the enemy of range. Going uphill isn't that much of a problem as long as you come back down.

PatT: I found the same thing on my trip up to the Seattle area from Arizona. Although I kept my speed 60-65 through one stretch of Calif. the head wind just killed my performance. I think I averaged nearly 350 whr/mi on that stretch. On the other hand, I averaged less than 300 whr/mi going up over the Siskiyous in southern Oregon.


Are you happy with you Clear Bra wrap? How long did it take for them to do the application?


@PatT - I may have met you in passing at the Old European restaurant on the morning of May 9. It was the first MS I've seen on the east side of the mountains and was parked by the front doors. Beautiful car! It was white, glass roof and had what appeared to be aftermarket 19" wheels similar to the Tesla style. Made me wish I had brought my car, but I'm not aware of any good charging options in Spokane other than the court house ($4.50/hr, forget it) and my daughter lives in an apartment. I probably should have been a little more social and introduced myself, but we had a plane to catch after breakfast. Next time!

@David70 - Kon did my roadster a couple of years ago. He is good and fast. I think I gave the MS to him for a couple of days but he can do it in one. It is best to leave it overnight. He keeps the car inside his shop. I also added a little more tint to the windows though, based on his recommendation, I only went 35% on the front.

Another thing you will need is a good car washer. I washed mine for the first couple of months but the car needs it at least every week and eventually I found more interesting things to do for that hour. My dentist turned me on to Chad Specht (509-847-5515). He comes around every week and does the car inside and out for $30. He even brings his own soft water in a trailer. He wants to detail the car the first time ($160) but he waxes it, has the right cleaners for the leather and the screen. When he gets done the car looks better than when Tesla delivered it to me.

@KevinE -- Yeah that is where I do breakfast most every Wednesday. Normally, this time of year, I drive my roadster but maybe it was too cold that morning to drive with the top off.

I put those after market 19's on to see if the car would quiet down and they work like a champ. I picked up the wheels for $100 each from the Tire Rack just to test out the fatter tires and used the sensors from my 21's. The only problem I have found is that the car has too much torque for the type of rubber I picked so I've got to be careful to only apply full throttle when I'm going in a straight line -- otherwise it feels like it wants to break loose -- even with the TC on.

Charging in Spokane is a little difficult but I live here so I've got a couple of NEMA 14-50's at my house here and three at my place in Addy Washington. You'd be welcome to plug in at either place. Also, I found out that the Davenport Hotel has at least two NEMA 14-50's at their tower garage and I heard that there are two more in the main hotel garage. We also have two Nissan dealers with J-1772 charging but only when they are open. Another option is the Steam Plant Grill (which is downtown). They have a 30 amp J-1772 plug that is free.

I'd forgotten about the Steam Plant Grill Pat. That'll give me an excuse to go out to dinner there some time. I had a former student of mine working up in Addy for a few years. I forget the name of the plant that's there, so please remind me.

P.S. If I remember correctly, it had something to do with magnesium.

Yes they made mag and ferro silicon. Northwest Alloys, a subsidiary of Alcoa. They closed the plant because their process was not as efficient as a new process. Actually there are still a couple people working as caretakers. If they completely closed it they would have to return the area to its natural state. I guess that maintenance is the least expensive option.

Have you taken delivery of your car? What color is it -- I'll keep an eye out.

BTW, I met a deer last week on 395, north of Chewelah at about 60 mph. My model S did better than him but now I'm finding out how well Tesla takes care of problems like that. So far so good. The windshield is $800 plus $200 for installation. The left front fender was $500 plus some minor chrome parts around the side view mirror. I am going to try and re-use the bumper but if it had to be replaced I could buy it for $1000. Of course there will be some local labor to put these things together but compared to BMW or Mercedes, I think Tesla is very reasonable. They shipped the parts the next day.

One of the more difficult issues is matching the pearl white paint on the fender. If it was any other color than that (except red), I could have got the fender already painted directly from the factory.

Yikes! Glad to hear you and the car are OK!

They got you those parts pretty quick compared to what I've read recently regarding replacement body parts. Glad to hear they've built up some stock for these unfortunate but sometimes unavoidable encounters with wildlife and other vehicles.


Sorry about the accident, but I looks like you came out of it pretty well.

No car yet. I just got and signed the MVPA yesterday, and made full payment. The last information I received (before that) was the car should be through production some time during the week of the 17th and delivered to my home by the 30th. I'm hoping before that.

I can drive from Sacramento to Cheney in one long day. But I don't how much more the distance is from Fremont, and I assume the car will be shipped to Bellevue before coming to Cheney.

My car is the standard 85kW-h with Tech Package, Air Suspension, Panoramic Roof, Black Leather Seats, Obeche Gloss Decor, and Metallic Brown paint. I didn't want the performance, as 0-60 mph in 5.6s is plenty fast for me. Also, the lifetime of the performance tires is too low for my taste. I hope the metallic brown will be easier to match than the pearl white. Of course, I really hope to never have an accident. I know I haven't seen your car yet, so I don't know what the odds of you seeing mine are. After I get my car, maybe we can arrange a meeting. Are you on TMC also?


No. I should do that. So far I've gotten a lot of ideas from this forum and haven't felt the need for more. I do go there from time to time especially when links are provided here.

I kind of wish I hadn't bothered with the performance model. As I said earlier I really didn't want the 21" wheels because of the noise. I have a roadster so when I feel the need for max acceleration I can drive that until I find somebody who'd offer me a ride in an F-16. The extra acceleration did not help me get in front of that young buck either.

A meeting would be good. Last summer, Tom Saxton from "the west side" organized a roadster rally. He drove over from Redmond (I think that's where he lives) and four other roadsters and I met in CDA. We did a leisurely trip around the lake; stopping for lunch in St. Maries. It was nice to meet like minded people.

When I took delivery of my MS they offered to let me pick it up in Seattle or Bellevue. I was tempted but it was late February and I really didn't want to do the pass at that time of year. That added a week to my delivery time but it got here clean and inside of a van.

I'll watch for your brown S. BTW, there is at least one other pearl white here in Spokane. Somebody told me that they saw it parked on North Hamilton near the Safeway store. I'm in Nine Mile Falls on Seven Mile Road. I also saw a picture (taken in the valley) of a white S with a vanity plate "FNBEAST". That is not mine.

Thanks for the tip on Steam Plant and the offer for a charge at your place, Pat! The Steam Plant isn't too far from my daughter's school, and they have a micro-brewery! I would only need to park there for a couple hours to get enough juice to make it back to Tri-Cities. Looking forward to when more chargers are installed in the Spokane area. When I travel to Seattle, I have several options (including the NEMA 14-50 I installed at my sister's house). So, the MS is always the first choice traveling that direction.

@ KevinE So when you travel to Seattle do you go thru Yakima and over Chinook Pass or thru Ellensburg and over Snoqualmie?

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