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Eastern Washington

I see people mention east side, but I think for the Seattle area they mean Bellevue. I want to see how many Tesla owners and reservation holders are in Eastern Washington. That is, east of Snoqualmie pass.

I know there are at least two Roadster owners in the Spokane area (one of them being Daniel). I'm still hoping to get my Model S next year (depending on finances).

How many more are there of us? One of my reasons for wanting to know is the viability of charging infrastructure between Spokane and Seattle or Spokane and Portland. Thanks to Tom Saxton we have a level II charging station (70A) in Ellensburg. However, what are the chances of at least one level III station between Spokane and Seattle and another between Spokane and Portland?

Thanks for any input.


I mentioned this in Sightings, but my daughter's boyfriend saw a white Model S in Chewelah today. Was that you? I know Chewelah isn't very far from Addy.

Yes -- probably if it was after 4 PM. We stop an early dinner at the Chalet on our way from Spokane to Addy.

@PatT - I typically travel through Yakima, Ellensburg and over Snoqualmie pass. On a full charge, I have about 35 miles range left without trying to conserve power on the warmer days. In the winter, I have to drop the speed a bit and wear a coat.


I don't know if you already mentioned it or not, but was your Model S delivered to your home or did you pick it up in Bellevue and drive it back to your home?

If the former, did you have any issues with your car's state upon delivery? If the latter, where did you charge on the way home?


I had it delivered -- actually to my son's home as I was out of town. He and his kids really had no problem with the inconvenience though they all had to suffer the Tesla grin for a few hours.

I considered picking it up in Bellevue but it was around the end of February and I really didn't want to start out my MS experience on Snoqualmie in 6" of snow. Now, I'd probably do it, though I'm not sure if I'd be guaranteed good weather based on what I'm seeing outside today.

If you want to pick yours up in Bellevue, you can borrow my HPC roadster adapter and charge in Ellensburg. You could get all the amps you need while having lunch or dinner there. Just let me know via email ( and I'll make arraignments so you can get the adapter before you leave town.

Thanks Pat.

Hi Eastsiders,

If you didn't know this already, I just thought I would let you know that the Centralia Roadster HPC adapter share group decided to donate their adapter to the Ellensburg HPC after the Superchargers are installed in Centralia.

I'm not sure what the situation is like in Ellensburg, but we secured the adapter with a NEMA 4X lock box and padlock. Burgerville did the install for us.

@Captain_Zap, et al

I don't have the twin chargers, so NEMA 14-50 will serve me better than the HPC. There are apparently a large number of 14-50 outlets in the Ellensburg area. Once the Centralia supercharger is up and running, I may make a trip there, and recharge several hours in Ellensburg to complete the trip. Of course, I'll have to do the same on the return trip.

P.S. Nonetheless, your contribution is appreciated. I know that there are some on the Eastside that do have the twin chargers.

+1, Captain_Zap. Appriciate the contribution! Will be good for a short stop during the cooler months. I have a single charger as well, but the car will limit the current.

Just got our car last week. Love it. Been traveling around the Portland area but want to go to Walla Walla from Portland for the fall wine release weekend. Figure I can easily get there by charging in Hood River but wonder if there is a charger in Walla Walla. Checked with the Marcus Witman, they do not have anything, not even a dryer plug. Any ideas for the greater Walla Walla area?


Go get the app for your smartphone, too. Then, you will always know where a nearby charger is located!

I know there is one at Corvus Cellars and one at the Nissan Dealership. Might have to look for RV camps or stay in the Tri-Cities.

I went to college at Whitman, so it would be nice if there were more plugs there to make trips a little easier!

Another Whittie here. We didn't make our usual trip in April this year but look forward to future trips. We definitely need to get some public chargers there. I'm surprised the Marcus doesn't have a charger. Sounds like we need to start calling places and asking them to install some.


I don't know if Walla2 has a charger at his home, but he(she?) could tell you what's available in Walla Walla.

I would be happy to allow a select group of people to charge at my place on my 240/50 AMP (NEMA 14-50) service. I drive very little so I wouldn't need it if the usage is sparing as I suspect it would be.

There is nothing else in town yet sadly. I am considering having a Level 2 put in at my work in town, or I may convince one of the wineries to do it.

Please message me through the TMC site if you are truly interested. I live pretty far from town (6 miles or so), and there is little around me except some grapes to stare at so that may affect your planning. Meaning, you'd have to find ways back and forth from the car in the hot Walla sun.

If anyone is traveling between Spokane and the Seattle/Everett area they are welcome to use our HPWC. We live 12 miles north of Orondo, WA which is about half way between Everett and Spokane on Highway 2. Call to arrange or check "PlugShare" (509) 784-1747 Jack & Charlene

Likewise, anyone not wanting to charge in Spokane can use my NEMA 14-50 in Cheney. It's a little out of the way from I-90 (would add 5-10 miles to your trip). It was just installed last week, and it looks like I won't be generally using it less than two to three hours a day, unless I'm getting ready for a road trip.

You can PM me (dmckinstry) on the TMC site.

Thanks to all for your offer of charging in Walla Walla. Since there are still a couple of months before we head over, I will hope that charges get installed.

If you are interested in meeting other EV drivers in north central Washington consider joining us at the Electromotion EV Winery Tour in Chelan on the 24th of August. Lots of 240V40A available and perhaps one 240V70A if Plug-In North Central Washington gets the installation completed at Campbell's Resort.

Register on Eventbrite There is information about the charging plan and the tour its self.

I got an extension cord for my NEMA 14-50 so now people can charge outside my house. I'll still need notice so I remember to put it in place. And again, it's off the beaten path (about 6 miles from the center of town). I will continue to lobby for a blink or similar to be added at my work in Walla Walla.

Did you make it, or buy it somewhere? If the latter, where?

I got one on Amazon: Camco Cord

15 feet for $58. Rated for 12500 Watts so it should handle 40 amps at 240 = 9600 Watts.

Thanks Walla2.

We just installed a charging point in western downtown Spokane at the Odell House Lodging.

I noted when trying to tell folks it was available a very wide range of accuracy with the Blink network among others. I think the issue is that some are only telling about their proprietary services.

The Department of Energy appears to be attempting to partner with Google to give a more formal list. The most helpful resource right now is Tesla!

Wondered if anyone could help. I need to be in Yakima for just a day, not over night. Is there anywhere to charge? I have an 85. I doubt I could make it there and back from Issaquah over the Pass both ways.

AnnK, email me at I installed a NEMA 14-50 at work that you can use.

More charging options Spokane.
We have had three Tesla owners charge at Spokane's Odell House Lodging this summer--level 2 Watt Sattion, that can be unplugged to provide 40 amps. Works best for overnight guests, but available for shorter stays. Nice historic walking area with places to eat and bus service to downtown. Accomodation is in one of several furnished apartments--upscale, private kitchen and bath.
Location about 5 minutes from I-90 on the west side of downtown Spokane. No charge for overnight guests, but we ask you to tell us so we can reserve the unit for you.

Also in Spokane: The Davenport Hotel has two NEMA 14-50s in their garage. You would probably have to have the valet plug you in. I use them for both my Roadster and MS.

Good news for Walla Walla. Corliss Winery added a nema 14-50. I will check it out and post back soon.

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